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  1. ZeoStar
    4 Days Ago 9:00 AM
    Roller coasters are always so fun. There are only 7 giga coasters in the world (basically extreme sized coasters) and we live relatively near one of them. Some people will tell you it's hardly noticeable when you go upside down, but that's not exactly true. You'll just be so in the moment you it doesn't bother you. But bravery comes in different forms, what i'm brave in one aspect I probably lack bravery in other ways.

    It's still up in the air if I'll be flying (awful pun), we'll know by September. Doesn't it get easier if you've done it multiple times? I think that's how it works for people, you do something enough until it feels easy. Some stuff doesn't get easier I guess.

    I almost finished the entirety of FFIV. That's what happens when you have 25+ hours in a car. Pokemon Snap just added new free content too (As you might already know). I haven't tried unite yet. Weirdly as I've gotten older, I ended up becoming more of an introvert and as a result, began a strong preference towards solo games. When I was around 13 I only played MMO's.
  2. Sheep
    6 Days Ago 4:05 PM
    Omg upside down?! I'd be so scared! Don't think I can ever do that, would definitely rather zipline. and roller coasters... god.... another thing I'm terrified of, you have so much more bravery than me ahshfhg glad you enjoyed! Concerts aren't my thing either, I don't really enjoy loud noise so I probably wouldn't have really held onto it as a fond memory either.

    Hopefully when you do fly you won't be scared of it anymore :3

    And yeah I'm playing NEO: The World Ends With You right now, it's one of my favorite series so I'll be very busy playing this for a while lol. Have fun with IV if you started it! I dled Unite too, it's pretty fun but does seem to lag a bit on Switch.. I had to change the frame rate from the default medium to high, and that helped a bit. Still not perfect though :(
  3. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 3:20 PM
    I was feeling adventurous so I jumped on a ride called "Mystery Mine". It was completely dark and eventually flipped upside down. The zipline was very relaxing compared to that. I also rode a backwards roller coaster. My worst anxiety is usually in line, but when I'm on the ride I start feeling okay. Nope, didn't encounter many bugs. Also I attended two concerts, but they weren't the highlights for me. And went to a water park, didn't take pictures there because it wasn't the most notable place. (Still lots of fun).

    Thankfully I'm not that scared of heights, so the mountains were fine. Being on a plane scares me more because I don't know what it feels like. Most of my anxiety stems from not knowing. That's why when I'm in line I get anxiety, but when I'm on a ride and getting situated I feel better.

    Have you played anything else interesting lately? I downloaded FFIV to keep me busy during downtime, and I almost finished the entire game. Pokemon Showdown 4 player is super fun. There's also Pokemon Unite which is free to download on switch.

    I feel quite okay right now, thanks. It was refreshing being away from home for a while. Not completely magically better, but in a better way than before I left. (if that makes sense).
  4. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 7:03 AM
    omg that's so cool! I admire you for being able to ride a zipline, I'd be too scared. x'D That's some courage! And those historical objects, oooo... looks so relaxing with all the nature there. Plenty of bugs I'm sure, but nice views :3 glad you liked it!!
  5. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 5:49 AM
    Hey check this out, I'm back from my trip. Luckily I only got sick towards the very end, and now I feel okay. (None of my family got sick).

    Anyways it was a great time. Saw lots of artifacts from the Titanic (Chessboard, Silverware, Glasses), went all the way up in the mountains, rode a zipline, (kind of scared me but it ended up being okay).

    Here's my photo gallery
  6. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 8:44 PM
    I have covid. Sorry, this might delays these messages even more. I'll update you when I feel okay. Just fatigued and feverish.

    I admit I stopped masking and I've been hanging out in large crowds. I was fully vaccinated so I tossed caution out the window.
  7. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 10:23 AM
    I didn't realize I got a message! oopsss

    I hope you end up liking it. One of these days maybe I will too. But if not it's okay, I'll just use medication or try techniques to keep myself calm.. doing my best to fight it, as hard as it is. Take-off is scary to some but others love watching flying into the sky and seeing things below them. I wish I felt the same way!

    and not really a completionist ahaha, or not anymore. There are far too many requests to complete anyway and some of them are so confusing on how to trigger... like, I doubt I'd be able to do 90% of them without a guide aha

    I hope your depression has been better!! <3 many hugs! has it improved in the last week??

    (also 4 player randoms? omg that seems so busy, hopefully everyone has a good connection and doesn't take too long etc)
  8. ZeoStar
    2 Weeks Ago 6:46 PM
    It's mostly the thought of being up in the sky. It's unfathomable to me. I'm still curious to how it feels. I'd just rent a movie to watch. I guess take-off is the scariest part.

    Honestly, I haven't even been doing the requests. I'd rather just see the new levels. Are you a completionist? I'm certainty not one. I've mostly just done story related games.

    I stopped taking the prescribed medication regularly. I do get slightly lightheaded, but for the most part I ignore it. But yeah apologies for the slowness, it's not you personally. Have been fighting depression for a while (even though I'm super quiet about it) but it's gotten really bad. I feel defeated.

