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  1. Bakken31
    December 9th, 2020 3:10 AM
    And some more:
    -In this thread ( ), the OP announced there are some (or few) new Gen V second frames if you want to check it out, there's a mediafire link in the first post, but also make sure to go to the same thread sometimes for some new Gen 7 & 8 second frames.
    -There's also another thread about other Pokemon sprites and their Gen V like backsprites:
    But I'm not talking about backsprites, what I'm talking about is there are some Gen 6 & 7 front sprites that look better than the pokecommunity ones, so I have an idea, why don't you make some of these as second frames for your romhacks, or/and some as first frames (and pokecommunity ones as second frames), and then you'll decide which frames they fit.
    But hey, it's your game, I'm just giving you some ideas.
    -Does your Emerald hacks has Rustling grasses, Dusty grounds, and Bubbling water spots like in BW/B2W2?
    -I guess you're working on Hoenn E4 & Champion right now, and each has different teams like in Renegade Platinum & Radical Red, right?
  2. Buffel Saft
    December 8th, 2020 12:39 AM
    Buffel Saft
    Ooh thanks for that, wasn't aware of those threads. Some of those second frames are pretty good, and a lot of the others wouldn't be too much work to tidy up.
  3. Bakken31
    December 7th, 2020 9:04 AM
    Just some things I wanna share with you:
    -I don't know if you already know, but I found a thread about some Gen VI second frame sprites:
    - And another one in spanish, it's about Gen VII & VIII second frame sprites:
    There are sprites that are not pleasant to use/see in my opinion, but there are others that are good, like:
    Rookidee, Pikipek, Alolan Marowak (First one), Sobble, Rowlet, Appletun, Gigantamax Butterfree, Obstagoon, Toxel, Wooloo, Galarian Slowpoke (First one), Chewtle, Palossand, Galarian Corsola (Second one), Runerigus, & Mr Rime.
  4. Buffel Saft
    November 15th, 2020 11:16 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - Johto Pokeballs are a reward from the Verdanturf battle tent for now; they'll be available somewhere else too, but maybe not just for sale! Nectars will definitely be in the Slateport Market though.
    - Haha yeah I'll make sure that's really clear this time; don't need a full thread of "where do I find Pikachu?!"
    - That's pretty much exactly the roster I'd go with, though I'll have a separate Elite 4 tournament too.

    Nice, congrats on clearing the game! Looks like a solid team, especially if they never used Z-moves..
    You're welcome, glad you had fun playing my hacks! If all goes well Emerald will be ready for a first release early next month, but the post game will be blocked off and added back in a later version. Given what this year's been like I think it'd be nice to get something fun out before christmas rather than waiting for the frontier and gen 8 to be done.

    Hopefully we'll chat again some time, but either way it's been good talking to you. Best of luck with everything, stay safe, and merry christmas to you and yours too!
  5. Bakken31
    November 15th, 2020 2:43 PM
    -I imagine in Slateport market or Lilycove Mall, we can buy stuffs from other regions (Johto Pokeballs, Oricorio nectars, Castelia cones...etc)
    -I saw in Radical Red thread some people ask questions that are already answered in the docs, so make sure you tell'em to read the docs and the FAQ in your Emerald hack's first post.
    -A Pokemon World Tournament? Good idea, I have an idea for a roster:
    Gym leaders from Gen 1 to 5 stay the same as in B2W2, plus:
    Kalos: Viola, Grant, Korrina, Ramos, Clemont, Valerie, Olympia, Wulfric
    Alola: Ilima, Lana, Kiawe, Mallow, Sophicles, Acerola, Mina, Hala, Olivia, Nanu, Hapu, Guzma
    Galar: Milo, Nessa, Kabu, Bea, Allister, Opal, Gordie, Melony, Piers, Raihan, Bede, Marnie
    Champions: Blue, Lance, Red, Steven, Wallace, Cynthia, Alder, Iris, Diantha, Kukui, Leon, Mustard
    Frontier: Noland, Greta, Tucker, Lucy, Spencer, Brendan, Anabel, Thorton, Dahlia, Darach, Argenta, Palmer

