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Conversation Between .Ozymandias and THIRTY-SIX
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    November 2nd, 2009 9:53 AM
    Congrats on becoming 21... lol
    July 17th, 2009 2:07 AM
    Yea .. kinda overplayed them over the past two weeks now. xD

    The omitted quite a bit of the comic though. .o.
    dont mind the punctuation. lazy days. xD

    It's amusing to see it though.

    Ah yea.. you can have it now.. if you can find it. :P
    Never really liked journals or diaries.. would have facebook and other internety stuff like that if i did. xD

    Yea same with the ninth... he went on to do heroes and a few other stuff. Hes going to be in GI JOE or some movie like that. xD *end ecclston fan ***** moment*

    My Dalek is left in a corner... next to the telly... RIP i guess xD

    I have a hard time looking like an adult let alone old. I have to keep my beard /chops to make myself look like Im over sixteen. xD
    Although hats do make me look slightly more mature. xD

    Well the first comic I bought was infinite crisis just this year. I usually just read them online, well download em. Tis very expensive to collect them. xD

    Waffling about nothing... sounds like me talking about scifi/sci-fantasy. Push is sweet if you love your psychic stuff. It kinda reminded me of sin city (second graphic novels i bought) in the way you were put in the middle without knowing much at all.

    Finger prints... can you really burn them off or is that a myth?

    Hats.. I've got quite a few...
    1 fedora
    2 trilbys
    2 old man /farmer style
    4 beanies
    1 fisherman hat. xD
    Usually just wear the flat hat farmer ones..

    I have no idea what you are talking about xD

    Mines even more mundane than yours. xD
    I wanted to buy a rabbit for so long, but nobody would be able to look after it.

    I didn't name mine.. but mines hidden away from my niece.. she loves to grab it.. she had a fascination with toes and fingers. xD

    Getting hit by a sculpture would be a more interesting story though.. since a lot of people get hit by a bus xD

    Swine flu goingaround the people i know recently. I might be a carrier... but that'd mean im a pig xD

    Id... have more than just a shotgun. xD

    I miss those days off getting up early and watching tv. now its just get up.. and ccontinure to lay down xD

    Oh thanks.. but I've gotten all the pokemon on diamond, just that they are on my wii, which is at my sisters house. xD

    For me platinum is the same.. i just got it so that i can get mew from the wii.. though platinnum isnt compatible.. wii ranch update not available on the wii
    The slight changes are sweet but for me the gameplay is the same... stopped playing it months ago.. Dx
  3. .Ozymandias
    July 15th, 2009 11:42 AM
    I just noticed your avvie - LA ROUX are awesome, BTW.
  4. .Ozymandias
    May 24th, 2009 11:18 AM
    Very true, and uni was hilarious on wednesday - our tutor walked out! :o stupid woman

    Haha, it's so brilliant it must be shared! ^_-
    I love LJ, I spend far too much time on there... There's a wi-fi community for pokémon, and over there they're really fair with their trades and stuff, so it's much better than the trade corner here sometimes.

    Yeah, he did say that the reason he was leaving was that he was getting typecast by the Doctor, which was probably very true, and he'll go on to do wonderful things. *end fangirlie moment*

    Hahaha, a naked Dalek - he would not be amused! I can imagine that when that starts up it would make you jump; suddenly a disembodied voice speaking at you...

    I am in denial about how old I am. I'm married and 20 and ancient! I pull out my grey hair; don't want them sprouting roots and spreading ;)
    Comics are brilliant. I'm a very newbie into comics and graphic novels, with the Anita Blake comic being my first purchase and Watchmen being my second, and I am having to try very hard not to get addicted.

    I love forensics; it's pretty much the only thing that I can do 100% right, and I know a lot about it. I'm dyslexic, so maths, english etc are ridiculously hard for me, but science is just logical and if it says this, then it means this - no waffling about nothing.
    You can dust and collect in 5 minutes, but the computer can only suggest around 30 possible ID's. A human has to go through each individual one to compare and positively identify someone, or else it wont stand up in court. *steps off of soapbox*

    Hats? What kind of hats? I own 3 hats; a Peruvian Guinea Pig farmers hat, a christmas tree and a ski hat with devil horns.

