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  1. XtinaIsMeLuvinWWE
    April 8th, 2011 11:30 AM
    Hahaha I knew it, just from the way you asked me lol :P

    Agreed, I think it's only natural to go in that direction considering the fans' reactions lately. Apparently he was severely booed at the Wrestlemania Press Conference.

    I think of Cole as the male Vickie lol :D And Miz's profile has certainly gone way up recently. I love his "Really?"-ing lol :D

    True with such strong heel personas - don't forget CM Punk is on RAW as well! :) - tis looking very heelish indeed on RAW atm :)

    Hmm I never thought of him going to SmackDown - I like that idea, would shake things up nicely. And Del Rio's really coming into his own as well. I've heard they're not having a Draft this year but I hope that's not the case :(
  2. LilacArcanine
    April 8th, 2011 11:07 AM
    I absolutely detest Cena ;)

    I'd love him as a heel though, even though Miz and Cole are currently the top heels on Raw and to make a turn work he'd have to be drafted to Smackdown so that he and Del Rio can be the top heels there. I don't want heel overload on Raw.
  3. XtinaIsMeLuvinWWE
    April 8th, 2011 10:13 AM
    Hi there! :D Are you a Cena hater lol? :P Personally I'm neutral on him, but I think I like him more than I dislike him, if you know what I mean lol! I just feel really bad for him that he gets booed so badly, yet he obviously puts his heart and soul into the business. Methinks a heel turn could be on the horizon? It's hard to say... in answer to your question, he's not an absolute favourite of mine but I do like his personality and how he addresses the haters instead of just ignoring them, and I'd definitely defend him most of the time :)

    Haha I was about to ask how you knew I liked WWE, till I remembered it's in my username lol! :D
  4. LilacArcanine
    April 8th, 2011 12:07 AM
    So what are your opinions on John Cena? ;)