Conversation Between ZettaSlowbro and JynxedOne
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  1. JynxedOne
    January 10th, 2014 9:30 PM
    The destiny knot is a god send. I battled very rarely last gen, and this gen only like 7 times. Just started really putting teams together. I was able to do it really quick and get good IVs. So I thought I'd help some people out.
  2. ZettaSlowbro
    January 10th, 2014 9:27 PM
    Then you seem like someone who really appreciates that new destiny knot mechanic, I know I am. Double battles sound fun, I'll probably have to tweak my team around it so time is not an issue. I'm pretty new as well, as far as number of battles goes, but I've been building teams since Gen IV. How did you get into breeding other people 5IV pokes?
  3. JynxedOne
    January 10th, 2014 9:19 PM
    I build my teams for Double battles. So if you wouldn't mind doing those? I have a breeding center where I breed other people 5IV competitive pokemon, so I have had no time for my own. So this may be a little while. But I'll do my best to make a team to actually challenge you. Pretty new to competitive battles.
  4. ZettaSlowbro
    January 10th, 2014 9:16 PM
    That sounds, good. That'll give me a chance to breed some more. Just let me know when you're ready. Do you have a preference for any format(s)?
  5. JynxedOne
    January 10th, 2014 9:02 PM
    Honestly I don't remember ever posting in there. Ha. But right now I'm re-breeding my teams. When I'm done I'd love to battle. So If you don't mind waiting a while.
  6. ZettaSlowbro
    January 10th, 2014 8:51 PM
    Hey, I saw your post in the battle thread. Are you still looking for people to have battles with?