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Conversation Between Allen Ceedos and Sheep
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  1. Sheep
    April 11th, 2019 12:07 PM
    Tomorrow is the day I fly to Australia, so will be busier from here on out! Then back to Cape Town mid next month..

    It's not a complete game unfortunately
    Aw. :< I figured with how popular and old it was, it would've been completed by now? Is there at least a good chunk of content to go through??

    Aren't there places where you can get iPads that aren't so expensive?
    I wish. @[email protected] The iPad I want is one of the newest ones, which will cost an arm and a leg anywhere, even if used. Since it has no home button the screen itself is bigger, which makes drawing on it a lot more comfortable!

    Will probably be trying some new fangames when I'm less busy next month, you've motivated me! haha
    Lots of cool story/game ideas being thrown around, plus there are so many already out there that are arguably as good or even better than the main games!
  2. Allen Ceedos
    April 7th, 2019 11:07 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Haha no stress, it's still good to hear from you again (even if it's 20 years later lol). I hope you've been doing okay.

    With just a few days left, has there been a shift in the mood at work? People being a lot nicer and things going smoothly for you, etc? I'm glad to hear you'll be able to move on afterwards :)

    I finally completed the walkthrough for Adventure Red a couple of weeks ago (quite a journey on its own lol) so if/when you jump into that game, be sure to have a look. It's not a complete game unfortunately, there's more planned e.g. other regions. So who knows when it will be completed, we just play it in instalments. The current Beta ends in the Orange Islands.

    I have started on the Journey of Janice walkthrough overview, it will probably take a couple of weeks to complete....umm, because I'm also playing Pokemon X /^^!/ I know, I know haha work first, play later....but it's been so fun. Kalos looks amazing, I like that you get to travel a bit between cities. Getting used to the 6th Gen Pokemon. The story so far...I like that it feels as if there's much more to be revealed, like this war from 3000 years ago...Kalos having a King & some info about resurrection. Am curious about this Lysander fellow, even though I've known a bit about him already, but I want to see how all the pieces fall into place for the reveal. Team Flare *face palm* another big bad organisation of goofy grunts lol to be surpassed by a gang of goofs in the next generation (shoutout to Team Skull! #ThugLife). The 4 friends of Vaniville...I wish they were more all-round characters rather than just sticking to their roles (one being obsessed with dancing, another focused on the Pokedex and the one who's clearly our designated rival). Shauna is probably the closest one to being a character with some life to her...but since this IS a Pokemon game, maybe I'm asking for too much lol

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you have while working on the tablet :/ had no idea. I'll still pass on the "walkview" to you once it's done, so you can give some feedback. Aren't there places where you can get iPads that aren't so expensive?

    The time and skills people put into making these games, even the basic roms from years ago, it's still incredible how they are able to pull it off. Take the best things from the official Pokemon games, improve on the important mechanics and present a solid's why we can still continue to play a lot of these roms :) they breathe new life into the Pokemon gaming experience.
  3. Sheep
    April 5th, 2019 6:09 PM
    mega late b/c i forgot to reply oooOps

    And yeah, it's really unfortunate. :< Sadly people like me who tend to be too nice and pushovers get taken advantage of far too often. I've had several good bosses and co-workers too, but the bad always tends to stand out more. Never will forget all the verbal abuse I had to put up with at that receptionist job. But yes, just a bit more to go. :D Mon Tues Wed and doooone ya

    Heard so many things about Adventure Red so it's probably time for me to play it too. Is it completed? How long is the game?

    Don't have much time to draw consistently sadly, especially since my tablet hurts my back and arm. =( Looking to buy an iPad to draw directly on a screen at some point because those are more comfortable, but also expensive...

    Wish you luck with the walkthrough overview etc!! Actually bringing a game to life has always gone way over my head lol. So it's admirable when others can actually create that type of thing.
  4. Allen Ceedos
    March 24th, 2019 11:20 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Don't laugh at me! /><!/ Ahaha, we'd already been trading messages for some time so that almighty hurdle of becoming friends had been take care of. Darn it, so it's time to Befriend 'em All...I'm too old for this haha

    It must be a culture, because it's so common to have some employers at a workplace mistreat their employees, for basically the same reasons (the employees are female...or young, with little to no other options, etc). I'm sorry to hear that's happened at that workplace. I imagine you're counting down the days, crossing them out on a calender haha.

