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Conversation Between VisionofMilotic and LilyGardy
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  1. LilyGardy
    January 4th, 2020 3:26 AM
    Hello VisionofMilotic. I hope you had a good and fun holiday period.

    Sarah is a very kind and caring character. She never judges Rose even when she was a (for Team Magma) ill fitting Aroma Lady. Whilst not as elegant as Rose she is quite creative and she is well liked by her. The next chapter of The Rose of Team Magma is up. Rose spends some more time with John and learns more about her new Pokemon.

    Even though I use a computer for my job I am not very good at repairing or rebuilding them. I find writing fan fiction quite relaxing. I remember you saying you had two fan-fiction ideas, one of them being Archie's Daughter.

    The starter Pokemon you receive at the start of the game is Shiny locked. However a shiny starter Pokemon can still be obtained by breeding. I obtained a shiny Sobble in 171 eggs by the Masuda Method with the Shiny Charm. Shiny Sobble is a calming blue with a bright pink crest. The blue darkens as it evolves. I have evolved him into a Shiny Intelleon which has an eye-catching colour scheme including pink crest and eyelids. It's a great Shiny.

    Tsareena is quite Lilligant like and some called her Alolan Lilligant when she was revealed. She is a physical attacker with a less sweet personality than Lilligant. In the anime Mallow's Tsareena has been shown wearing clothes such as an apron to help her trainer cook. Tsareena was my main Unova Pokemon and I have used her a lot in Shield.

    I have had an enjoyable time playing through Galar. My Team when defeating the Champion was - Inteleon, Tsareena, Apppetun, Mandibuzz, Copperajah and Galarian Rapidash. Max Raids are good fun and a good way to get strong Pokemon. The main issues with Sword and Shield are the removed Pokemon, short post-game and some frame drops in the wild area. I still think B2/W2 are the best Pokemon games overall but Sword/Shield are still good games.

  2. VisionofMilotic
    December 11th, 2019 4:20 AM
    Good morning LilyGardy! I'm feeling pretty good right now, what about yourself?

    I wanted to invite you to a Clubhouse event. The Clubhouse End of Year Festival officially kicks off today. I know you are a long-time member of the Shiny Hunters Club. They are nominated for a Club of the Year award to win prizes. I thought I'd let you know just in case you want to cast a vote for your club here.

    Now that you have your invitation nice and proper let's get back to The Rose of Team Magma. I love Sarah too as a character, and would like to have her as a friend. I'll look out for the new chapter if there is one, I didn't realize that you had updated. That's great! Every time I read a new chapter by you I feel more and more emboldened to post Archie's Daughter here some day. I have been having some serious computer issues so I haven't been writing as much, but my cousin--who's a genius, more or less took my old computer apart piece by piece and rebuilt it in to something new, so she turned my defective Dell into a gorgeous new HP that I adore. So I'll be able to write all I'd like now ^_^

    I am looking forward to playing with all the new Pokemon shield Pokemon too, I really like what I am seeing of Appletun and just adore Dragapault. I didn't buy the game last month like I had planned though, I had to be sedated when I realized how many of my beloved serpents like Dratini and Serperior would not be in the region to join Milotic, but I do still want to play through Galar. I'm just trying to hold out and see if there will be a third game version now, a Pokemon Crown or Mace that will be more complete. But yes, I still want to experience gen 8. I am set on the Sobble line too now that I have seen all 3 of the starters and their evos, and when I get my game I am going to soft reset for a shiny Sobble on my first play through if the starters aren't shiny-locked. I really like the periwinkle color scheme it and it's evos get in the shiny form.

    Tsareena is a really cool pokemon. It's one of my favorites from gen 7. I am glad that I did go ahead and take your advice to play Ultra Sun and Moon because I did end up enjoying the changes, especially Rainbow Rocket! That's very interesting to learn that Lilligant had another stage evolution. I'd like to see it someday, maybe in a future game. That's one of the coolest things about Unova though, it's an abundant garden of great grass mons!

    I'd love to hear more about your adventures in Galar, and if you recommend Sword and Shield or not? Much love sis!

