Conversation Between ClaraDragon and Skeli
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  1. ClaraDragon
    January 6th, 2021 4:51 AM
    I've just talked with the one of the webmasters of the site(he responded faster than I expected). Long story short, he said that will put the original link back, because more people have already complained about the same thing, unfortunately I don't know when they are going tho change it. But I think it is solved for now. Sorry for bothering you with this, and thanks for your time ^^
  2. ClaraDragon
    January 6th, 2021 4:09 AM
    I was out of that community for a while, but I can try to talk with them about that. But I heard the options they gave to other people was to remove the game of the page if they disagree with their methods. I'll let you know what happens after I'll talk with them ^^.
  3. Skeli
    January 5th, 2021 8:36 PM
    Personally, I would prefer if they copied the link directly from the thread. Although it seems like whoever posted it is at least trying to stay up to date, sometimes I push silent fixes for single bugs that I'd prefer not to get widespread, and these aren't changed in these files. Is there any chance you can share this with whoever posted it there and ask them to use the official patch link, please?
  4. ClaraDragon
    December 21st, 2020 2:23 PM
    Hi there. If you don't mind, there's something related to Pokémon unbound, your fangame, that I'd like to ask about.

    The thing is, some colleagues and I found that Whack a Hack, a Spanish fangame community, uploaded a lot of games to its web without their original download links, and a lot of other Spanish devs were quite pissed because of that. I noticed out of curiosity that Pokémon Unbound is also there, along with a few other games from PokeCo, although I just recognized this one, cause is so popular.
    So I just wanted to told you in case you didn't give them permission to upload it or they did not respect the original download link like the other games. This is the link where you can see it:

    Just that, and I hope I didn't bother you.