    I don't think Butlins have a need for SOCO's, though I may be wrong... Must investigate further. *badjoke*

    I have such a dramatic life. Really it's rather boring, people just get the interesting parts online. I adopted a dog from Battersea last week - she's gorgeous!

    I have a wooden left hand called Herman! Someone bought it for me in my last arty-phase, I discovered that I couldn't draw hands and it now has it's middle finger up and sits by my sofa. When hubby misbehaves, I wave Herman at him and tell him I don't have enough energy to swear at him!

    I would imagine that being hit by a metal sculpture would be similar to getting hit by a bus, so not a bad comparison really.
    The whole world goes mad when there's an epidemic; we survived the plague, we can survive the flu!

    Possible, but if your bank was being robbed, wouldn't you fully load your weapon? *ponders*

    I like the Hoobs and Mio Mao on five when the dog wakes us up at 7am >.<

    I can probably help you out with that; I've got 445 on Diamond, so I can always trade you over some eggs or whatever. What do you think of Platinum? Is it everything it's cracked up to be?

    I personally adore it; the sprites, upgrades, better storyline and graphics and the Poketch are all just awesome. *goes back to playing it and ignoring family*
    May 21st, 2009 11:17 AM
    Pffft, don't sweat it, not like I was waiting on my computer at a knifes edge. Also uni work is definitely more importaant than talking to a random stranger. xD

    :O My work!
    I don't really do livejournal. I'd keep a paper version first, and I don't do that. xD

    I really don't mind him leaving, I mean I don't like actors that are 'one trick ponies'. Plus I like a change once in a while. The only thing I want is to make sure the new guy can do a decent job. :/

    I took out the batteries as to not get any unwanted attention and I find it missing the whisk and plunger. xD

    I definitely think for me it is to keep a hold of my childhood. I don't want to grow old and I'm already getting grey hair.
    Pokemon is the only obsession I have. I have only recently got back into comics.. though when I was younger it was all about Marvel, now it's DC. I'm incredibly fickle with the things I ake interest in. Usully get bored within a month.

    Seems like you haven't lost interest in your work though. If you took away the time taken it does sound like fun. So dusting doesn't and identifying doesn't take 5 minutes? xP

    I started to buy clothes online, more than just hats now. xD
    It's just easier to do and more comfortable. xD

    Ah working abroad huh? Sounds interesting.. dunno why but Butlins came to mind. xD
    Tehe, kinda funny wanting to move to a place with more crime. xD
    Naww I haven't, I want to go on holiday there may do when I get a lot of spare cash. I have enough to get there but not much for hotel fees and other necessities. xD

    Oh that's just harsh. xD
    Sounds like something out of a drama. The drama that is celutha's life. xD
    Must be tough with 4 kids though. .o.

    I have that 3 in one pikachu figurine set. And a few other figurines. No not toys.... FIGURINES! I collect weirdish figurines.. I have one of tweety pie and a wooden left hand among my favourites. I guess collecting those are eating into my holiday fund. xD

    Haha, the way you describe it sounds like I'm getting hit by a metallic sculpture. xD
    Funny next there will be like a cockroach flu or something. Please don't tell me there already is a cockroach flu. xD

    He was rushing when reloading so he only only did two at once. *gets shot*

    Don't kids still watch the teletubbies or the tweenies?. :O They must watch pocoyo though. Even I still watch that little blue blob.

    Yea they were, but PC is the only real site I spend more than 10 minutes on so not going on it I started watching stand up comedy again. I only come on during my spare time. xD

    Yea I'll be spending time in the trade area whilst trying to complete my platinum dex. A few sapphire insertion pokemon will be needed. Dx
    It'll cut some activity from me until I need to get some pokemon. xD
    That question was like asking does a fish know how to swim. xD
    But yeah I guess some people on here don't play pokemon but are on a pokemon forum. XD
  6. .Ozymandias
    May 21st, 2009 6:26 AM
    *argh sorry this took so long to reply to - PC was being crappy and I had to write a paper for uni*

    Haha, I shall have to save that and ready it for LJ - there are some strange folk over there...