  3. LilyGardy
    November 12th, 2019 4:10 PM
    Hello VisionofMilotic. I hope you are well.

    My favourite character in the story is Sarah. Whilst she does not have a particularly prominent role in the story she is a good friend to Rose and helps her in her journey. I always enjoy writing her scenes. Originally John had a Zubat. Next chapter should be up in the next couple of days before Sword and Shield release.

    Whilst I am disappointed that some of my favourite Pokemon will not be usable in Galar I am looking forward to playing Pokemon Shield. I plan to pick Sobble as my starter and have a Galarian Ponyta on my team. A glance at the known version exclusives suggests I picked the right version in Shield.

    Whilst Lilligant is not in Galar her Alolan counterpart Tsareena is. I will likely have a Tsareena on my team in my Galar playthrough. I used the Fruit Pokemon quite a bit in Ultra Sun and she was a key part of my Grass Monotype playthrough. I found out originally that Lilligant was originally a three stage line but was cut to two to match Whimsicott as they had designed too many Grass types for Unova. I speculate Lilligant's middle stage was cut. I imagine it to have been similar to Steenee.

    The Let's Go games are very cute. Pikachu and Eevee are very cute in their interactions with the trainer as they can be played with. Also following Pokemon are in Let's Go. I had Vileplume for most of my playthrough as my following Pokemon. My starter Pikachu was sat on my shoulder. You can dress your starter too in a nice touch.
  4. VisionofMilotic
    October 25th, 2019 6:04 PM
    Yup, been too long so I had to fix that ^_^

    I think you have brought together quite a few characters that are alive and colorful. I might be a bit of a slowpoke reader, but I'll be reading this one till the end! I'll stay on the look out for chapter 10. indeed, it is interesting how characters and situations can evolve differently from what we originally plan. Has your favorite character appeared yet?

    Same hear, busy work season. I haven't bought a Nintendo Switch just yet, but I expect I will next month. I was going to wait until Sword/Shield is released and maybe check out a few minutes of a Let's Play to make sure I want this game, and if it still looks good I will buy a Nintendo Switch lite (Zacian Zamazenta edition) and Pokemon Shield. I'm 99% sure that you can count me in on gen 8 though, I really love what I have seen of the Galar region so far. I am glad that gyms are back, but also glad for the continuation of regional forms, the world looks beautiful, I am psyched for the starters, I want to try Gigantamaxing, I love England and it's history and look forward to a region based on it, and I need that long, slinky event meowth that is coming. In general I adore the gen 8 pokemon, and the fairy Alcremie is my next favorite after Galarian Ponyta. I hope the speculation is true that Galarian Rapidash will be a Pegasus. Good luck to you on your shiny hunt. Rapidash is my second favorite shiny after Milotic, so game freak had better get it right with shiny Galarian Rapidash! :)

    Congrats on your Vileplume, Fearow and Charizard, especially Charizard since he is another of my all time favorite shinies. Black is a dragon's color!

    I do want to play Let's Go when I get my switch lite too. Shiny hunting looks nerve-racking though, I can't imagine being timed when I am trying to hunt a Pokemon, and also having to try to feed pokemon berries like you would in the safari zone. I don't know if I am made of strong enough stuff to shiny hunt in Let's Go, but I want to at least play the game once. It looks super cute.

    Lovely hearing from you, I hope you have a splendid weekend.

  5. LilyGardy
    October 24th, 2019 7:25 AM
    Hello VisionofMilotic . We haven't spoke for a while.

    I am pleased you have enjoyed 'The Rose Of Team Magma' so far. Our protagonist has settled into her new role as a member of Team Magma. I really like how she looks after getting her hair done at the Magma salon. Rose is a smart girl and is always learning. Initially John was slightly different to what he is now but he was still the librarian for Team Magma. Rose seems to like him though. I do have a favourite character in my story but it is not Rose herself.

    I will have the next chapter up in the next couple of days.

    It has been a very busy season for me mainly with work. I now have a Switch and have completed Let's Go Pikachu. Whilst it is a little easy it is very fun to play and it is nice to see all the old Kanto characters in 3D. Shiny hunting is slightly different in Let's Go. I currently have only 3 Shinys - Vileplume (Caught as an Oddish, Fearow (A sickly green colour but still a Shiny) and a black Charizard.

