Conversation Between tolo5star and Phanton
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  1. Phanton
    June 16th, 2015 12:47 PM
    I have the Aerodactyl you requested, with wide guard, let me know when you are available to trade
  2. Phanton
    June 11th, 2015 1:27 PM
    Cakesu's Lando is Jolly, Intimidate IVs in Attack, Def and speed, in a repeat ball and has the moves Extrasensory, Swords Dance, Earth Power and Rock Slide. And we are working on it, but we need to breed another pokemon to get wide guard which combined with internet issues and a bunch of other requests we got is making it take longer than usual to get done
  3. tolo5star
    June 10th, 2015 9:51 PM
    Bro could you give me the details of the other Lando and the aerodactyl is asked you to breed pls make sure it has wide guard , thnx!!!
  4. tolo5star
    June 7th, 2015 2:34 AM
    i am looking for one with intimidate (for battling competitive ) i can offer a shiny vanillite
  5. Phanton
    June 5th, 2015 5:06 AM
    Cakesu and I each have a different landorous, I wont be able to get details on her's till sunday because she is traveling, but mine is : Lv 30 in a dream ball, Timid and sheer force ability, moves Imprison, Punishment, Bulldoze and Rock Throw, IVs 31/x/x/x/x/x
    and yeah I can trade, I will have to get it cloned first, and what is your offer for it ?
  6. tolo5star
    June 4th, 2015 8:18 PM
    bro what are it's details , is it up for trade ?
  7. Phanton
    June 4th, 2015 5:41 AM
    Yes we do.
  8. tolo5star
    June 4th, 2015 5:08 AM
    do you guys have a landorous ?
  9. Phanton
    May 24th, 2015 6:12 AM
    There we go, enjoy your zapdos! :)
  10. tolo5star
    May 24th, 2015 6:11 AM
    thnx for you patience !!!!!!!
  11. tolo5star
    May 24th, 2015 6:09 AM
    alright i made a wonder trade
  12. Phanton
    May 24th, 2015 6:06 AM
    Well, I am patient xD
    my only worry is to run out of battery =P
  13. tolo5star
    May 24th, 2015 6:02 AM
    i am literally sitting on it lol !! sometimes i just does not connect
  14. Phanton
    May 24th, 2015 6:00 AM
    maybe go closer to your wi-fi signal ?
  15. tolo5star
    May 24th, 2015 5:54 AM
    wait my connection is a little crappy right now ,when i am able to wonder trade i will send you a trade request