    I'm really gutted that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who; he was such a perfect Doctor!

    It's hilarious, my dog is terrified of R2-D2 - when he makes the noises and his head revolves, she barks and growls at him, and would probably rip something off him if he still moved.

    I have no idea what's kept my interest in pokémon. I mean, I've been into it since I got Blue in 199..6? Aside from horses it's my longest running interest/hobby/obsession, which astonishes me. Most stuff lasts about 3 months before I lose interest...

    There are pretty much no accurate crime shows on the TV, just because of the amount of time required. To run a DNA sample, you collect, amplify the sample in the PCR (takes around 5 hours), then you have to run a gel (takes 12-24 hours, depending on the type of gel) and then you put the graphic into the computer and start comparing (6-12 hours). Don't even get me started on fingerprinting...

    I have bought too much online lately, and have told myself that I am not allowed to buy any more. I doubt it'll last long, but at least I'm trying :D

    The UK is okay; I'd love to live and work in the USA, just because I could utilise my interest in ballistics out there, because they have a lot more gun crime than we do (right to bear arms etc). Japan would be a fascinating place to live! Have you ever been?

    She has seen the light. The bedside light of half of Reading. I could, but I have enough problems looking after the 4 girls and avoiding my dad!

    I have a pokéball! It has Mewtwo in it, I think, or maybe Pikachu? I can't remember... I've started collecting Porygon and his line merchendise, which is eating my student loan >.<

    Like swine flu? It has transformed from a deadly curse of nearly being hit with 10 tonnes of metal, to just missing the ten tonnes of metal?

    See, technically, that gun could have had 4 rounds, thus the manager could have had 2 shots at the clowns rather than one. *hides*

    We call him Disco Stu; he's just freakin' hilarious! He should be on the Hoobs or whatever it is kids watch nowadays.

    I have been avoiding PC for a while; the technical hitches were driving me mad, and I'm desperate to get my mitts on platinum (tomorrow!!! wheee!!!) before I get back into trading, so I've just nipped on to check on an RP I'm in really. Eh, hopefully platinum will reignite my activity at PC, too! Will you be getting it?
    May 13th, 2009 10:23 AM
    Tis a good place and a song.

    Yea I guess, although wouldn't you work in a team of people so you might not even do the driving? xD

    Haha, it might be that it's being watched by me that she watches it too. xD
    Next one is at the end of the year. Thought they were all this year. Dx

    Just sits in the corner now? Wasn't that the annoying part of it? xD Slightly Endearing but still. xD
    Ahh because of the memories? I think I'm a pokemon fan because of that.

    Those are the ones I don't like. Stuff like Pushing Daises, Monk and Lie To Me. Inaccurate? Ha, must be nice to know the inaccuracies of tv shows. Kinda like me and typography. xD

    Wait so it wasn't the exact same storyline? I need to read the book then. Went to look for a book to buy. Went to Smiths today never found The Hobbit or Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, but never really looked. Probably buy t online. I've been doing that too much lately. Oh Batman RIP arrived yesterday. Huzzah.

    I guess it depends on the certain areas. I want to leave London and live in Japan and be an otaku. Though I am not nerdy enough to do that. Sure I many know a lot about certain things but its more like a jack of all trades but a master at none.

    Maybe she isn't repeating but her friends dropped out. You should try get along with her. Maker her see the light as it were. xD

    I never really started anything in my high school. That's where the pokecraze was the highest. To this day I haven't bought a pokeball, almost did at the shaymin event though it was empty and thought £5 just for a hollow ball. Gotta be crazy. xD

    Haha that's cute xD I've been missing buses lately so not only has it transferred but transformed. xD

    Oh it's definitely a compliment! Kinda reminds me of the first few scenes of Dark Knight, in the bank.