    I really hope so too, especially now when we're in the age of the internet and all this technology. I like the idea of making content and putting it out for people, be it on a local level or international...but what kind of content do I make? That's the question :) you already have a major head start, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll decide to do.

    It will be a fun story, I can guarantee it! After I'm done with this walkthrough for Adventure Red, I'll type up a walkthrough-style overview of the story and send it to you. I like your artstyle and it really helps that you're as much of a fan of the source material as I am, so I hope you'll have a look and give it some thought. It could be something put out here for the Community, with people supporting it in
    anyway they can, financially or otherwise and perhaps one of these creators will be interested in adapting it into a game.
  5. Sheep
    March 22nd, 2019 6:13 PM
    To me that's the dream right there, working for yourself and doing something that you truly enjoy while making a living too.
    This would be the ideal. I had an hour+ long chat with some co-workers today about how the office we work in has a bad reputation because of specific people that still work here, and how said people don't treat some of us very well. Just solidified my choice of why quitting was a good idea. April 10th is the last day, but it can't come fast enough tbh! I hope you'll land something you'll be happy with wherever you end up. =)

    And that's fine! Gens I to III are amazing and I love those mons. Sounds like it's going to be really interesting ~

    at least you remember to actually send requests at some point!!
  6. Allen Ceedos
    March 20th, 2019 5:05 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    The struggle! You're making progress though, at least you're not playing a game that also contains Bonus Chapters that you won't know about until they are triggered haha that's what I'm currently doing in Adv Red, Bonus Chapter busting...well, the Bonus Chapters that are available currently. The remaining batch are for after conquering the Kanto League and on other islands. No desert yet. Ahh I see, so really the Ultra games aren't worth it, eh? Oh well, no biggie. Sun was more than enough to cover my Gen 7 adventure. Alola is a beautiful place, the story did have some serious elements to it that made me believe that the Pokemon team would step out to do something new and truly surprising...until we get to the Pokemon League portion haha that's when you're reminded "Yes, it's still a Pokemon game through and through".

    Wow, all that cash money?! Might as well start your own thing then :) down the road. No more needing to slave away at some job that really doesn't help. To me that's the dream right there, working for yourself and doing something that you truly enjoy while making a living too. I have to figure out what that is for me by the end of the year, because this current "job" where I'm basically acting like a caretaker for a non-existent marketing department...I don't want to do this long term.

    Haha thank you for that :D Janice, walking out somewhere on the road with Pidgey either flying by her side or perched on her shoulder, is one of the main images I have in my head. Wouldn't fit having Pidgey cooped up in a Poke Ball. The only other important notes include Janice's parents...both are former Trainers and became League Champions back in their day. The current League Champ is also one of the Gym Leaders and I thought it would be a really awesome moment when it's time for the League tournament and this character goes off to gather their main Pokemon team, while their Gym team goes on a break, knowing that their Trainer is getting ready to defend their title. As far as which Pokemon will be featured, I decided to stick with Gen 1 to 3, because they are the Pokemon I can still recognise haha no offense to all the great Pokemon of later generations. But any changes that were introduced in those later generations e.g. extra evolutions, type changes, moves, Abilities etc I'll include them. So what do you think? Any questions you may have, shoot :)

    I also sent you a Friend Request haha goes to show how low my Facebook game is now. If I was much younger and had more time I would've been trying to make as many friends as possible.
  7. Sheep
    March 19th, 2019 5:28 PM
    In the desert after Castelia right now. :> Taking it slow since I am hella busy and barely have time for games on weekdays haha. I swear I only have 1.5 hrs of free time tonight, what a pain. -sheds tear- USUM aren't really sequels; more third versions à la Crystal and Platinum. I went through the story but have yet to finish all post game content, in part due to my schedule and also because, like you said, they are very similar... Have yet to explore Ultra Holes too, which were one of the main differences/a big thing they marketed as a reason to buy these versions. @[email protected]

    Haha np!! I quit because the job is tedious and has no room for growth. It's near impossible to get promoted on this campus, especially when the school is so hugely in debt and in a hiring freeze. Plus my commute is 1 hr and 40 minutes or so each way. Used to be two hours until they revamped the express bus system and shortened routes a little. Have enough money to last me many years without working, so I'm fine without having a job for now. Going to relax with the bf in Australia and Cape Town for a bit!