    But it's your hack, so do what you want
    -.....I think that's it, I already read your answers from another member in your messages

    Tonight, I finished my Prismatic Moon, my team so far:
    -Decidueye Lv98 Male (Overgrow):
    Brave Bird, Leaf Blade, Sucker Punch, Spirit Shackle
    -Alolan Muk Lv 100 Male (Poison Touch):
    Crunch, Brick Break, Gunk Shot, Rock Slide
    -Ribombee Lv100 Female (Shield Dust):
    Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Quiver Dance, Pollen Puff
    -Salazzle Lv100 Female (Corrosion):
    Nasty Plot, Sludge Bomb, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower
    -Mimikyu Lv100 Male (Disguise):
    Shadow Claw, Hone Claws, Play Rough, Shadow Sneak
    -Slowbro Lv100 Male (Oblivious):
    Scald, Psychic, Calm Mind, Trick Room
    And guess what.......I......never......used......any.......Z-Moves, yep
    I'll play both post-games of Eternal X and Prismatic Moon on Spring or Summer 2021, but before that, I'll play some DS Drayano hacks, and maybe your Emerald Hack if it's possible.....and some non-Pokemon games as well
    .........I'm not sure and I don't know if I'll come back to say or ask you something in this site, but I want to thank you for your great & fun enhacement hacks, and I wish your best for your next awesome game (the Emerald one).
    I think 2020 is one of the worst, if not, the worst year to celebrate christmas (or the whole year in general), because of the situation that is going on, so take care, anyway I wish you & your fans a merry christmas.
  6. Buffel Saft
    November 13th, 2020 4:05 AM
    Buffel Saft
    - Not at all; abilities are probably the trickiest of those, but I've added a few custom ones to the game recently (might've made Mega Sceptile OP with its new ability, we'll see how it goes) so I know how to approach those now.
    - I'd still want both the new regis to be in ancient ruins somewhere, so probably not New Mauville, but Meteor Falls is a good idea, will definitely go with that!
    - Yeah, I've left all the trainer sprites as their original designs. Same goes for their personalities, so there's not much ORAS dialogue in the game.
    - I need to fit all the legendaries in somehow, so the post game will definitely have some ultra space/other dimension nonsense to make that work! I'm considering adding a Pokemon World Tournament as a new Frontier facility too, so that'd let me add as many characters from other regions as I want.

    Ooh well done, that's the first time I've heard of someone beating Ultra Necro with Trick Room Mimkyu, very clever!
  7. Bakken31
    November 12th, 2020 11:47 AM
    -Is it hard for you to add new elements (Pokemon/moves/abilities/items) from Crown Tundra DLC?
    -I guess new regis events will be in New Mauville (Regieleki) and Meteor Falls (Regidrago)
    -I prefer the trainer sprites in your Emerald romhack stay as they are, and not changed to alternative designs from ORAS
    -Speaking of which, I Imagine in this romhack, there would be something like a crossover between Hoenn from RSE and Hoenn from ORAS (Characters, some story references, ultra-dimensions...etc), maybe in post-game? maybe some characters from other regions that make sense in this post-game?

    In my Prismatic Moon playthrough, the battle against Ultra Necrozma:
    Once I losed, and won the second time.
    First of all, Mimikyu used Trick Room, then used toxik on Necro before it ate the Lum Berry, then Salazzle poisoned it with Toxik, Slowbro knocked Naganadel out with Psychic, Muk crunched Necro, then Suddenly Trick Room faded, Decidueye sucker punched it but Necro was so defensive, but Toxik took it out.