    He sounds like those guys from those school tv shows. xD

    If I were doing that, I'd have recorded it and then made a sound file from it. xD

    I'm the one being less active. I used to go there, but I prefer to stick to one site at a time. xD
  8. .Ozymandias
    May 9th, 2009 5:37 AM
    You've changed your name! *Yes, I can, in fact, also state the obvious!! ^_^*

    Yeah, the driving tests are so bloody irritating - they keep changing everything 'round, and it's so confusing now, but in order to be hired for a forensics job I need a driving license.. >.<

    Sounds like your sister has good taste!
    Yeah, that bit of the episode was a bit weird, I have to admit. Very odd for the doctor to have done that.

    I do indeed! His wheels don't go around anymore which is rather sad, but he still makes the noises and his head-piece goes around and around!
    I'm only a Star Wars fan because my dad is; he's always loved the films, and my parent's first date was to see episode 5 in the cinema.

    Yep, detective stuff for me, too! CSI, Law and Order etc are brilliant (even if they are inaccurate) - I have to make sure to shut off my forensics brain for those.

    I really didn't like the film; the characters were all miss-cast and the humour was mediocre at best. *is still pissed at how they butchered her fav book*
    Fair enough; if nothing else, if you buy them you have to read them, and they are pretty long.

    Reading could be worse, but it could be so much better. I don't think I'll ever leave, but I hope it'll improve over the years.

    The Gothic Prostitute, we think, has had to repeat a year - her slutty friends haven't been seen for ages...

    See I brought Pokémon into my school, so it was probably a lot my fault that it got banned as well, though I didn't ever try and catch anyone in a ball. Probably should have tried it before it got banned, just for a laugh!

    And I haven't been even nearly run over in the last couple of weeks - the curse has transferred! Sorry about that >.<

    It is handy; I was told that I would be the best person to be next to in a gun fight because I could guess the number of rounds left before a reload. I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or an insult...

    Colin is amazing; he has bright yellow socks on on Wednesday, to match his yellow waistcoat and yellow tie - he's priceless entertaining. He comes randomly into our lessons and starts dancing while he's looking for equipment - totally odd, but hilarious!

    You'd have to listen very carefully to hear them break! But it was quite an unusual sound, I have to admit.

    My pair, too, has abandoned me on PC. She moved to Pokémon Elite 2000, but she sometimes reappears here for a chat.
    May 9th, 2009 4:29 AM
    Hello again. xD

    Yea I think I've given up on trying to learn. Too many modifications need to be made.

    Hehee, I think my sister comes and watches occasionally because of him. xD
    Yea , but what really ticked me off was when he found out his life was in danger he let that Slayter loose.

    You have an R2D2? :O Broken? Then it'd be like the one in episode 4 ... I think. xD
    I'd love to have a c3p0 but I'm not much of a star wars fan.

    I don't watch soaps any more. xD
    It's usually scifi and detective stuff. Tis a bonus if its both.
    Nobody in the house watches them anyway so I'm ok with that. Though there are those pop idol style shows. Dx

    Wait... you didn't enjoy the film? :O It's usually the other way around for me. I seem to think out all the possibilities before they happen or get told to me. So I'm loosing my imagination and sense of surprise.
    I never did buy the books. Might not any more, the allure to get one has faded.

    Hmm, I always though Reading was a good place to be. For a place just outside London, plus it is cheaper to live there.

    It didn't even sound all that exciting when I was reading it. xD
    I remember the times when similar things happened at the SUBar, but in a 'I'm a posh prick' sorta way.

    Well we never used any real objects to capture each other. Truth be told I had no idea they were referring to pokemon. Only found out after when my cousin came on holiday and brought over his copy of red.
    The teachers knew what the worst thing in my schools were but they couldn't really do anything about it since it was after hours. xD

    You have jinxed me. After that vm I have been nearly run over a few times, though it's probably due to me rushing. xD
    I usually have my ipod earphones in too but I rarely ever get a car to need to brake too late.

