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Conversation Between Setsuna and Sheep
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  1. Setsuna
    March 26th, 2021 9:28 AM
    The additions of autoplay and skip tickets just make SIFAS feel really optimized, it's neat to be able to tell people that tiering is more about resource management and not just "you have to play the same song over and over and play it perfectly", I never got too into tiering for bandori, I think my best was top 1k, but from what I hear it's a lot of having to FC some of the hardest songs in the game consistently and I just don't have the patience to gain 90 live boosts from items so I can play Tenka Toitsu A to Z 40 times in one night. I'd been waiting to get attached to Morfonica until we got official translations, but unfortunately by this point I've just stopped playing bandori and my attention has gone to SIFAS/LL in general (The niji anime coming out didn't help that either) but it's cool to finally see them, and I'm happy to have the 3 star for Tsukushi.

    I've got friends who play PriConnect and Pokemon Masters, so it's cool hearing them talk about it. I think Pokemon Masters came at that awkward time for me where I was just getting into bandori and just chose anime girls over Pokemon, haha. What are the gacha rates in masters, and are there limited cards? I'm curious about Dragalia Lost too, since I hear lots of talk about it but know nothing about it.
  2. Sheep
    March 26th, 2021 5:10 AM
    Ooh I see! I used to play JP SIF and JP Bandori too but not understanding Japanese well enough got to me, so I stopped. Have an EN Bandori account that I used to be addicted to and spent a lot on but haven't been active in a year... oof. I did see they finally added morfonica to the EN version though so that's awesome. Just wish we could autoplay certain things, manually playing nonstop to grind events etc gets a bit tiring to me when I'm busy. T_T That's part of the charm of All Stars to me, I don't need to be paying attention every time I play. Replaying the same things constantly isn't exactly fun, so I appreciate the addition of auto in that regard lol

    I play All Stars, Dragalia Lost, Cookie Run Kingdom, Princess Connect, Genshin, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Pokemon Masters, School idol festival (less nowadays though)... so a lot ahahaha
  3. Setsuna
    March 25th, 2021 10:33 AM
    NozoEli pull sounds pretty blessed, haha. It's cool to sorta have that risk vs reward of wanting to see what your other rolls could be if you reroll. I had a friend who was really excited they got the Shioriko SR but wanted to keep rolling since they were hoping to get Magical Fever Nozomi. As long as you're happy with what you get!

    Yeah, I play both the EN and JP servers of SIFAS (though I don't play JP often), I play EN and JP Bandori, I play EN SIF (though I don't play too often) and I have some games I've touched and I'll go back to every so often. Project Sekai, Genshin Impact, and Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links probably all fit into that category. I'm pretty interested in playing games like Project Sekai and especially the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls game, but them both being in JP means I have to rely on fan translations to get to know the characters. </3
    What about you?
  4. Sheep
    March 25th, 2021 3:58 AM
    Cutie <3 I love her so that seems good to me! My first roll was initial Nozomi and I think sports? Eli, but I decided to keep trying since I had 3 rerolls... not sure what would've been better, that or this, but oh well I like them anyway! lol

    do you play any other gachas? :3c
  5. Setsuna
    March 22nd, 2021 10:31 AM
    I think they'll just keep the four current ones (one for each group and then the general one) and then add limited parades every so often like the R Parade. DLP just ends up going pretty slowly so just do what you can every time, it's cool that your progress saves.

    Yeah, rerolling scouts sounded like such a fun idea! I ended up getting Toy Shop You before I rerolled to try and get a scout with 2 URs. I got duplicates on my next 2 rerolls, and got Toy Shop You again on the 3rd, so I just ended up keeping her. A 2 UR scout is always good, and initial Maru is super cute!
  6. Sheep
    March 22nd, 2021 5:41 AM
    thank youu <3 Yeah I noticed they seem to be adding new maps to this mode without removing prior ones, so I'll just probably try out what you said but otherwise slowly clear through the rest as the event returns.

    btw did you manage to pull any good URs from the recent guaranteed UR scout (free stars)? I got initial Hanamaru and palace princess Honoka. Not gonna complain, was better than every other retry I had, plus initial Maru is a sheep girl so it's !!! awesome!!
  7. Setsuna
    March 20th, 2021 4:40 PM
    Yeah! So basically think of DLP sort of like Blackjack. You wanna get as close to the required Voltage as you can, preferably without going over. I'll start by sorting my cards by appeal and making a guess of how much appeal I'll need to be able to get enough voltage to complete the song, and do a test run. Let's say for example the required Voltage is 100,000.
    If my test run gets me 86,000 Voltage, I'll wait until the last note, then pause and quit the song. This because the biggest piece of advice I can give you is that if you play a song in a parade and quit before it finishes, there's no penalty whatsoever. Your cards keep their PP and you're not spending LP to play the songs in the parade in the first place. I'll then change my team to higher appeal cards. If I were to score a decent amount over the 100,000 requirement, I'll quit out and pick lower appeal members. You just keep trying that until you find a comfortable amount to complete the song. Since the voltage requirements will scale higher and higher as you go through each parade, you'll get to a point where you're just trying to build an "optimal" team, which is why I recommend saving any PP recovery items for your cleansers.