    Janice asks Pidgey if it would like to come along, thus enabling Pidgey to go on its own journey :)
    this is so cute and pidgey is precious
    having one along with you without a poké ball is aaaaaw material
  8. Allen Ceedos
    March 18th, 2019 5:39 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    It is a bit silly indeed, that should've been something for both games not just Black 2 haha what a sneaky way to get people to cough up for both games (especially those who only got White 2, not knowing about that Challenge Mode key). I understand that it's a way of encouraging trading between friends and of course to make money but I was never a fan of the whole "2 versions" of the basically the same game tactic that Pokemon has always used. Because it's like they assume everyone can get both games and will have no problems finding people to trade with :/ so I'd look forward to playing the 3rd game that would come out to complete a generation back in the day (Yellow, Crystal, Platinum) because I thought they'd have all the Pokemon from the other 2 games, plus the little improvements haha. You know my story about BW2...I'm not sure if X/Y had sequels...and I wasn't sure if Ultra Sun/Moon was worth playing after I finished Sun since despite being in an alternative universe (with Team Rocket being featured) the core story is still the same. I had hoped they would be an actual sequels, or are they? You played Ultra Sun/Moon? And how far are you in your adventure through White 2?

    Really? I know based on what you've said the admin job isn't the best in the world, but I'm surprised you're going to quit. May I ask why? Haha busy as butt is right :) I wasn't looking forward to this week because there's a deadline I'm chasing. Gotta monitor my blood pressure! Sorry that I don't live in Cape Town, if I did we'd at least meet in person and hang out. A chance to find out if MAYBE you're an
    actual sheep :D or Mareep!

    The whole experience has made me give more props to people who work on walkthroughs. Playing a little, then typing, then back to playing, then typing hahaha definitely something new for me. With the crazy stuff I've encountered so far, whatever emotions I feel are clear in the walkthrough...I guess that counts as feedback. It's a mixed bag.

    As for Pokemon: The Journey of Janice, it's the story of someone going out to explore the world of Pokemon. Not just the usual plot of "I wanna be the Greatest Pokemon Trainer EVER!" or the same old "child of destiny linked to legendary Pokemon, saviour of the world" story. Too many fanmade games like that. I wanted to do something different while keeping some of the core elements that make Pokemon so good. Janice is 16 and when the story starts, it's the day she and her class graduate from high school. Now is the time when someone can get their very first Pokemon and begin the journey of a Trainer, or choose to do something else. Janice is looking forward to being a Trainer and she's not the only one, her friends are also going to be Trainers (a little nod to X/Y) so there's a chance they'll meet each other on their journeys. She kind of already has a starter, it's a Pidgey that has lives nearby her home and often flies up to her window to hang out with Janice. So there's a moment where she tells Pidgey that she's done with school and is going off on her journey...and when Pidgey feels bad because its friend will be leaving, Janice asks Pidgey if it would like to come along, thus enabling Pidgey to go on its own journey :) of course Janice will get a regular Starter on the day she sets off, but it will count as her 2nd Pokemon (meaning that for a full team, she will travel with 7 Pokemon, Pidgey won't be in a Poke Ball). There's a lot of notes haha the Gym Leaders, the Badges...Janice's older sister being the 4th Gym Leader, the Gym is located in their hometown, so we get to see Janice leave as a fresh Trainer then come back as an experienced Trainer for that battle against big sis :) nice little story big bad organisation, instead the antagonists are a crew of elitist Ace Trainers who want be the gatekeepers that "protect" the idea of what a Trainer should be and ordinary people who just want to travel around with their Pokemon and friends don't deserve to be Trainers. The leader of this crew might play the Rival role for Janice, I haven't figured that out...or maybe no Rivals :)....the Pokemon League is a tournament held every year, so Trainers have to get the Gym Badges to qualify FOR THE CHANCE to participate. Those that qualify will earn a ticket on board a special ship, the S.S. Victory Road, that will transport them to Indigo Island where the Pokemon League HQ for this region are located. It's on this ship where the final 20 will be decided, haven't figured out how yet, and they'll compete in the tournament. The winner of the tournament goes on to fight the Champion. To be continued next time
  9. Sheep
    March 17th, 2019 11:14 AM
    I did! Basically gym leaders and E4 have increased level mons with held items and different moves, but the Pokémon options in BW2 are very good with lots of variety so there are enough choices to go through the game with. ^^ I'm actually playing through White 2 on an emulator atm (normal mode) and am having a good time! Sadly challenge/hard mode can only be unlocked by beating Black 2 (specifically this version) since defeating the champion grants you a Challenge Mode key which you can then send to another copy of either B or W2, and play challenge mode through there. Bit of a silly method imo....should let players choose what mode they want to play from the start. Alas.... Maybe I can find some hacks/AR codes that let me start with challenge mode right off the bat, lol. On the other hand, beating White 2 grants you an Easy Mode key. Pah as if we needed that.

