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  1. IanDonyer
    July 7th, 2011 3:30 PM
    What!? Somebody actually coming back with the intent to read my writing!? Gasp.

    Really though, that's fine. Glad to have a reader back - wherever you want to leave anything is fine to me, as long as I know where it is. :p

    Welcome back to PC!
  2. icomeanon6
    July 6th, 2011 9:07 PM
    Hello, there!

    Now that I'm back from having disappeared for a few months (I do that), I'm trying to get caught up with some fics that I had been reading, and I'm starting with your "Best Laid Plans." In the event that I don't all the way caught up before the thread-bumping limit passes, I may dump some thoughts on your visitor message page (or I could PM if you prefer), just letting you know. :D
  3. IanDonyer
    March 16th, 2011 1:18 PM
    New chapter of Best Laid Plans is up! Feel free to check it out when you've got the time.
  4. IanDonyer
    February 25th, 2011 5:54 PM
    Hehe, I know about the review challenge. I just didn't quite expect to be pounced upon all at once: I just get done typing up a response to one review and another pops up. =p

    And I'm glad you liked the Italian! And I'll remember that. XD
  5. icomeanon6
    February 25th, 2011 5:51 PM
    In case you've been out of the loop, we all review at the same time because of the big review challenge that's going on right now. We're coming into the home stretch, so updates and new stories get pounced upon right away. The fact that everyone pounces on yours so with such gusto and enjoyment goes to your credit, of course. :)

    EDIT: Ah, I can't believe I forgot to mention that I thought the Italian was cool. If you ever need German in a story, I'm your guy. xD
  6. IanDonyer
    February 25th, 2011 2:02 PM
    With a little bit of inspiration and a lot of boredom, Chapter 4 of Best Laid Plans comes to be the quickest written yet! Just got it up! Feel free to check it out when you've got the time.