    All my Pokemon team right now is at Lv90.
    Next time will be Mina's Trial, Totem Ribombee, Hapu, and the Pokemon League.
  8. Buffel Saft
    November 11th, 2020 11:25 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - Yeah, you can hold B to surf faster. Really helps speed up the water route slog haha.
    - That's pretty impressive! I still haven't tried to make anything with a new UI yet.
  9. Bakken31
    November 11th, 2020 4:04 PM

    -Does surfing on water have different options of speed?
    -Some youtuber made some new stuffs about music in pokeemerald if you want to check it out:
  10. Buffel Saft
    November 10th, 2020 11:50 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - There's a very good chance I'll give more Pokemon megas, they'll be something I add in future versions occasionally as I come up with designs for them.
    - Good guess! I had a bit of a trainer editing binge last week and finished both the hideouts, Mossdeep Gym and all of the surfing trainers. That just leaves the Seafloor cavern, Sootopolis Gym, victory road, the Pokemon league and the post game. Almost there!
    - Currently the Safari Zone has Alolan forms and a mix of Pokemon you'd find in Safari Zones from the other games (Dratini, Tauros etc.)
    - Yeah a Mega stone pocket for the bag is definitely something I want in the hack, I'll be looking into adding more pockets to it once all the trainers are done.

    Good luck with Ultra Necrozma! Mimikyu and Decidueye's Sucker Punch should help quite a bit.
  11. Bakken31
    November 10th, 2020 2:32 PM
    Hey, it's been a month!

    -I heard you said that you'll give mega evolutions to some pokemon (Flygon & Milotic), so can you also give to others who need it, and I'm talking about pokemon from Johto & Hoenn (Magcargo, Sunflora, Octillery, Solrock, Lunatone, Wailord, Cacturne...etc)
    -I guess you're working on Magma & Aqua hideouts right now
    -Does Safari Zone have rarer pokemon like Soupercell did to his Radical Red?
    -Would you make a part/category of bag where Mega Evolution Gems are in it (If you know what I mean) ?

    Allright, about my Prismatic Moon adventure:
    I named my male trainer "Konane" (Brown skin, brown hair, grey eyes), and I forgot to tell you that I named my female trainer "Eterna" in Eternal X before (Blonde white girl)

    My team right now after Exeggutor Island in Poni Island (I know, too much cutscenes in the game, that's understandable, but they don't make me stop the playthrough):
    -Decidueye Lv86 Male (Overgrow):
    Brave Bird, Leaf Blade, Sucker Punch, Spirit Shackle
    -Alolan Muk Lv 86 Male (Poison Touch):
    Crunch, Brick Break, Gunk Shot, Rock Slide
    -Ribombee Lv86 Female (Shield Dust):
    Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Quiver Dance, Pollen Puff
    -Salazzle Lv86 Female (Corrosion):
    Nasty Plot, Sludge Bomb, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower
    -Mimikyu Lv86 Male (Disguise):
    Shadow Claw, Hone Claws, Play Rough, Leech Life
    -Slowbro Lv86 Male (Oblivious):
    Scald, Psychic, Calm Mind, Trick Room

    My pokemon on PC:
    Toucannon, Alakazam, Floatzel, Mudsdale, Golisopod

    Trick Room saved me in the battle against Ultra Recon Squad Soliera (against Naganadel & Pheromosa, but hey Salazzle took out Celesteela ad Stakataka thanks to Nasty Plot), I wonder how I'll win against Totem Kommo-O and Ultra Necrozma (Especially Ultra Necrozma), I'll try with my strategy, wish me luck.
  12. Buffel Saft
    September 27th, 2020 9:14 PM
    Buffel Saft
    I've actually made trainers and wild Pokemon scale to the player's level instead of having a level cap. Hoenn has a lot of optional areas, so adding a cap would waste a lot of the EXP from those areas if they're explored later in the game. With scaling levels you can skip an entire area, come back to it later and still get full EXP from it. Trainer Pokemon levels are always the player's highest level + or - a fixed value, usually +0 to +2 for bosses and -2 to -3 for everyone else. It's impossible to over level, but grinding is still an option to get better moves or evolve a Pokemon.