    Oh yea that does sound scary. Knowing how many bullets remain in the gun and the reload time. Sound awesome. If you get what I mean.
    Well, the lack of me replying might do bad things, plus the boring routine may just make me stop coming by next year. xD

    Paint drying is fun, it they were shot from a paint ball. xD
    Getting on good terms with the science department? Fun times and worth it.
    I think I love that guy! Well if he wore a hat and tie with no waistcoat. xD

    Ahh those words are like a sweet song to me. I can just hear them break now. x3

    Haha, that cracked me up when I read it. Sometimes I read from the bottom up. xD
    I kinda come on because of the boredom and talk to my pair, thought hasn't been that much lately. D:
  10. .Ozymandias
    April 27th, 2009 1:56 AM
    I have my theory test and a car, and old Morris Minor Traveller, just no license yet - it's too flipping expensive, if nothing else.

    David Tennant is rather scrummy - sometimes, when it's a particularly weird episode, it's him that keeps me and my mum watching. Not that we're shallow in the slightest!
    I kind of liked that special; it was very dark, and dealt with themes that Doctor Who generally skims over.

    I always wanted the remoted controlled Dalek! It would fit in nicely with my remote controlled R2-D2 (who has lost a part where my dad crashed him into the wall).

    I only ever see Emmerdale when I'm at my mum and dads place, because my mum watches basically every soap on the telly. It was one very good up-point to moving out - I didn't have to put up with the soap operas!

    The book is 100 times better than the movie. I cried during the movie, because it was just painful for me, whose been a fan of the books for a long time. The Hobbit is a great book, I'm hopeful for a Peter Jackson movie version.

    Your poor brother - Reading is pretty much a dive. It's got worse lately, because of the stupid Credit Crunch. The drug dealers have gone for Maserati's this year.

    LOL, no, more infamous. She's this rather round young lady at uni, who walks around with bits hanging out. We've had 14 incidents of boob-flashes when she's standing in the dinner queue, which sounds exciting but it's really not.

    We used to play imaginary horses, because Pokémon was banned at my school after on girl hit another over the head with a plastic pokéball in an attempt to capture her. (I went to an all girl school, so it's best that the teachers thought that was the worst thing going on).

    Generally I'm pretty lucky; I've only been in one car on car accident, but several times I've nearly been run over, usually because I'm too busy chatting on the phone or listening to my ipod.

    Yeps, bullets and guns are my thing. I scare my mum when we watch movies, because I'm usually shouting 'It's only a Beretta hi-power, it's only got 10 bulllets for heavens sake!'
    Ahh, we probably will be. I'll still be here on PC - it's an escape from the boring and crappiness that is my life right now!

    It was a little better than watching ink dry, because we got to chat with the weirdos that run the science department at uni. One has a matching bow tie and waistcoat for every day of the week!

    I did work experience in a funeral directors, so smells don't really bother me - I just kinda work through it. The little tiny ribs were easy to crack with a scalpel, so it wasn't too bad.

    I feel very honoured to have recieved such a long reply, then! I still enjoy pokémon, but I joined up here because there's quite a diverse field of interest among the members, which always appeals to me.
    April 26th, 2009 11:27 AM
    I guess I'm lucky that I've been raised here. I can't imagine not having museums practically on my doorstep. I would probably spend a lot more money on travel. I'm still quite lazy about getting a licence. Dx

    Yea my family runs away when it is on, well my sister joins me, but I think that is because of Tennant. When it was Christopher Eccelston she ran a mile. It will be weird, but the special that passed gave me a weird feeling. It didn't fit in with the style of the other seasons, though now I remember there is a new writer. Dx
    I'll still be watching with the new guy. Also I got myself a 12" dalek room guard thing. *is also a dork, for museums and figurines* Actually sculptures are my favourite things in museums. xD

