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  1. Sheep
    March 17th, 2021 7:38 AM
    omg I didn't see this msg lmaoo

    I ended up getting the pass in the end, it's too hard to let go of double drops in Training and free daily scouts! My first scout from the trial was a UR lol, but I don't think I got any after that? Still, with a 7% UR rate, it seems fairly likely you'll get at least one each month. But this is gacha and gacha is all RNG so... could be a huge let down for months on end too. ;o;

    Magical Fever Kasumi since she's considered to be the best UR in the SBL shop.
    ty!! <3

    Setsuna is so adorable and I love her! I hope you get everything you want!! For me I'm mostly interested in all Riko cards, she's been my favorite for years and I've probably spent close to $1000 on merch. But alas it feels near impossible to get them all without spending. But alas, she wouldn't want me to go broke getting her, so I'll settle for the ones I have. Having Angel Riko is already a blessing <3 your Ayumu cards are so cool too!
  2. Setsuna
    March 12th, 2021 4:26 PM
    Good to hear! Happy cleansing and I wish you good luck on hitting the 30% chance every time, haha. I'm realizing now that considering rerolling accounts until you get Angel Riko is a little too strong of an opinion, since it's easy to just buy Cryptid Kanan from the SBL shop, who has a 20% chance to cleanse upon switching strategies. I'd say I'd recommend her if you have a team that just cannot work with Angel Riko, but considering you have some LBs on Riko, probably wouldn't be worth it. If you're looking for a good UR to buy from the SBL shop with your medals though, buy Magical Fever Kasumi since she's considered to be the best UR in the SBL shop.

    It's awesome the All Stars Pass has a free trial, especially so you can see what it's worth. Good luck on your free solo pulls! The 7% UR rate is very fun, but I didn't manage to get any during my trial haha. My solo luck has been coming from Fes banners apparently... I agree the price is pretty steep for what I was expecting (the economy in this game is a little silly, it feels like everything is way too expensive) but as someone who's been considering playing this game more seriously for a while now, I'm kinda considering it. I have an addiction and knowing I can do a free pull everyday makes me happy.
    My honest advice is that it's not worth it if you're not looking into playing the game more seriously (with things like tiering for events, any kind of SBL award hunting, or whaling) or if you don't play daily (since you'll skip out on things like the free solo pull, the double rewards from training, and the free LP refill). Besides that, hey this is a gacha game and $13 per month (it's $18 for me in CAD) is a lot less than people will usually end up spending.

    Speaking of stuff like gacha, are you interested in trying to get any specific card? There's a few I'm looking for, the biggest one being Fes Setsuna (of course!), but I'm missing one last SR Ayumu to complete my Ayumu collection. I'm curious about how you feel about gacha or what you enjoy in the game, since everyone's answers are different!
  3. Sheep
    March 12th, 2021 2:09 AM
    I did a lot of songs and have gotten the hang of cleansing now. :D I'm on the trial all stars pass but not sure what I'll do once it runs out. $13 or so dollars a month for a membership is expensive as heck. That's more than how much I pay for my FFXIV subscription, I game that I can get like 100 hours into each month. oof... :s
  4. Setsuna
    March 11th, 2021 9:49 AM
    That's pretty much what I did! I started playing on day 1 because I wanted to pull for initial You (I didn't reroll, I got her on day 2), I actually didn't pick up JP until recently (I just don't often play JP servers of games, I didn't with SIF) but I took a break between April and October and started trying to play seriously once I came back (though things didn't really pick up until I went to spark Fes Ayumu) and now I have an actual collection haha. The massive amount of Fes banners we've had recently help a lot.

    Happy to help! A reminder Riko's cleanse goes off 30% of the time so you kinda just have to switch and pray a lot until she cleanses, haha. Ideally you want her to cleanse right away. Another thing to note is even if the song isn't cleansable, her ability will still activate and you'll get the pop-up for it, it just won't do anything. So it's good to still get used to it.