    I too am excited about Galarian Ponyta and have pre-ordered Shield. I plan to Shiny hunt Galarian Ponyta too.

    I hope you are doing well.

  6. VisionofMilotic
    October 24th, 2019 3:15 AM
    Hey girl!

    How's it going? I had a blast reading The Rose of Team Magma, and wanted to catch up with you. So I thought it was time for a scribble on your profile. Are you having a nice autumn? Looking forward to pokemon sun and shield. I sure am excited about that Galarian Ponyta. I hope you are doing well my friend.

  7. LilyGardy
    July 11th, 2019 12:28 PM
    Hello VisionOfMilotic. I hope you are well

    The only Pokemon game I have been playing of late has been Pokemon Go. I do plan to have an Unova runthrough before the Galar games come out though.

    Talking of Sword and Shield Milotic has been confirmed but some Pokemon will be missing. I don't expect Lilligant to be in the Galar Dex but I can always use her in Unova to Alola games.

    I am continuing writing The Rose Of Team Magma as our protagonist finds herself adapting surprisingly well in her new role.
  8. LilyGardy
    January 21st, 2019 1:58 PM
    Hello VisionOfMilotic. I hope you are well.

    I had a very quiet but relaxing Christmas. I hope your holiday season was also good.

    Congratulations on your Shiny Lugia. It is a very nice Shiny with the pink on white and is a Shiny Legendary I do not have nor have I ever attempted to hunt it. A Shiny Legendary is always special.

    I have been playing Pokemon Go a fair bit recently and have three shinys to my name. A Shiny Male Butterfree caught as an adorable yellow Caterpie, a shiny Christmas hat Raichu caught as a Pikachu and my first Shiny legendary of 2019. A Pink Moltres from Field Research Rewards. :D. Whilst Shiny rates are significantly different in Pokemon Go finding a Shiny is always a nice feeling.

    Yes, Chapter 4 of The Rose Of Team Magma will be up later this week as our protagonist further settles into her role in the team and they get ready to go to Rustboro.
  9. VisionofMilotic
    December 31st, 2018 4:26 PM
    Hi there LilyGardy!

    I can't believe how long it has been since I have written to you. I hope that you have had a magical holiday season, and a very merry Christmas. I haven't forgotten about our vms! I just wanted to drop by quickly and wish you a Happy New Year's. We have surely seen some ups and downs this year at pokecommunity, but it has been an exciting year overall I think. I can't wait to see what 2019 brings. May your home sparkle with light from lots of new shiny pokemon.

    You'll be proud of me. I did my first legendary shiny hunt. A Lugia. I'd love to hear more about your own adventures.

    I hope I can trade you something extra nice in the new year.

    Speaking of adventures. Is that a new chapter of the Rose of Team Magma up I see?! Sugoi!! ^_^

    Catch you in 2019!

  10. LilyGardy
    November 29th, 2018 2:51 PM
    Hello VisionOfMilotic. Happy Holidays to you. :)

    I think Misdreavus is a 'hidden Pokemon' that appears when Professor Birch says non-native species are appearing around Hoenn. I am pretty sure Misdreavus is in both versions and is findable by Dexnav in the route just after Lavaridge Town.

    The Gastly line cannot be found in Hoenn at all. :(

    I've never read a Creepypasta but in the Unova games there is a small child with a Litwick who says she is feeling tired. Later on in the game she has disappeared...

    Yes, Many Unova mons have interesting backstories. I'd like to think Shiny Golett were specially made for a special person, possibly royalty. It is said to have been created by an ancient civilisation likely making it the first man-made Pokemon.

    Lilligant is a wonderful Pokemon and I think can be very expressive as well as very useful in battle. Lilligant has also taken a 'Pikachu' like role in 'The Everlasting Pokemon Journey' being Mr You's most trusted Pokemon.

    Lady Jirachu's love for Korrina is very nice to see. I wrote a short story about Korrina for her earlier in the year.

    Speaking of writing Chapter 3 of The Rose of Team Magma is nearly finished and should be up soon.