    Haha aww! I barely seem to have time to draw these days, but that should change when I quit the job soon and stay abroad in Australia and then Cape Town for a few months starting next month. Life is busy as butt atm.

    yeah I've heard of Adventure Red! Never played it though. Soo many good fangames to catch up with. Good luck with the walkthrough!!
  10. Allen Ceedos
    March 15th, 2019 8:10 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Haha I thought you had tried it in BW2, that's okay. Did you find any videos about it?

    If I wanted to push the stories just in text form, yes, but I'm not that good hehe sometimes it's easier to show than tell, which is why I'd prefer putting them out in comic form. One of them happens to be a Pokemon story called The Journey of Janice. If I had the time and the skills it would've been a fanmade game, because the idea for the story came about after I'd gone through a bunch of roms and I got burned out a couple of years ago. And after seeing your artwork, it would've meant a lot to have teamed up with you because you're familiar with the source material :) I'll tell you about the story next time, so you can let me know what you think. It's still in note form, stuff I've brainstormed for it so far.

    The idea of the contests was interesting when I was still new to Gen 3 but over time when I realised that they were just something for people to do on the side, I didn't compete in them. Since you had friends that you could play with, doing the mixing of berries and battling each other, I think that's when the contests would've been a much more fun experience...not when you're sharing a single GBA with others and that one copy of Ruby haha AND worrying about your save file being overwritten! /==./ Kanto saga, Johto saga, those were great. It helped that Gen 1 & 2 were so connected, it made for a nice connected story.

    Speaking of the manga, I'm currently playing a fanmade game based on Red's adventure, maybe it was among the games you played or you know of it? Pokemon Red Adventure Chapter (Beta 14.5). Am also working on the walkthrough for it (^^.) my very first (ever!) walkthrough haha. It's a cool game, save for some hiccups in terms of the story and game mechanics, which I can recommend.
  11. Sheep
    March 13th, 2019 5:29 PM
    I never even tried hard mode in BW2! Might go look up some videos out of curiosity before bed now, actually....\o/

    And aaaww! Your stories definitely seem like they'd be an interesting read regardless, you're a good writer going by our message exchange so far. :> So hopefully you'll keep pushing through and have something published at some point. Even if you end up mostly keeping it to yourself though, progress is progress! You can do it!!

    Wow. Never had that view of contests as a kid, but seems like such a bummer to find out it wasn't what you expected. :< They were really fun though imo! Enjoyed them a lot and spent tons of time with friends mixing berries and pitting our Pokémon against each other. The manga is great on that note, really have to continue where I left off in the Johto saga with Gold.
  12. Allen Ceedos
    March 8th, 2019 10:02 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    Haha that's the thing, I didn't get very far in BW2, remember? Plus, I've never thought about what hard mode would be like in a Pokemon game, but I guess it just means higher level Pokemon and some Trainers having more in their teams. Nothing like the wild Pokemon encounter rate spikes up a little bit or finding more Trainers around etc

    Excellent :D I'll be sure to have a look. Am already bracing myself for some incredible art haha then I can go sit down in a little corner and ask myself what have I been doing with my life. I have ideas for stories that I'd like to bring to life as comics but good lord, my art style does not fit at all.