    I keep forgetting to mention, Pokemon Showdown has added 4 player random battles. It's really fun so you might want to check it out. (As long as you don't get ganged up on). Getting something like Xerneas can make you a target.
  9. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 5:26 PM
    of course, no worries! no need to reply at all, or just take as long as you need ~

    and thank youu it's wooloo dream world art :3
  10. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 5:20 PM
    Sorry for my lack of reply. Haven't been feeling very sociable

    Your new avatar is nice by the way
  11. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 1:11 PM
    Plane crashes are so ridiculously unlikely since like 8 people check things in order and have to okay it before the plane flies, so that's definitely not a worry, but I get what you mean ;__; It's so hard not to run worst case scenarios through your head.... oof. I know the feel so much. 3 hours is very little! you can do it!!

    yeah there will be more to New Snap -late reply- fluffruit replace apples (though they're essentially the same thing), illumina orbs replace pester, and you'll get some other stuff like speedup later too. As for leveling.. yeah, it can be slow. All you can really do is repeat the course and take pics of Pokémon in poses you haven't photographed there before. It can be slow, and I didn't finish maxing all mine out D:

    I didn't take xanax but what I took was another name for diazepam! It's similar. My flying phobia was so bad it only helped me a little bit lol. Xanax works super well but is also really addicting yeah, over time you'll build resistance to it after taking it daily and then need more and more, to the point where you'd need unhealthy amounts to see benefits... so I've heard. It would be so relieving to be able to take these things and just feel normal without any potential addictions down the line :< Glad it helped you!
  12. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 6:13 AM
    I understand. I just said bye to all my siblings. I don't see them much at all, so we keep in touch long distance through texting and the occasional video call. I love hanging out with them because we really connect and I feel like they care. There's other family, but I don't connect with them on nearly the same extent. When they leave, I always feel "back on my own", until the day we can hang out again. We had a nice time together though.

    Yeah it's pretty much confirmed now I will be flying. I probably will have anxiety (because i'm already running scenarios in my head, like what if the plane has a problem landing or if it's going to crash). But oh well, it's likely nothing but overthinking. It's only going to be about a 3 hour flight, but heights also make me a bit dizzy.

    Speaking of video games, do you unlock any new tools on New Pokemon Snap? Feel like I'm getting pretty far into this, and only have an apple and the music player. The previous game had a speedup feature and pester balls. Also I'm not quite sure how to level up my stage past Level 2. I can't seem to get enough points. I saw the clip of Brock/Misty making a cameo in the Sun/Moon anime. I find it strange when they do a change of voice actor. It takes me a moment to process "wait they don't sound like I remember".

    Have you ever taken Xanax? When I was in the hospital for anxiety, they gave me a small amount (couldn't get the full thing because my age is a big risk for addiction and dependency). And what a weird pill. I went from absolute panic, into completely soothed within a minute. I admit if I had that at home I would probably be using it all the time.
  13. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 4:27 PM
    I'd say it does but it also feels weird.. I feel a bit weirder being home than the last time I came back from a 7-month long trip. Not sure why. I guess I'm slowly adjusting away from living at home and more to living at home with my partner. D: Not having him around is so weird but such is the pain of long distance stuff...

    And ooh, I def want you to let me know what you think when you fly. Sometimes I feel so alone in hating flying, like even my anxious friends seem to love it, so sometimes I wonder why I got chosen to feel like this lol. It can be a lot of fun to look out the window if it's something you can tolerate though, to see all the things below you (if you're not too scared) ~

    and ahahaha I'm totally different! I love watching good YouTubers and their reactions to stuff in let's plays. it can be hilarious. But I guess I spent years watching that sort of stuff and kinda grew adjusted to it, I'm also hecka lazy with video games these days... x'D

    Yes I do! The pokeani is great :3 I watch the Japanese version and it can be quite good, there is some major news of returning characters lately so that has me mega hyped. The current saga (Journeys) has its weakpoints but one of the strong points is all the returning characters it brings back, even if it's just for a bit. Soo cool to see old chars again!!

    or any sort of larger pills.
    Ugh yeah... these suck. I hate them too. ; ; But luckily some of them are capsule style which is reaaally slippery and can be swallowed super easily. I forced myself to take big pills when I had to and they went down so easily, it definitely wasn't as bad as it looked. But yeah that's now always the case ahdhfhhasdf
  14. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 2:15 PM
    It's okay. It actually only took you a couple days to reply. It took me nearly a week. I might have to fly for the first time around Christmas to see a family member. Does it feel nice being home? I'm enjoying the warmer weather, which is unusual because I typically prefer cold weather. I will be traveling with my family to the mountains on July 19th.

    Amusingly, you don't even need weapons. You can pour points into "unarmed" and just punch everything. I like blowing things up so I put lots of my points into explosions. I'm not good at following Let's Plays. Always ends up making me want to play it and I abandon the playthrough. It's honestly more of an RPG with decisions than a shooter.

    I was in middleschool during 2013, so I guess it's a matter of perspective. It feels like a lifetime ago to me. Do you follow the Pokemon Anime? I don't watch it, however sometimes I like reading up on it or watching clips from YouTube. Also I've never taken painkillers. I only take medication for anxiety. (And sometimes some medication for my stomach). Those "pill tablet" medications look intimidating to me. I don't know if I could swallow those, or any sort of larger pills.
  15. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 10:24 AM
    Sorry for the slowness, been flying back home and just made it back yesterday, been getting mega jetlag... it's so hot here D: Came back home to like 91 degrees F? whyyy summer it's not even July yet!!

    And yeah it does sound pretty complex honestly, ahah. But to be honest shooter games aren't for me... playing as someone wielding guns or other weapons like that has always been pretty stressful for me, and it's not one of my favorite genres. Even if the story/gameplay is exceptional. Definitely would be fun to watch someone play though, and experience it that way :O

    it's not that old to me! maybe it doesn't seem like long ago to me when it just started airing though, 2013 is a while back but not super long to me. I remember how excited my friends were about season 1 before we had other seasons though ~ ahhh miss all the anime excitement. nowadays I am SO slow and lazy with watching some stuff x.x And they did! thank goodness for painkillers @[email protected]