Conversation Between Ixeua and LordOfSpirits
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  1. LordOfSpirits
    November 16th, 2013 5:35 PM
    Hey are you still looking for Treeko? I have a female Treeko on my Ruby game and am currently playing HG. I would be willing to breed a Treeko for you and as soon as I can access migration in the PalPark I will migrate a Treeko over and you can have him for free. The only thing I need in return is a friend that would be willing to do a couple trade evolves on a few of my Pokémon in the next couple days. I need to evolve a Graveler, Kadabra, and Haunter probably Monday or Tuesday at the very latest. Then once I beat the E4 and can migrate Pokémon I will give you a Treeko for free. I will speed through the game with those evolved Pokémon. Let me know if this is possible, thanks.