    Raising a card's LBs is never wasted resources, but yeah it's way more effective to LB your frontline scorers since you get more out of it. Either way, Radiance isn't too hard to get so I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you have the All Stars Pass, School Idol Wishes are a great and fast way to reach MLB on cards you want. Worth looking into!
  5. Sheep
    March 11th, 2021 12:41 AM
    I made my account on day one of the game (and played JP before that) but then took like a year-long break... at least half of my URs are from then, but I'm happy to have pulled a bunch more <3

    and thank youuuu for explanation!!! I already noticed Riko cleansing once, but haven't seen it again since lol. then again I've not played tons of songs since.

    going to work on Kanan then, I've LBed Riko 3x already....kind of wish I put those resources towards Kanan now but what can you do
  6. Setsuna
    March 10th, 2021 1:55 PM
    Another thing to note with cleansing is that sometimes you just have good enough scorers to not worry about it! Fes Kanan is a great example of that, I recommend limit breaking her once you get enough radiance because I believe she can be strong enough to S rank some of the easier Advanced songs on her own without cleansing (she's that good). Usually when you build a general team you don't care too much about staying on the right attribute and just build off your highest appeal anyways, and Kanan... will definitely be up there.
  7. Setsuna
    March 10th, 2021 1:52 PM
    Happy to help! The elegant team I recommended is probably best for a song like Ketsui no Hikari (Shioriko's solo song, if you have it unlocked) since it has a "gimmick note" where you tap it and it'll boost the appeal of Vo cards (helping you score with Mari) and is notorious for dealing a lot of stamina damage (which Ruby can help a lot with). My advice is just to pay a lot of attention to skills and play around with things! You can always test out new ideas and I'd be happy to talk to you more about teambuilding if you have any more ideas you want opinions on!
    If you asked a lot of people what the best scorer in the game is right now, people would say Secret Galaxy Kanan. She's so good that people would spend enough money to spark for her, if that's any indication, haha. It's awesome to see you have such a new account but be blessed with a lot of good cards like her and Angel Riko.
    Cleansing is super important but the game never explains it to you so it's something you kinda just have to find in guides unfortunately. I recommend just looking at the bottom left of your screen in a live when you switch strategies until you see "Debuffs Removed", which is Riko's cleanse activating. Besides that, you don't need to pay much attention to debuffs. Just make sure you know if the song is cleansable or not (if it's "Appeal" or "base Appeal"), and it's always just pretty safe to assume every song lowers the Appeal of cards that aren't the same attribute. You get used to it after a while! In my opinion, Angel Riko is one of the best cards in the game, and I'd consider remaking accounts until I got her if I started a new account. Glad I could deliver the good news about your best girl(?) !
  8. Sheep
    March 10th, 2021 11:05 AM
    ahh thank you so much! I'm gonna save that to refer back to later. :D I ended up throwing a new team together thanks to a reddit post too, and am gonna use your post here to go over it again and make sure it's ok. going to make a second team based off your suggestions too, and tinker with them both to see how well I can play them. it's really appreciated <3 I'm super happy to have fes Vo Kanan, had no idea she was so good!!

    The cleansing explanation helps too because I had no idea how to use that. And now I'm going to be extra attentive to my debuffs and switching strategies in hopes of her cleansing. I....honestly thought she wasn't that good, so I'm glad that's not the case T_T
  9. Setsuna
    March 9th, 2021 7:26 PM
    Yeah teambuilding is uhhh... confusing and a lot to unpack. Usually having a single good team isn't very easy, so if you go asking people for help with teambuilding it can help to say something like "I want to reach S rank on Koi ni Naritai Aquarium on Advanced" instead of just "help me build my team". People usually build teams for each song, but there are some general rules to make a good team. This message is gonna be a long one but I'm gonna try to help out as much as I can and help keep things easy to understand.