    I have never watch Emmerdale. That would have been tvsoap overkill.
    I'm not sure but I think a hollyoaks guy was in it, that I've seen a few times because I thought it was hollyoaks. xD

    Oh awesome, loved the movie. Usually watch the movie before reading the book. I'll be getting me that, but it's not over £10 so I won't be using the voucher. I would prefer paperback. Mainly because it'd look read. When I read it for a few minutes here and there. Not a fan of books. Maybe I'll get the hobbit too. I've been meaning to read that or get it read to me. xD

    Actually I haven't heard of it. I don't really enjoy streaming. I use mininova and eztv... not really just for tv. Dx
    My brother travels out to Reading daily. Dx
    The Goth Prostitute? Is she famous or something? xD

    I am the youngest, so I usually played with things and expected it to come back to me eventually. I'm not fond of sharing though. I don't remember bringing toys to primary though. Was usually play football or play imaginary pokemon with a couple of my friends.. who I'm not in contact with any more. That was when it was new though.

    I haven't been involved in any car related incidents. Though I did see the thing that happened in Elephant recently. The twelve still comes where I live. Though it's probably not a similar bus you had an accident with.

    Ahh so if I have ever need to find out who shot me with what bullet I know where to go. xD jk
    Oh good luck with your final year! Who knows if we'll still be vming each other at that time. xD

    Maybe you should've brought a pillow. xP
    Was it worse than watching ink dry?

    Oh, now that must've been fun. I love it when bones get crunched. Ah it's a shame you aren't doing the seven years. You would have ended up enjoying the smell.

    Also, that's kinda what I'm known for, liking to keep things short and sweet. Although I hardly ever get a person who is just as or even more enthusiastic about the stuff I enjoy. Too many people on this site are too much into video games. And dare I say it pokemon. Well I enjoy pokemon but I don't have much enthusiasm for it. I'm actually still on this site because it was the first forum I've ever signed up to. xD
  12. .Ozymandias
    April 26th, 2009 10:27 AM
    I always wanted to live in London; at least you've got access to a lot of the nifty shops and museums there! *is a dork*

    Doctor Who is one of the best things on TV for years. My whole family sits down and watches it, it's brilliant! I know it wont be the same without David Tennant, though.

    My favourite soap moment was the airplane crash in Emmerdale - killed off half the village, and me and my dad spent days wetting ourselves.
    Family Affairs... Hm, wasn't that another Aussie soap?

    Recommended bok = Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It's the most hilarious book on the planet, and I'm on my 18th read through over 5 years and still laughing at the jokes.
    Yeah, you've probably heard of TVU - I go to the crappy Reading campus which sucks. It's full of idiots and gangsters, oh, and the goth prostitute.

    I guess I'm kinda lucky - I'm an only child, but it did mean that school was quite a shock - I suddenly had to share my My Little Ponys with other children!

    I nearly got run over by a number 12 bus, and ever since then, the number, she has stalked me. And they cancelled the 12 bus route soon after, too, very creepy.

    Not actually cutting them up; collecting the evidence, particularly ballistics evidence and explosives. I don't have the patience to cut people up - that takes 7 years at uni, I'm doing 3!

    Believe me, 4 hours sitting around watching lemon peel boil was evil. Especially with the narration from the lab tech...

    We dissected a rat, if that counts? The smell was just vile, we had to open a window. And I had to work with a squeamish animal lover, so I did all the bone cracking work and she took photos. Eh... I liked it, though!

    Don't worry about writing too much; it's better than one line/word responses, which are so difficult to reply to.
    April 26th, 2009 9:41 AM
    Haha, berk… reminds me of Roger And The Rotten Trolls as well as The Mighty Boosh. xD
    Me myself reside in Central London. Dx

    Doctor Who has made me forget most of what happened, he was in season 3 of it. Plus I don't really remember any story lines. I believe Mickey is back in season 4, I may go back and watch them. Dx

    Ridiculous, but does happen in parts of the world. xD
    What did makes me laugh was when the whole cast of Family Affairs died on a boat or something. Never watched that show but when I read the magazine (from when I was queuing in Morrisons, back when it was still Safeway I think).