    Looks like a good team so far! 5 items per battle is fair, the AI gets 4 so that's better than using an entire bag full!
  13. Bakken31
    September 27th, 2020 3:21 PM
    Thanks for the info.

    I forgot one thing:
    -Will it be possible to add a level gap in your Emerald hack for some challenge like Soupercell did in his Radical Red hack?

    25th September 2020, the day I began my Prismatic Moon (Standard version) playthrough, with same ruleset:
    -"Set" mode
    -Level gap so I won't overlevel above highest level of each Totem/Kahuna
    -Item limit of 5 in-battle (I know I kinda suck in Pokemon, not only because the battles are hard in Drayano-like hacks, but because opponents also use items in battle, If I want some no item in-battle challenge, I will play battle facilities in your hacks & Drayano's DS ones, and Radical Red of course)

    My team after I beated the first Kahuna:
    - Dartrix Lv 19 M
    - Trumbeak Lv 19 F
    - Buizel Lv 19 M
    - Grimer (Alolan) Lv 20 M
    - Kadabra Lv 21 M (He was at Lv 20 before battling against Hala)
    - Cutiefly Lv 19 F
  14. Buffel Saft
    September 26th, 2020 12:48 AM
    Buffel Saft
    - Yeah I've got a few custom moves and abilities planned. I'm definitely considering the Gigantamax forms as Megas option; Lapras and Garbodor could really use them and it'd be nice to have designs and sprites done for them already. I'm hoping to add custom Megas for Milotic and Flygon too, but only if I can come up with decent designs for then (Flygon is pretty tricky to add things to, Game freak weren't kidding about the artist's block on that one!).
    - That looks very impressive, might have to keep an eye on it! I'd like to have some sort of soaring mechanic as HMs are going to be optional, and it'd be the best replacement for Fly.
    - It'd be nice if I could do that, but I've changed the Pokemon data structure enough that mons from my hack would appear as bad eggs in other games, and it'd only be able to battle with other hacks that use the same battle engine and have the same base stats for Pokemon. So unfortunately it's probably not going to be an option.

    Congrats on beating Eternal X! Nice to see to your team's levels are exactly where I expected them to be, hope there wasn't any grinding needed to get there. Blaze Black's always good (especially 2). Gen VII's good parts are very good (personally I really liked the totem battles), but it's got waaay too much annoying dialogue. Might not be so bad on your first playthrough though.
  15. Bakken31
    September 24th, 2020 5:19 PM
    Hello, yeah I'm doing fine.

    -Will you make some new abilities and/or moves of your own, and/or make most Gigantamax forms into Mega Evolution in a rebalanced version of your Emerald hack like Soupercell did in his Radical Red hack?
    -I found in my Youtube recommandation a video about Flying on Hoenn if you want to check it out, and let me know what you think.
    -Would you make your hack trade and battle with some other romhacks?

    Anyway, after days I didn't play Eternal X, I finished it already and beated the league in 12th September 2020 (well, better late than ever I guess).

    My Team:
    Delphox Lv 81
    Blastoise Lv 81
    Leavanny Lv 81
    Slurpuff Lv 81
    Aurorus Lv 82
    Hawlucha Lv 82

    Beated Drasna once, Wikstrom once, Malva once, fainted once by Siebold but beated him in the second battle.
    And yea, Aurorus was useful to cancel Drought & Drizzle.
    Then I beated Diantha once, thanks to my Hawlucha's Power-Up Punch and Leavanny's Poison Jab. (Sorry my english)

    Well for my next game (after I finished a non-Pokemon game for some change), this fall would be ideally good to play Blaze Black 1 & 2 due to Gen V's (My fav gen) 10th anniversary, but I want to play Prismatic Moon instead because I never played Gen VII before, so why not?