    Some basic info beforehand:
    - Appeal is the most important stat in the game, it determines how much voltage (score) you earn every time you tap with that card. The higher your appeal, the more voltage you earn. Vo cards usually have the highest appeal (but not always) and you always always benefit by having more Vo cards.
    - Limit breaking cards is always incredibly helpful to raise their stats. Cards at higher limit breaks will always be better.
    - Every song will have a debuff that will lower a certain stat (usually appeal) of all the cards in your team that don't match the song element, usually by 20%. For example, It's our miraculous time will lower the Appeal of all non-Smile attribute cards by 10%. You can always check this by looking at the Tips menu for a song, along with any other useful information about the song. This is usually why people build for certain songs rather than just overall, so they can fill their team with Smile cards to avoid that Appeal down debuff.
    - If you're getting insight skills from doing training, try to get as many with a blue triangle in the corner as you can. These skills are passive and will always apply, instead of pink-cornered ones, which will only activate usually about 30% of the time. But skills in general are super important, and they help out a bunch. I'll be going over some I find really helpful so you know what to look for.

    First thing's first, here's how I'd make a general team. Cause the auto formation kinda sucks, not gonna lie. Here's the team I've made, so let's go over everything and break it down so it's easy to understand.

    For this team, let's pick one colour of strategy to be what we call our "Frontline". These are gonna be the girls with high appeal you'll use to score as much as you can. I usually like to use red, because it's easy to remember, and as long as it's not green (for a reason I'll go over in a little bit when talking about our green strategy.) Let's put your two cards with the highest appeal into that strategy. I sorted my cards by appeal and found mine were Ayumu and Maki.
    Now that we have those two in, let's put in a card with a heal skill so we don't have to switch off of our scoring strategy to heal. Usually Gd cards will have a heal skill, but I like to use this Mari because she has a heal skill, good appeal, and she's also Cool attribute, just like Ayumu and Maki.
    Now we have our scoring strategy. We have 2 cards with high appeal so we can get lots of voltage, and one healer to keep us healthy. Let's move onto our blue strategy!

    The blue strategy begins what we call the "Backline". These are cards we won't often switch to, but can still help the team in other ways, mainly their skills. Let's start by putting this Hanamaru card into our backline.
    Now, why are we putting Hanamaru on our backline? It doesn't matter that much that she's also Cool attribute since we won't be using her for scoring, the Appeal debuff doesn't matter much for her. However, she has some great skills that can benefit the team. First of all, she has an Appeal+ Same Attribute passive ability that'll raise the appeal of every Cool member on the team, which will help out the frontline a bunch. Second, she has a skill to gain SP, allowing the team to use SP skills more often. What I like to use the blue strategy for is getting SP as fast as possible, in case there's a part of the song where you have to use a SP skill. Then I can just switch to my blue strategy to get SP as fast as I can. Putting cards with skills that earn SP, or Appeal+ All passive abilities are ideal for the blue strategy. Here's the blue strategy I put together. Kotori has an Appeal+ All passive ability (and I've got some limit breaks on her so the passive is a higher level) and Setsuna has a great skill that increases the SP gauge gain for the next 10 notes. Now for the green strategy!

    The green strategy is all about Gd cards. It's where I'll put my healer, my stamina stick, and my cleanser. We already know what a healer is so let's go over what the other two terms mean. A stamina stick is a card with a really high stamina stat. Its only purpose is to go into your team to raise your team's stamina. A cleanser is a card that can get rid of a song's appeal debuff. The best cleanser in the game currently is Angel Riko, so let's go over her cleanse ability.
    When you have this Riko in your team, there's a 30% chance for her ability to activate whenever you switch strategies. If it goes off, it'll negate all lowering effects, such as the song's appeal debuff. This is incredibly important and you want this skill to go off as fast as you can. You start every song in the green strategy and can switch strategies once before tapping any notes, so it's possible to start in green, switch to red right away, and have Riko use her cleanse ability before tapping any notes. This is why I say to not have your frontline in green strategy.
    An important thing to note is that Riko can't cleanse "base" effects. If you check the info for a song and the debuff says "base Appeal" instead of "Appeal", Riko's skill won't do anything. It's still useful to have her in your team however, since even without her skill she can be a stamina stick if you want her to.
    Here in my green strategy I have Riko for cleansing, Chika as my stamina stick (Rina has higher stamina, but Chika has an ability passive that raises the entire team's Stamina) and Ayumu as my healer. As long as you've got some good cards with high stamina and use Riko, you should have a great green strategy.