    Hopefully it will be a fun and interesting mini game that you can do on the side and not something you have to do in order to progress in the game. Makes me think of the Contests from Gen 3 haha when I played for the first time I thought they were important and I needed to conquer them all. I didn't, having figured out that they were just activities one can do in their spare time. They're the main reason I didn't enjoy the manga arc based on Gen 3, because the main character was aiming to win all the Contests and not become a master Pokemon Trainer /==./ this is why Red is still a Boss haha. Sorry for the rant.

    I do have a job, sort of, at my uncle's company. I say sort of, because I'm not even an employee haha basically just an extra pair of helping hands that can also offer ideas. Only started early last month after the drama with the university I was at. Long story, I'll save for next time. So as far as the Switch goes, for now I'm not even thinking about it. How will I feel once Sword & Shield are out? I couldn't tell you
  13. Sheep
    March 7th, 2019 5:32 PM
    Well, BW2 had a hard mode, didn't it? After you beat the main story, that is! Never tried it personally but I doubt it was that much harder than the regular playthrough haha. Heard Pokémon were mostly a few levels higher, and some trainers/gym leaders had an extra Pokémon. May have to try that sometime .....

    and ya I draw o/ Not comics though, mostly just digital artwork. I have an art thread here on PC, linked in my signature! Gl with your project too.

    But yeah the football field part was neat. I'd like to see more of how that'll be in the games! Really do hope you can play these games somehow, sucks you're not able to get a Switch. :< No job or anything at the moment?
  14. Allen Ceedos
    March 4th, 2019 9:01 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    The closest we'll get to having Perfectionists are those Cool Trainers or Ace Trainers haha usually having varied teams that are high leveled & they're confident in their Pokemon :) the games are too "family friendly" to have a hard mode...your best bet is in these fan made games.

    So is it safe to assume you draw & write comics, perhaps manga, on the side, hmm? It would be really great if it's true :D I do have a long-running project I've been doing on & off for some years now, but I'd rather call them doodles than a full-powered comic haha

    I got to see the video & just from first impressions, Sword & Shield look fantastic. Galar region, is it based on England? The look of the country side, that tower in town which reminded me of Big Ben, the male protagonist entering a football/soccer stadium while wearing what I thought was a Goalkeeper's kit...maybe I'm reaching (^^'' ). I just like finding out which real world places the regions are based on (Gen 1 & 2 being Japan, Gen 3-5 not sure, Gen 6 France & Gen 7 Hawaii). The starters look cool, I liked their had a Gen 3 feel to it. You can only hope their evolutions will look like proper evolutions & not "next form", if that makes sense haha

    As cool as the Switch may be, I know I'm not getting one any time soon. Gotta consider my location & of course - money. I don't have a 3DS, same problem, so I had to rely on the Citra emulator & it somehow manages to run on my non-gaming laptop haha. It's why from the time Let's Go Pika/Eevee came out for the Switch I have felt like perhaps my journey of keeping up with the Pokemon games may have ended with Sun/Moon, because I got to play that generation. Gen 8 is beyond my reach.
  15. Sheep
    March 2nd, 2019 4:08 PM
    hmm, imagine if we do get Perfectionist trainers in the game, and their Pokémon have very good natures, IVs, etc....that would be very fun! I'd support something like that in a hard mode version of Pokémon (since you know they won't put it in regular mode, haha), but it probably wouldn't happen. :<

    And yup, agreed. I'm very right side of the brain dominant, so I do better in the arts and writing than maths and sciences, etc. People who can do maths and sciences of any sort for a living get major kudos!

    Yes, one of the starters is a bunny. ❤ The other two are pretty interesting too, and I'm excited to see what they'll evolve into. The Switch is a great console though, so I do think you should consider it sometime.