    This is a fantastic point for me to backpedal and mention other good cleansing cards. DLP is a fantastic reason to buy Cryptid (or Princess of the Palace) Kanan from the SBL shop, or make use of the Love U My Friends Emma SR or Rainbow Rose Karin SR if you have them (since all 3 have cleanse skills that go off when you switch strategies. The only difference is Emma's goes off 23% of the time, Karin's and Kanan's goes off 20% of the time, and they're usually seen as inferior to Angel Riko who has a 30% chance.)
    If you also have the Flower Symphony Kasumi UR, the Fruits Parlor Nico SR, or the Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki Nozomi SR, those are a different kind of cleanser we call SP cleansers, because their cleanse activates when you activate your SP skill. Since you need to build up your SP gauge by tapping notes to activate their cleanse they aren't seen as being as good as switch cleansers, but DLP means they can be really important to have if you ever think a cleanse would really benefit you, and you're just not able to use your switch cleansers. They all have a 50% chance to cleanse on every SP skill you use though, so that can be useful!
    Just remember that, of course, cleansing never works on base debuffs. No matter the cleanser, no matter the debuff.

    Another great piece of advice I can give is that every parade (except for the R on stage one) will come back the next time DLP is available. Your progress is saved, and the PP of all your cards replenishes every time DLP becomes available. Speaking of PP, every parade has completely separate PP from each other. For example, if you were to use up all your PP on all your cards in the Aqours parade, you could go to the Nijigasaki parade and all of your cards would have full PP. Super helpful to remember you can do every parade in the same DLP period if you want!
    Typically halfway through the event period you'll be able to do a team restoration for free. This will restore the PP of every card in every parade when you use it. This means you can basically play every parade twice.

    If you're specifically looking to try and clear the R on stage parade, I'd recommend just focusing R cards since they get 3 PP instead of just 1, and start using your URs once you completely run out of PP on all of your R cards. Even if you're out of R cards with high appeal, I recommend still using the R cards with low appeal so you can get through as much of the following song as you can.

    As a refresher, to put all that together: Start with your R cards and guess how much appeal you'll need to clear a song, then do a test run. Quit out and raise or lower the appeal of your team so you can be closer to the Voltage requirement. Repeat until you run out of R cards, then start using your other cards. Once you completely run out of PP, use your free team restoration and repeat the entire process again. Save your PP restoration items for when you really think you need a cleanser, and remember what cleanser you're comfortable with using. Once you're done, you can still use your PP in your other parades to do them during the same period.

    Hope it helps!
  8. Sheep
    March 20th, 2021 1:59 PM
    ohhh wow yeah I didn't even think of that, thank you!!

    quick question again, is there a good way to play the parade event? my main team loses their PP from doing lives super fast and I don't have enough good cards to replace them to go far enough. and PP recovery items are scarce D: I can only do like... 3 or maybe 4 songs before I feel like my replacement URs aren't strong enough to S rank the next ones.
  9. Setsuna
    March 20th, 2021 9:18 AM
    Another small thing is that you can play different solos at the end of Chapter 2 of the story by opening Episode 10 Part 1, picking each girl and then skipping after the phone sequence. That way you can play all 9 solos and get all the stars from them. The second season of the story can also be played on both Normal and Hard difficulty, so you can get double the stars from each live. Even if you can't S rank each song, every little bit counts, and you can always come back later to get them!
  10. Setsuna
    March 20th, 2021 9:15 AM
    I don't watch very much of their videos but I see their tweets often from friends (I actually learned through a tweet once that they ran into a fan of theirs about 5 minutes away from where I was at the time, because we basically live in the same city, that was cool) so I don't know them too well either. They just seem to be "the big LL youtuber everyone's heard of" which is pretty cool.