    Before I give some suggestions for teams, I wanna go over a helpful tip. It's usually a good idea to put your cards with the highest technique in your middle 3 slots, which are your SP Skill Unit. The short explanation for this is that the higher a card's technique, the more voltage you'll earn with your SP skill. Here's a screenshot as an example where I moved Kotori and Riko into the center since they have higher technique:

    As for your card list, you've got some great stuff currently! Both of your Kanan URs are well known for being great frontline scorers, you've got fes cards like fes cards like Secret Galaxy Kanan, Delightful Waltz Emma, Little Devil Temptations Ruby and some great support cards like Angel Riko, Little Rabbit Ruby, and Lovely Police Kotori.
    I'd personally build an Elegant attribute team using these cards:
    Frontline: Magical Halloween Mari, Priestess Dance Dia, Little Devil Temptations Ruby
    Blue Backline: Snow Crystal You (she has a great Appeal+ Same Attribute passive), Colorful Candies Nozomi (she has an Appeal+ Same Year passive which works well with Mari and Dia), and Present for You Ayumu (who has an interesting Appeal/Technique+ Same Attribute passive.)
    Green Backline: Angel Riko (for cleansing), Fashionable Romance Honoka (or any other stamina stick), and pretty much any good healer you have or like.

    Hopefully this helps! I love SIFAS and could honestly write a whole book about it, and I hope I could not only help you out but also help give you info on what to look out for when building your own team! What you have is always determined by gacha so it's always fun to look forward to what cards you can get and build teams off them! Let me know if you have any questions and omg hopefully this wasn't a slog to read through haha
  10. Sheep
    March 9th, 2021 3:57 AM
    that would be so nice tbh <3 because I probably will just post on reddit asking for help with building, right now I just have auto set it up and it doesn' a great job tbh. I probably have enough good cards to make a decent team so hopefully I'll be able to clear advanced soon too!

    and oooo thank you for the explanation
  11. Setsuna
    March 8th, 2021 1:20 PM
    Cool, no matter if you play casually or seriously SIFAS is still such a great game and super cute. <3
    Good to hear! The grind never stops with this game and there's always more to work towards. With SBL, as long as you're playing the songs in the event whenever you're able to, you'll get medals you can spend in the shop for the old event URs, scouting tickets, and a bunch of other things if you're looking for that.
    Teambuilding and knowing what units to put where is a little confusing at first, I can try to help you out or offer a couple guides if you'd be interested? My main team's show power is around 12,000 and I can clear most Advanced Songs with that, so if you're looking for a certain amount for Advanced, I think anything between 9,000 and 12,000 is good. You definitely don't need Advanced songs to be able to tier, it just helps. As long as you have lots of skip tickets, you can just skip songs as long as you have LP and keep going off that. 80k in a couple days is really good, faster than I get them, and thankfully this game is super generous with event URs from rewards.
    My username may be Setsuna but honestly, Ayumu is best girl. <3
  12. Sheep
    March 8th, 2021 12:47 PM
    followed you on site, gonna add in game now ~

    I'm still new so idk about earning SBL much yet, but working on a lot of stuff!! I tier...kinda....I still can't clear any advanced difficulty songs and need a bit of help figuring out which units to use in what slot, so I only do up to intermediate. that slows me down a bit with rankings probably, but in the most recent event I did manage to get around 80k points in just a couple of days and ended up with one event UR \o/ ayumu is so cuuute
  13. Setsuna
    March 7th, 2021 1:54 PM
    I've been playing All Stars daily for months now, you should totally add me!
    I'm on the same boat with missing some event URs since I stopped playing for a while between April and October, but thankfully you can just buy ones you missed from the SBL shop or pull them from scouts, like I really wanna get Forest Fairy Hanamaru off this SBL if I can. How much do you play, and do you do things like tier for events and all that?
  14. Sheep
    March 7th, 2021 6:36 AM
    idk if you've been playing All Stars but I have gotten really into it and love my girls so far! T_T missed a ton of event URs but this is still nice!!
  15. Setsuna
    November 14th, 2020 11:29 AM
    Thanks a bunch! That makes sense and I think the donations are a good idea, maybe if I'm able to and wanna be fancier I'll look into it!
    Yeah I love her she's a huge cutie <3