    Oh haha, well in high school I remember getting that much for attendance or something. xD
    I need to get rid of a £5 WHSmiths book voucher. Recommend a book? Dunno if I can use it on a comic books. xD
    Heh, I had to travel to a different campus to get a book I wanted a few times. Lucky that campus is on the way back home though.
    I guess it does for UK customers then. I have hardly used it, just got an account near the end of last year. xD
    Well no wonder you got yourself that voucher. xD

    Yea, it was as good as Green Street to me. Though I'm not really a football fan Dx
    Caped heroes are out, pirates are where it's at now! -- I think that was a quote, I may be paraphrasing. Dx
    I'll just let my brother do the buying. It may end up being passed down to me eventually, kinda like the DS when he got a DSlite. xD

    Ah yea it is taken from the motion comic. I have yet to finish watching that. A half hour each chapter. The narration kinda puts me off sometimes since he does the narration for all characters. Sometimes its entertaining though.
    Oh I think you are safe from her, and perhaps she guards you instead. She being twelve that is. :p

    Oh planning on cutting up cadavers for a living huh? Sounds like fun in theory. But nothing usually is in reality. Dx
    Trying to remove the zestyness from lemons, that's evil. xD
    Ever needed to do anything with an animals organ? Or is that 3rd or 4th years? It takes the same length of time to study as to become a doctor right?

    Woah, went a bit crazy, I usually never type this much. xD
  14. .Ozymandias
    April 26th, 2009 8:56 AM
    I am a Brit, I come from Berkshire - the county full of berks. [/badpun]

    I stopped at the end of season 2, because Danny and Mickey both left - I didn't see the point in watching it any more after they left.

    Neighbours went a bit ridiculous. I mean, I know Home and Away isn't much better, but still, it's storylines are at least vaguely believable.

    I assume I must have done something worthy of a £5 Amazon gift voucher. Probably turning up.
    I used to do that, but the other 4 on my course would get there first and take the book I wanted - very frustrating! And Amazon fails - so far I've passed everything!

    Sounds like the Black Freighter could be interesting - I may well look out for it! I am planning on ordering the full-packed Collectors Edition-esque DVD when it comes out, to get every extra possible.

    I LOVE your theme, by the way, had to say that!
    Ah, you too are stalked by a number? The number 12 seems to follow me around. It's unnerving.

    I can say - I'm a forensic science student, second year, so for our chemistry course we have to do an extraction of something and caffeine was the easiest. It beat limonene, the stuff that makes lemons taste... well, lemony. That crap we spent 4 hours extracting and got less than half a gram out of four lemons >.>
    April 26th, 2009 8:41 AM
    THIRTY-SIX -- you reminded me of this again. But I think you can only view it if you are from the UK. Are you? Well you seem to know a lot about English tv so I'd say yea. xD

    I actually stopped watching Hustle midway between season 1 and 2. I don't know, maybe it was because I empathised with the marks.

    I don't watch any soaps any more, it just anime an dramas now. Neighbours, none of the characters are the same from when I stopped watching it. When I flick to the comedy channels I kinda look to see if it's interesting but I get bored of it with 5 minutes. Dx

    Congrats on winning, well they usually give out vouchers if you win something so… xP
    I just used to go to the library and rent out the book I needed. Rent… is that the correct term? Borrow? Failed the year or amazon is fail? :O

    It may even be three, the motion comic movie as well. Plus the DVD extras. Oh yes, just finished watching the back freighter. ;D
    It was decent, they could have left some things to the imagination an gone into his psyche alittle more. But the overall outcome was good. To die hard fans I guess they wouldn't like it.

    I've already said what my favourite is, should add it to my signature really. xD
    Thirty-six because it is my unlucky number and I see it almost everyay, and not just because of the bus.

    What kind of circumstances would lead up to that event? -- If you can say that is. Dx