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Conversation Between Hikamaru and Enpatsu Shakugan

Conversation Between Hikamaru and Enpatsu Shakugan
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  1. Enpatsu Shakugan
    4 Weeks Ago 5:16 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Yeah. Though even when it came up anywhere else, same issue.

    If they actually read my posts, there's nothing offensive about them but just the fact I DARED say I don't blindly agree and questioned those shady agendas I see amidst rallying for equality and representation, and all that.
    Equality... Right. More like the same extreme they are so against, just THEIR side instead.

    It's depressing.

    Anyway, you really impressed me! We've never talked, but I admire the head you got on you.
  2. Hikamaru
    4 Weeks Ago 5:12 AM
    I did see one post deleted. But then again, modern society has become nothing but sensitive, you can't speak without offending someone of a certain identity. It's a notable reason why I often avoided Deep Discussion when it came to PC.
  3. Enpatsu Shakugan
    4 Weeks Ago 5:06 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Did they delete my post to Cherrim? She insulted my opinion, so I did it to her.

    Wow, talk about Nazi level modding. We can't even have our own opinions anymore, or ironically risk bullying or censorship.

    I don't even like debating, especially with people thick like them that are incapable of it; too much bias here for actual discussion.
  4. Hikamaru
    4 Weeks Ago 5:01 AM
    I did see they were cracking down on topic derailment. But anyways, Juno has made a thread in DD debating on minority representation.
  5. Enpatsu Shakugan
    4 Weeks Ago 5:00 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Did I get in trouble?

    I thought they only had an issue because of my opinion. I wouldn't say it was derailed either. It was on topic; made it so.
  6. Hikamaru
    4 Weeks Ago 12:02 AM
    Since you got in trouble with the admins by derailing the fads thread, might be best to stick your opinions in here:
  7. Enpatsu Shakugan
    4 Weeks Ago 7:35 PM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Thanks for the support and great additions to my point in the faces topic! Actual discussions are nice, huh?

    Ha, I like your profile too. You did with blue what I did with red on mine! Never thought blue could look so good. :P
  8. Enpatsu Shakugan
    May 13th, 2018 7:43 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    "stalking the heck out of profiles"

    Glad to see I'm not the only one, haha. But really, I love meeting new people just the same too.

    Funny how we agree on this, yet seem to be complete color opposites; just look at our profiles. You're all blue and I'm all red. And I prefer fire over water types too.

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