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Conversation Between LocksmithArmy and FurryLilly
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  1. FurryLilly
    June 3rd, 2019 3:06 PM
    I been playing pokemon Ultra Violet for a while now and i absolutely love the hack. the only issue i have run across that is game breaking is in the elite four. some times the game glitches out at the end of a battle and sends me back to pallet. upon re-entering the elite four to battle i am stuck in the doorway since i neither lost to them nor beaten the champion, thus making the elite four no longer playable. i was wondering if you could some how fix this maybe if this glitch happens you can add a Random NPC at pallet town when you talk to her the script will clear the elite four flag and allows you to continue the game. if this seems to much of an issue for you i dont mind paying for an update to solve this.