    I have two Shiny Fails. A Shiny Electrode in X blowing itself up after my Gardevoir missed a Hypnosis and the unlucky situation of having two Shiny Riolu's on screen at once whilst SOS chaining. I 'reclaimed'that Shiny Riolu in a later chain.

    Yes, I still would like to trade with you, my friend code is 1994 - 2882 - 3813. I have Shiny Kingdra and Shiny Male Jellicent or Shiny Altaria for you.

    The Shrine of The Lilligant is a very serene place. Despite it's name other Pokemon can spend time there including some former Dark Lilligant.

    Yes, I'd like to see any future Dragonnair side evolution keep it's blue colour scheme as a Dragonnair.

  11. VisionofMilotic
    November 22nd, 2018 8:37 AM
    Hi there LilyGardy!

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

    Did you know that Misdreavous is another Pokemon with interesting origins? Its based on the Nukekubi yokai, a flying head. The things that find their way into Pokemon are so colorful and much darker than you would think.

    I think I shall have to hunt Gastly the hard way, I don't think he is available in Omega Ruby with the dexnav in my version, or am I mistaken? If he is then that would be a relief.

    Oh yes, Chandelure's cry is just gorgeous. We light candles and burn incense in my home a lot, especially around the holidays. When I hear Chandelure' s long cry I hear the sound of resin cooling and solidifying in the glass candle holders as the fire dies. That tinkle is just lovely. One of my favorite Pokemon creepy pastas is about this line of Pokemon Curse of the Candle.

    This is definitely a favorite Unova mon. Golurk's backstory is really interesting too, based on the Hebrew legend the Golem of Prague. Also in Cofragrius you really see the Ancient Egyptian inspiration behind his sarcophagus-like appearance.

    Your love of your beautiful shiny Lilligant, and Lilligant everywhere is really nice, its like LadyJirachu and her wonderful love for Korrina.

    I would have probably started nervously throwing pokeballs too in the same situation, worried about knocking out a delicate petilil. Because I only shiny hunt every now and then I seem to have had beginner's luck, though, and only remember shiny failing once. When I was looking for a shiny Dragonair in Pokemon Y on the way I fished up some shiny poliwhirl and shiny basculin. The poliwhirl were all no problem, but one of the basculin used final gambit and blew himself up. I tried to catch it just because it was there, but since it wasn't my target it wasn't a terribly devestating miss, especially I since got lucky and caught another later while I was chaining, but I guess it is always sad to loose any shiny though.

    Do you still want to trade with me? If you don't its totally cool. I just wanted to know if I should keep a hold on Wooper or Mawile? I have a few other new ones too :)

    I respect the secrecy of the shrine of Lilligant. Some places and some information is so sacred that it must not be revealed. When I visited a Cherokee reservation one summer all of the people I met and danced with never gave their real names, the name you called them by was understood to be only a mask, their full name had to be protected, and only close clan members knew it.

    Thank you by the way for letting me know that dark Lilligant can be purified though...*eyes twinkles,impish smile* I might do something with that information.

    I thought of the Blue Eyes White Dragon for Reshiram as well. I wasn't a regular Yugioh watcher, but I had seen enough episodes to know about that cool part. I would also love to see a split evolution for Dragonair that retains its graceful, serpentine appearance. I adore big, cheerful Dragonite, but Dragonair is special for different reasons, its delicacy and magic. It would also be helpful I think to have a new typing a loose the 4× weakness, which is always hard to deal with. I think the split evo should be dragon/water or dragon/fairy.

    Nendoroids are pretty expensive. Mine came from eBay, new in box, but still second hand so it was half the price of what they can be. I'm always on the look out for a bargain. The Cynthia Nendoroid is a nice one though.Right now I have my sights set on Steven and his Metagross.

    Have a wonderful holiday season LilyGardy. I hope you are having a relaxing time off, plenty of fun, good fun and friends and family all around.

  12. LilyGardy
    November 19th, 2018 7:41 AM
    I haven't watched Sabrina for a long time but do like Charmed. Not seen the remake but still watch the originals from time to time.

    If I do try hunting Gastly again I will probably try Dexnav in Alpha Sapphire. That's how I got my Shiny Misdreavus.

