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Conversation Between Epilogue and CodeHelmet
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  1. Epilogue
    11 Hours Ago 6:05 AM
    Luckily for us, it looks like Lycan let that Razor Leaf go through after all! ;D

    And good call there—I was also thinking about backing up before firing an attack since we can't surround an enemy who's stuck in the trees. xD We'll see how everything turns out!
  2. CodeHelmet
    22 Hours Ago 6:19 PM
    *cough* Round 5 is up. Here’s a rough outline of my thinking. Firstly, I think it’d be wise for you to back off to E20 and firing your last Razor Leaf at Empoleon. It shouldn’t KO it unless it’s a Critical Hit due to your lower Attack power(Sap Sipper expired). With you backed off, Lily can then move to D20 to finish the job with Absorb or use Growth if you get lucky. With Lily safely out of the way, Krakonos intends to go out with a bang(literally) by using his Dynamite. This will be an Explosion(which gains STAB), that affects all Pokémon within a 2 square radius. That affects Tangela(which should fall), Wynaut, Stunfisk and Grimer. For all we know this action might take all four of them with him but in the event Grimer survives, I intend to have Cuddles pick him off with a Water Pulse to remove the Poison Pokemon from olay(that way you and Lily have nothing to worry about unless the Litwicks move north). Then Elwind cuts the tree down while Susato bursts through and makes contact with the Eevolutions(from which they’ll sprint through the gaping hole we’ve made). Down south, I’ll finish Sceptile off while Mags, Litun, Alex and Priscilla Attack Lickitung. Nah swoops around to Sand Tomb Skorupi while Rinnia moves West and fires a Heal Pulse at Mags(bringing her up to 25 HP). WooWoo is free to do whatever he wants this round.
  3. CodeHelmet
    2 Days Ago 9:44 PM
    You know a thought crossed my mind regarding Empoleon. If Cuddles finishes off Pawniard for you to move to D20(which should happen if he happens to hit... has -25% Accuracy...), its possible your move may miss due to where Empoleon happens to be. Since he's in the Trees, he may be invulnerable to any attacks, just like any Ghost Pokemon would be if they were in an obstacle. But eh we shall see if Lycan will let it go through. Here's hoping as they say. At least one Outlaw will fall this round(the one I picked ironically enough. Which one did you pick... and regardless... who picks Empoleon, much less Sceptile?!)
  4. Epilogue
    1 Week Ago 11:12 AM
    Gotcha, I'll post when I get home in a few more hours! ^_^ I'm a bit out of commission at this moment, haha.
  5. CodeHelmet
    1 Week Ago 10:58 AM
    Got to update the PT chit chat. Been awhile since anyone posted. Also go move Solstice. Lily is moving to Sleep Powder the outlaws so you can stay and help Mercy somehow or go to D21 and whack at Pawniard with something. The sooner it falls, the sooner you can Attack Empoleon.
  6. CodeHelmet
    2 Weeks Ago 9:21 AM
    You ever play the games? His name is Faba so a meme right now, at least in PRB12 circles, is #PsyduckyouFaba. If you stopped at 24, you haven’t even seen Edgelord, Olivia or heck the two Episode Kanto arc that finished off Season 1 of the English Dub.
  7. Epilogue
    2 Weeks Ago 8:05 PM
    I'm still faaaaaaaar behind on the Sun & Moon anime (I think I stopped at Episode 24 a year ago, haha), but the first things that come to mind are:

    Ash/Lillie/Sophocles: Whoa, everyone else is so big! Or maybe we're just tiny.
    Mallow: Umm, so what exactly is going on here...?
    Kiawe: Whatever's going on, this guy is getting on my nerves...
    Alolan Vulpix: You screwed up big time. End of story.

    (No idea who that last character is, haha, but he's probably regretting something... big time. xD)
  8. CodeHelmet
    2 Weeks Ago 3:57 PM

    What # or dialogue comes to mind when seeing that image? For me:

    Faba: What have I done?
    Mallow: Yeah what have you done?
    Kiawe: Ditto
    Alolan Vulpix: Where’s my snack you Ahole.
  9. CodeHelmet
    2 Weeks Ago 12:41 PM
    Could also go as Klefki hah.
  10. Epilogue
    2 Weeks Ago 9:49 AM
    Haha, I think I'd rather bring back Rowlet for Battle #3 than use a Psyduck. xD
  11. CodeHelmet
    2 Weeks Ago 8:29 AM
    :t054: <- Your Pokemon for Battle#3(Cloud Nine ability) with the following OST

  12. CodeHelmet
    August 14th, 2018 6:27 PM
    Lycan hasn't been around the last 2+ days but I'm looking at our current roster of Pokemon and Priscilla and that Nuzzle attack is going to be extremely useful. Especially if she teams up with L'Belle's Yamask that knows Hex(deals double damage to targets affected by status condition). Its too bad we used the Leppa Berry in Battle#1. Would come in very handy with those two and myself with Will-O-Wisp.
  13. CodeHelmet
    August 8th, 2018 11:48 PM
    Rather than muk up your new club, I'll simply go here instead by stating the following:

    Originally Posted by CodeHelmet View Post
    No, Ace Attorney is a bad influence. Going to jail for that comment
  14. CodeHelmet
    August 3rd, 2018 6:31 PM
    :t037: Wake up you feckless Rowlet. Time for you to shine against the enemy. You have a decision to make but if you want to survive the rest of the battle, you're going to have to do some serious damage against that boss. Hit will be lending you a hand but due to its position in the water, its going to be Flying Types that take this boss down as Rinnia is away from the conflict zone and no one else can lend effective support from the shoreline without giving an advantage to the enemy.
  15. Epilogue
    July 31st, 2018 4:44 AM
    Ah! Indeed, I do have one that is totally not recycled! ;D Might as well post it to the FTE thread, hehe.

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