Conversation Between Roland Auron and Neptune
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  1. Roland Auron
    December 9th, 2009 9:39 AM
    Roland Auron
    Ok I sent him a message asking if he would help. thanks a lot
  2. Neptune
    December 9th, 2009 9:34 AM
    Umm...Ask SCV058 in my friend's list. He might help you.
  3. Roland Auron
    December 9th, 2009 9:33 AM
    Roland Auron
    Where can I find them at? Because that would be a big help.
  4. Neptune
    December 9th, 2009 9:30 AM
    I'm good ^^
    You know, you can find breeders around here who will breed for you.
  5. Roland Auron
    December 9th, 2009 9:26 AM
    Roland Auron
    Not to bad, I really like the site. I am now trying to ev my first pokemon. I am trying to breed an adament growlithe but that not going to well.... : ( Hows things going for you?
  6. Neptune
    December 9th, 2009 9:22 AM
    I see you're new here. How is everything going?
  7. Roland Auron
    December 9th, 2009 9:20 AM
    Roland Auron
  8. Neptune
    December 9th, 2009 9:09 AM
    Hi ^^