    Chandelure has one of the best cries in the series and it fits with the Unova E4 music too. The music is even more intense when you are doing a Nuzlocke and anything that falls isn't getting up again.

    Yes, I got my Shiny Lilligant from Alpha Sapphire Dexnav as a Petilil. Petilil's Shiny is not the most noticeable but she has blue eyes and her body is a different shade. When I saw Shiny Petilil I was worried I'd KO it so just started throwing balls at it.

    The Shrine of the Lilligant is a very happy place. It is difficult to write fan-fiction for due to its secrecy. However the Shrine Maiden used to be a regular young woman before becoming the maiden so there may be a story there. In 'The Everlasting Pokemon Journey' the Shrine Maiden was originally a villainess before her precious Lilligant purified her. Dark Lilligant were once regular flowering Pokemon but became corrupted somehow. Incidentally Dark Lilligant can be 'purified' back to normal Lilligant.

    Yes, Maxie was impressed by Rose. Chapter 3 should be up soon. Rose seems to be adapting well to her situation.

    Reshiram is as close to a Holy Dragon as Pokemon is likely to get but he also reminds me of Blue Eyes White Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh. Dragonnair is a very elegant and one day I'd like to see it get a serpentine side evolution to Dragonnite.

    I think I've only ever seen a Nentordroid of Cynthia and her Garchomp. I also recall it being rather expensive.
  13. VisionofMilotic
    November 12th, 2018 8:16 AM
    I've always been curious about Charmed. I got the vibe of the novella and movie Practical Magic, which I rather liked. There were originally some plans to livestream episodes of Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch by dear friends here, but alas they had to be cancelled. But we may yet have a do-over.

    Thank you for the advice on hunting Gastly. I believe these mischievous Pokemon also carry curse, which is very scary because they could end up knocking out themselves. I'll be sure to carry taunt. Though, that does open another can of the worms if the battle goes on too long, the faster a struggle death could occur. The challenge has now got me even more excited!!

    That is really cool that you had a random encounter with shiny Gollett.Golet and Golurk look really majestic in their shiny forms with the contrast of being darker, more midnight-colored yet with brighter light in their eyes and body patterns. Its beautiful but I could also see how it might be easy to overlook, especially when playing at night. But it wouldn't escape the eyes of an experienced hunter like you!

    Unova is full of interesting ghosts! I'm also a fan of Chandelure.

    Lilligant's shiny is splendid. Maybe one day I shall catch a shiny Petill on my own. The Dex nav I think would be a good place to start on the mirage spot.

    Wow, the Shrine of Lilligant sounds like a beautiful place. I see traces of a wonderful tale of a special garden and a dark Lilligant. That could become a great fiction too one day if you ever feel like sharing again after the Rose of Magma. You are making a fangirl out of me!

    That is cool that the protagonist is going to receive a Golbat as a present just like Maxie's. You can count on me to read and review.

    I like all of the Tao Trio dragons, Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyuerem, but I prefer Reshiram too. I think it is such a unique dragon. The other dragons of Unova I think immediately evoke strength, and possibly even are intimidating, Hydreigon, Haxorus, Zekrom and Kyurem I think are no exception. Each capture the primal power of the dragon. Yet Reshiram brings something different. He's a beautiful dragon, pure white and incorruptible like a unicorn. This is a spiritual dragon, which you don't usually see in the games. Sometimes they are cute like Dragonite or Drampa or Goodra but they usually don't radiate holiness exactly. Dragonair and Altaria probably come the closest.

    For Christmas last year I got an nendoroid of N with Reshiram. Love them to pieces! They both stand proudly on my shelf.
  14. LilyGardy
    November 7th, 2018 12:43 AM
    Hello VisionOfMilotic. I hope you are well.

    On Halloween I tried Shiny Ghost hunting whilst watching Charmed. Gastly is such a hard Pokemon to Shiny hunt as it has Spite and Mean Look. I tried hunting for a Shiny female Frillish to no avail. I may try to get a a second Shiny Misdreavus soon for Mismagius although I am not a fan of Mismagius' Shiny but the Misdreavus line are my favourite ghost Pokemon.

