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Conversation Between Morganatri and Aquacorde
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  1. Morganatri
    October 15th, 2019 12:20 AM
    Alright, I guess I'll try and revive this one then. If you're still interested in co- GM'ing I'd love to have you on board! I definitely do need to flesh out plot stuff so I was wondering if we can work on that together? I strayed from developing much plot because I was afraid of railroading like 10 people on one journey, so I was wondering how to compromise plot without compromising people's individualism? What are some good limits to set as well?
  2. Aquacorde
    October 10th, 2019 2:06 PM
    I totally get that, the disappointment about our RP section. It's... pervasive lol. Sometimes I think we've made our rules and aspirations too grand and we can't follow through on 'em. Actually, I frequently think that. But also like, what else are we going to do? More casual RPs will inevitably be hosted on discord or somewhere else rather than such a formal place, I think. I dunno haha.

    Oh man you just gotta. Crack down on your cast if you wanna get anywhere. Especially at the beginning tbh! Once things get rolling and people get invested, loosening up should be alright. As for reviving vs starting anew, I think reviving this one in particular could be worth it. You have a world built out and some people already signed up properly. It hasn't been very long since signups in the grand scheme of things, and PC's RP section is slow. People who were interested then are either still interested or busy with life (rather than other RP).

    But with that, I think a bit of plot has to be built up. I feel like so many journey RPs die because they don't motivate the players to explore. There has to be leads/hooks/reasons. And maybe it's not even an overarching plot, that's actually fine! A conspiracy in a city, a weird feud between towns, a sketchy gym leader, any "sidequest" kind of plot is still something that fleshes out the world and makes people want to do stuff. (But like, an overarching plot? Always amazing if you can make one.) And none of this really has to be super serious, either. There's wacky junk that goes on in every aspect of the franchise- why not do it here too? I've got really fond memories of what we did to gimmepie's Journey Optional. It's a fun read imo if you wanna check it all out, but some key points are: a PC threw an NPC in a river. Two other PCs found the NPC dead and fought over reporting rights. A player ran the heck away with a gym leader's characterization and made him a druggie operating a massive ring. We put another gym leader in jail for domestic terrorism. A PC went on a two-month binge and got their organs harvested. It was SO WILD. And... the only thing gimmepie wanted us to do was battle eight gym leaders. There was nothing else to it. And we pulled so much muk.

    ....Anyway, I think good solutions are a) strict posting times b) some plot c) encourage going absolutely HAM. :P
  3. Morganatri
    October 9th, 2019 9:04 PM
    Hahah yeah - I guess the school year does make people sort of forget about these kinds of things. It didn't help that I was overseas for one month either during peak interest so it kinda faltered then. I'm also still newish to PC so I was a little disappointed that most of the RPs just fizzled out, not just my own.

    I wanted it to be fairly flexible and try and not impose deadlines, but I feel like there's no other choice at this point - I feel tempted to just start-over with a new RP but I'm not too sure - is it worth trying to revive one or starting afresh?. As for GM'ing, there isn't really a story/plot for the RP - though I figure having some sort of structure would help. Honestly the toughest part about creating a region is making all the characters and the dynamics people can interact with - I wasn't really sure what to do for what. Planning environments, worldbuilding, etc. was relatively easy on the otherhand.

    Anyway, I'm keen to work with you if you're still happy to. :)
  4. Aquacorde
    October 7th, 2019 8:58 AM
    It's a bit of a struggle to keep RPs going tbh and especially over the start of the school year. I've had to do this kinda thing before!

    My usual strategy is to ping everyone to check in and gague interest/ability to participate. I let them know too that anyone who doesn't respond within a week is automatically dropped. My philosophy is that speed keeps interest- one IC post a week is ideal, though more is better. If someone can't do a post that week, they need to check in. If they miss the deadline without checking in twice, talks need to be had. It might seem a bit strict, but that's how we get things done! Waiting and extending times to try and keep the players just lets people slack off and lose interest. I've been on both sides of it haha!

    I love to see RPs succeed and I know this one can, you just gotta find the people who are going to let it. Snipping people now before it really gets going is easiest, but there are always ways to integrate more people even as the story progresses.
  5. Morganatri
    October 7th, 2019 1:51 AM
    Hey there, if you want I guess - but it seems like the RP's a little dead - no one's really posted anything or whatever hahaha
  6. Aquacorde
    October 6th, 2019 2:52 PM
    Hey there, I've been reading the OOC for your Kinyo RP and I was first wondering if I could play, but then I saw that you might need a co-GM? And like, no big promises, but I'm pretty good at worldbuilding and helping plot things out. I also make a point to check in on PC and discord at least once a day. So, if you wanna chat and see if we'd work well together let me know! Here is fine, or I'm on discord anna#8500 :)