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Conversation Between LadyLucina and Somewhere_
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  1. Somewhere_
    February 18th, 2017 7:11 PM
    I looked up online that ninja or samurai was good, but I went with ninja to open chests lol. I'm on chapter 5 now!
  2. LadyLucina
    February 17th, 2017 8:14 PM
    The stats and classes are all up to you to decide. However, I'd recommend focusing on making your boon Speed or Skill, and your weakness Luck. Since you're going on the path of Birthright, this should be available to you but I'd recommend getting Samurai.
  3. Somewhere_
    February 16th, 2017 6:07 PM
    And im going to choose female Corrin because apparently you can unlock more characters that way.
  4. Somewhere_
    February 16th, 2017 6:07 PM
    I already watched that. Again, I've already purchased fire emblem fates.

    i might start playing tonight. I heard something about natures or whatever that give better stats and worse stats. which ones do you recommend cause i have no idea. Also what class do I choose for the starting character?
  5. LadyLucina
    February 16th, 2017 6:03 PM
    Not technically but if I were you, I'd check out a video on Youtube called Fire Emblem Guide - Choosing Your First Fire Emblem by Pavise Productions.
  6. Somewhere_
    February 16th, 2017 4:52 PM
    Just a bit too late. xD I bought Birthright already lol (literally just got back). Is there anything plot-wise i wont understand?
  7. LadyLucina
    February 16th, 2017 8:05 AM
    Hello there. Yes, I do play Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem Heroes isn't a bad way to start with Fire Emblem. However, if I were to recommend a first Fire Emblem title for you, I'd have to say Fire Emblem Awakening more so than Fire Emblem Fates. Since Fates is the successor to Awakening, it would make more sense to start with Awakening, and then transition to Fates : Birthright or Fates : Conquest. But I also recommend Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance. Since it'll be more than difficult to get the physical copy of that game these days, I'd say go and find a Visual Boy Advance emulator and a ROM for Fire Emblem. I can't tell you exactly where to get said emulator and ROM, so you'll have to find those yourself. Bottom line : Start with Fire Emblem Awakening. I had a lot of fun with it, and I'm sure you will too.
  8. Somewhere_
    February 15th, 2017 5:32 PM
    Hello! Im guessing your a fire emblem player. I'm new (starting with the app Heroes) and was wondering if you recommend Awakening or Birthright for a new player like me.