    I've definitely hit the point where it's slowed down and I'm not getting stars as often (since I've S ranked most of the songs on most of the difficulties and I'm caught up on the story) so a lot of it comes from login campaigns whenever we get them, or whenever they add new songs or story chapters. This is actually a super good time for that right now, because they're adding the anime songs weekly (Tsunagaru Connect should be added sometime in the next couple days!) and they just seem to be adding a lot of songs in general. Definitely try to S rank all of the anime songs on any difficulty you can before they go away.
    Besides that, I highly recommend playing the current DLP! There's a parade made specifically to be cleared with R cards and I think I got about 120 stars from it. I could fill my team with my Rs with the lowest appeal and still S rank the first few songs through autoplay. The R parade won't be coming back after it goes away (in about 36 hours) so you definitely wanna get through as much of that as you can!
    There's always the option to open a new account and just get login bonuses until you have enough stars to spark, since you have your other account you actually play. But at that point you'll have the card you sparked for and not really anything else. It's an option I suppose. I just got so excited for Fes Ayumu that pulling for no other card ever mattered to me until I got her, haha.
  11. Sheep
    March 20th, 2021 2:34 AM
    Never saw rinsenpai's videos but definitely interested too!! I know they have a twitter but that's about it, oof

    grats on the dream cards :D but yeah... making free currency is so hard. right now even as I do story and whatnot I feel like there aren't enough free gems being given out, and with the nice URs coming out you'll either need to be extremely selective with who you choose to roll for or just pay. alas, gacha is a cruel mistress... I have never sparked. probably never will, lol!
  12. Setsuna
    March 18th, 2021 10:59 AM
    I sorta just stumbled across Shazz looking for SIFAS guides, but I'll check his videos for info on upcoming SBLs and the events for a certain month (I remember watching his February 2021 video at least 7 times to make sure when we could expect Fes Ayumu/Shioriko to drop) and his current content until the EN server syncs up with the JP server is mainly to give EN players info on what's coming up.
    Ohhh, I remember seeing a couple videos by Eryn! There was one video she was in with someone else and I have to and find that again, I remember this really silly joke she made about playing SIF by slapping your favourite idols in the face with tambourines. I think unfortunately I got into LL too late to really see her content as it came out, but she was pretty cool to me in the videos I saw. I think I saw one of rinsenpai's videos that she was in?

    I like to joke I have a gacha addiction and pull whenever I have enough for a 10 pull, haha. I do actually have the patience to save up, and it's what I did for Fes Ayumu. I ended up saving up 21k (free) stars over 3 months before she came out, and streamed my pulls to some friends. I ended up getting her but really wanted to spark for Shioriko, so I saved up 4k more (still free) stars and pulled Shioriko from gacha anyways, so I just sparked another limit break for Ayumu. It was the first time I ever sparked in a gacha game and it's been only a month ago. I tried to save up stars in Bandori too, but I just couldn't save enough because my account was older and there were less ways to get more stars. I never ended up getting the card I saved for in Bandori, but ended up getting one of my 2 dream cards a few months after I saved for her.
    Sparking is a super fun part of gacha games but you definitely need the patience and control to be able to do it, and just pulling whenever you want is lots of fun anyways.~
  13. Sheep
    March 18th, 2021 3:57 AM
    Never heard of that YTer! will watch ~ My favorite for school idol and magical girl stuff was Eryn Cerise (I think that's the spelling) but she stopped playing and making videos ;__; ahh I miss her vids

    ooo only missing two is impressive. I feel like I can never get that far in a game, always end up falling behind D: and honestly a lot of the fun is spending on the gachas to me, so I'm not sure if I could control myself and save for that long lol. Have you ever done it? Kudos if you have, it's patience I don't have
  14. Setsuna
    March 17th, 2021 9:57 AM
    I forgot to mention as well, this could be a great video if you're still looking for a reference for things like teambuilding, I follow this channel and saw this when it came out and forgot to send it your way.
  15. Setsuna
    March 17th, 2021 9:56 AM
    Haha, I know what you mean, the extra bit you get from the pass is really nice, plus the loyalty rewards if you keep it going for a while. I miss free daily scouts. </3
    Best of luck with them!

    No problem! I probably should have clarified, Magical Fever Kasumi's considered the best because she has good stats and an Appeal+ All passive. I don't think many event URs are on par with gacha URs but I believe Kasumi's an exception to that rule?

    Yesss, Setsuna is so wonderful and I love her so much! I'd been recently saving up for the Mystic Fairy Ayumu UR that just dropped but since we just came off of the 1st anniversary Fes banners and I was scouting for Fes Kanan, I only had about 1k stars left and couldn't pull Ayumu either. Unfortunately I no longer have every Ayumu UR in the game so she'd be the first thing I'm after.
    Spending that much on merch is super impressive to me, that's super cool! Since I got into LL more recently I haven't really had the ability to buy much merch besides a figure and neso of You. Hopefully I can get them of Ayumu and Setsuna too!
    Thanks! My collection is only missing 2 cards, so keep your head up, it could totally be possible to collect all of them without spending much (I've only really been able to put about $10 into this game). Especially considering you've got about half a year to save for Riko's birthday gacha if you're interested in it?