Conversation Between Starlight and Retek
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  1. Starlight
    December 12th, 2022 8:57 PM
    Super glad to hear that! 😊
  2. Retek
    December 11th, 2022 3:13 AM
    I'm okay! Hope you're doing well too. :D
  3. Starlight
    December 11th, 2022 2:47 AM
    Tysm! It's good to be back!

    I will get round to replying to everyone's messages as soon as I can! I hope you're well amigo 😊
  4. Retek
    December 11th, 2022 2:04 AM
    Welcome back! :D
  5. Retek
    November 22nd, 2022 9:01 AM
    You wanna talk about anything, please feel free to, okay amiga?
  6. Retek
    November 22nd, 2022 12:04 AM
    Hi amiiiiiiiga!

    Hope you feel better soon, can't wait to see you become regular on the Forums ASAP! <333
  7. Retek
    July 16th, 2022 7:34 PM
    Hi amiga! I'm good, hope you're feeling better now? hugs
  8. Starlight
    July 16th, 2022 7:07 PM
    Hola amigo! Just poking you to say hi! How has life been treating you?
  9. Retek
    June 22nd, 2022 4:04 AM
    It's okay! Glad to hear that!!
  10. Starlight
    June 20th, 2022 3:27 PM
    I'm doing ok ty! I completely forgot about my VMs 😅
  11. Retek
    June 1st, 2022 9:09 PM
    It did, yes! How are you doing?
  12. Starlight
    June 1st, 2022 6:59 PM
    Did your recovery go as well as expected amigo?
  13. Retek
    May 25th, 2022 6:46 PM
    Not running but I did started my jogging since doctor said I can eat whatever I want and jog as long as I take it slowly!

    Also nice to hear that amiga, yaay! <3
  14. Starlight
    May 25th, 2022 6:40 PM
    I'm slowly getting back to peak terrorising strength ;)

    I hope you haven't been running yet... -_-
  15. Retek
    May 25th, 2022 6:33 PM
    Yep lol! How are you holding up now? :)