    My favourite Ghost Shinys are the Golurk line. My first ever Shiny was a Shiny Golett in X. I caught it during the main story and was surprised to see a darker Golett with bright green eyes. Luckily I knew what Golett normally looks like as I missed the sparkles. It is now a Level 100 Golurk that can Fly. :)

    Lilligant is my favourite Pokemon and I have been told sonetimes I am like a Lilligant. She has a very cute Shiny and I imagined a place for all Lilligant and Petilil called The Shrine Of The Lilligant. Other Grass Pokemon visit and the Lilligant are cared for by the Shrine Maiden. Very few people have visited the area and those who have must not tell anybody about it's whereabouts.

    The Roselia line are beautiful Shinys. Congratulations on finding two and I like the storys behind their nicknames. They are very useful Pokemon too and were key in my Y monotype and will no doubt help in my Hoenn Monotype. :) Grass Types are wonderful and very useful. They have wonderful designs and some like Vileplume and Lilligant I use a lot. Kartana and Ferrothorn are among the best Pokemon competitively and in Gen 5 the mischievous Whimsicott was too.

    Chapter 2 of The Rose of Team Magma should be up soon. Rose is a Grunt in Chapter 2 and meets other Team Magma Grunts. She is also given a Golbat.

    Your FanFiction ideas sound lovely. Your Team Aqua related story would be a counterpart of sorts to my story although all three stories sound fun. :)

    I use Reshiram more but Zekrom is a very good Pokemon too.

  15. VisionofMilotic
    November 4th, 2018 10:37 AM
    Hello there friend! This message is so long overdue. I hope you had a fun Halloween LilyGardy! I haven't played my Pokemon games in awhile, but I like the sound of a shiny ghost hunt. The gastly line is my favorite ghost Pokemon line, and I would enjoy a shiny mega gengar. Now I am inspired to sos chain in the cemetary area.

    I tend to like quaint little fun holidays like Halloween and Valentine's Day the best, doing simple things like eating candy with someone you care about over the hectic major holidays.

    Lilligant is really a gorgeous shiny. She fits you perfectly, this Pokemon is gentle, quiet and surrounds herself in grace. Grass types are great, aren't they? They're terribly underrated. I think every single one of the grass starters has a nice design, and think overall grass Pokemon look so vivid and detailed, eye-popping color. There concepts are so intricate and really capture the beauty of nature. When I use grass Pokemon I am really pleased by their bulk and diverse movepools, and useful abilities.

    I don't have many shiny pokemon, grass or otherwise. But it was really important to me to obtain a shiny Roselia and Roserade. I really love both Pokemon and couldn't limit myself to one or the other. I had to have a shiny Roselia for contests, and a shiny Roserade to battle with. My roserade and roselia are Dickon and York, inspired by the war of the roses. I read the Requiem for the Rose King manga and love historical fiction and stories about the the English monarchy in particular. I use York from the white rose of York, and Dickon as a play on King Richard III the last son of York and also as a reference to the character from the Secret Garden.

    I'm going to browse through the fan fiction, hoping I will find some updates on the Rose of Magma. I kinda want to post a fanfiction up here too but keep putting it off. I have a lot of chapters, but I know I need some help with grammar. I love my characters and situations, but don't have a beta on or anyone to proof read. I do want to get something out there eventually though. I have two or three possibilities, the Froakie Prince or one of my Hoenn tales. The froakie prince is a romantic comedy au retelling of the frog prince fairytale with Ash a nobleman who turns into his Greninja and needs a kiss to change back. I also have got Sootopolis Songs, and High Tide. The former is an adventure/ friendship about Steven getting shipwrecked off the coast of Sootopolis City as a kid and meeting Wallace. The latter is the one about Archie's girl who leaves the cult of Team Aqua and becomes a priestess on Mt. Pyre hiding the blue orb. Do any of these spark your interest? No pressure if these stories aren't your style, just honestly curious, trying to figure out which might generate more interest.

    A member here was kind enough to give me the code for Zekrom, but I haven't redeemed it yet. Wish I could name him after a thunder and lightning deity think like Thor, Zeus or Marduk.