Conversation Between LegionSciFi and LuminaryX
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  1. LegionSciFi
    November 23rd, 2019 6:15 AM
    Cool cool
  2. LuminaryX
    November 23rd, 2019 6:14 AM
    Sure! My son is watching Blippi at the moment on the YT app. But I'll add you when the episode is over. My name on there will be "Sophie".
  3. LegionSciFi
    November 23rd, 2019 6:10 AM
    Thanks again for this, my friend code is SW 7612 2413 6620. Feel free to add me if you want
  4. LuminaryX
    November 23rd, 2019 6:10 AM
  5. LuminaryX
    November 23rd, 2019 6:08 AM
    Alright give me a second to log on.
  6. LegionSciFi
    November 23rd, 2019 6:07 AM
    Just one will be fine. Thank you so much for this. I'm on code 9878. I'll give you a turtonator for it
  7. LuminaryX
    November 23rd, 2019 6:05 AM
    Hey, I don't have the Vespiquen(yet). The appropriate weather isn't here. But I can give you your Croagunk. Do you want a breeding pair or just one?
  8. LegionSciFi
    November 23rd, 2019 5:59 AM
    Ready to trade for croagunk and maybe Vespiquen if you are
  9. LegionSciFi
    November 23rd, 2019 5:24 AM
    Thanks so much for your help!
  10. LuminaryX
    November 23rd, 2019 5:23 AM
    Okay! Let me go see if I can go find another one while I have time then.
  11. LegionSciFi
    November 23rd, 2019 5:20 AM
    I got a Pumpkaboo set up with someone else but I would love a Vespiquen if you get one. Will give you a turtonator and dreepy for them. Servers are down for me atm but once they are back I'll message you to trade