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Conversation Between -Slick- and miksy91
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  1. -Slick-
    April 6th, 2013 6:07 PM
    Yeah i realized that dark energy was going to be an rpg like experience, which is one of the reasons why i can't wait for it to be completed
  2. miksy91
    April 5th, 2013 11:38 PM
    That's true, the final fantasy series was (really) good up to IX, but not more. Oh and, Dark Energy is actually an rpg game too, that just won't become so clear in the start because it takes quite a while until the storyline starts playing the major role instead of regular "travel from city to another" pokemon typish gameplay.
  3. -Slick-
    April 5th, 2013 6:29 AM
    Square definitely makes the best rpgs, although I personally think they went downhill after IX I still enjoy playing them. I remember waaaaay back in the day I got a program called RPG Maker XP, or something along that line to make an rpg similar to Final Fantasy lol. But dude I totally look forward to your hack Dark Energy. There's a lot of rom hacks but they aren't good quality, and hacks from someone on your caliber are always top notch ;)
  4. miksy91
    April 3rd, 2013 9:52 PM
    Same here, I.T. stuff too nowadays. Well, your nickname sounds sort of familiar though (and not just referring to the console, hahha), so like you said, we probably have talked before.

    I'm not really interested in pokemon these days, well, maybe a little bit, I tend to do rom hacking using Pokemon Silver though. But, I might have gone with an rpg game made by Square instead if I had enough knowledge at the time when I started. I'm pretty much hanging around because of helping out others at rom hacking section and publishing work of DE ("Dark Energy").

    But I do like pokemon generations 1, 2 and 3 though so, well, you get the idea :)
  5. -Slick-
    April 3rd, 2013 6:20 PM
    Sorry for not being able to reply sooner, there are times where I have my hands full with schoolwork and I.T stuff and then times where I’m free somewhat. Well we actually did meet before but briefly, it was back in Skeetendo about 2 years ago. My username there is Gameboy. But yeah I sent u that because it was pretty cool to know there was someone else from my generation still interested in Pokemon
  6. miksy91
    April 3rd, 2013 1:17 PM
    So, what's with the random friend invitation ;) ?
    I usually just accept friend invites anyways, no matter who they send it to me. Later on, the people who have sent me those invitations may never even contact (and I of course have no reason to contact them either).

    But after seeing you being at the same age and thinking in a similar way I do, I felt like dropping by to ask about it. So there we go.

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