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Conversation Between 1ninjadude1701 and machomuu
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  1. 1ninjadude1701
    January 7th, 2013 8:01 PM
    Ok we'll as I also said I have to complete something very long term before my 17th birthday which is in six months so ya if its done early ill come back but it probably won't. My goal is going to take both wit and nerve as well as courage so its going to be tough to stay.
  2. machomuu
    January 7th, 2013 7:56 PM
    You've got a point but I'm just not fit for it. I'm not now and will probably never be up to par with everyone else. And honestly I have a very long term must do goal that I have to complete on my 17th birthday which is only in 6 months. If I don't see this through I'm toast. So I gotta focus on that for now then I can consider rejoining.
    Just know that many people start out like you, and it's not that you don't fit in. Heck, I happened to find my first and second SUs in an RP that I forgot about. Needless to say, there's a reason I wanted to forget (I'm actually sad that I found these, I'd hoped thought they'd been deleted).

    Name: Kaden Hiro

    Gender: Male

    Species: Minun

    Team: Lurking

    Personality: Kaden is a cheery fellow. He's headstrong and always jumps into things before thinking. He's brave and loves oran berries. All his life, he'd wanted to join a rescue team. He loves excercising. he also loves flying on his flying type friends, however, he's young, so he cries at times when he doesn't get his way. He is eight years old but is very smart. He loves to cook, and thinks he'll do well as a healer. He loves swimming and roaming the world. He also loves being around other electric type pokemon, which helps him charge up for stronger attacks.


    History: He was born in the amp plains. He was raised by a Pikachu, and was always making new recipies. Solu, the pikachu that raised Kaden, always made him excercise. Solu was also a cook, so Kaden was a big help around the place. Kaden fond out that his parents were alive somewhere in the world at the age of five, and were looking for him. At age six, Plusle got a foster pichu brother, his name was Syrus. Kaden swore his life to protecting little Syrus untill he could protect himself. The real reason he joined team Lurker was to find his family. When Kaden turned eight, he joined the Lurker rescue team.

    Other: He want's to be the team cook\healer.

    ...and my second...

    Name: Akito Miyazawa

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Starter Pokemon: Chikorita (Hatori)

    Favorite Legendary: Mew

    Appearance: He is 5'4" and has jet black hair.

    History: Akito originally lived in Kanto

    Side: Neutral

    Other Info: He loves anime and manga. He doesn't believe in catching pokemon in pokeballs, thereby enslaving them against their own will. He doesn't much care what others think, and he does what he wants despite the consequences. His favorite animes are Death Note and DragonBall Z. He believes that Mew is more powerful than Arceus and that it is the original one.

    RP Sample: The Goddess of Happiness

    OOC: The prouloge doesn't apply to the story anymore, and, this one won't just be dialouge"

    Chapter 1: Hiro Tomi

    "It's the Red-Winged Theif!!!" Said a cop who had blood rushing down his head. It was a normal night in pallet town until, well, that is, until Zero showed up, He held up a museum, attacking everyone and anyone as mercilessly as possible. He had no sympathy for anyone except children.

    "What's wrong officers can't one- crap, it's that time already, gotta go!" Zero, left as fast as he could to keep Hiro, his counterpart, from going to jail. No one knew that Zero was Hiro, or visa versa, and Zero intended to keep it that way.

    The next day, Hiro woke up to the sound of Sora, his pidgey, who was in charge of the morning wake up call. He went downstairs to start his day. As usual, he ate breakfast and watched the news. On the news was the robbery from the night before.

    "The Red Winged Theif 'Villen' has escaped again, leaving 24 wounded and no casualties. Hiro scoffed at this, he thought the name Villen was stupid and not creative at all. He also hated that this guy went in, attacked people, and left without stealing anything, it seemed more like assult.

    "I'm going out." Said Hiro as he left his house. He went into the Viridian Forest, his favorite place to go to draw and train Sora. He was usually alone when in the forest, but today was different. A girl about Hiro's age came up to him and started to talk.

    "Are you... Hiro Tomi?" She asked. Hiro's eyes narrowed, he had never seen this girl in his life, who was she? "I can tell by the expression on your face that you are, yays!" She seemed like a naturally cheery person. "I was sent by her." What did she mean by her? For some reason, Hiro couldn't talk, who was this girl?

    Chapter 1:END
    OOC: Yes, chapter 1 was meant to be short, the others will be longer.

    Looking back, my characters were filled with cliches, typos, childish musings, weak language...I mean look at them! You can see how mediocre they are, can't you?

    But I got better (at least I hope to God that I did). It just took time. I learned, and I changed, and I came back with confidence, even if I was a little nervous. The difference between us is that after my first experiences, I didn't plan on coming back; I didn't think I'd ever be ready for what I was seeing here. I was young. I was wrong, though, and I didn't have the benefit of learning from the mistakes I made as an early RPer. When I came back, it'd been 3 years since my last visit to the RP Center, and I'd completely disregarded my first attempts, I just had to write with what came naturally over the time of my absence. You, however, have us to help you out. We, as a community, don't want you to leave. We, as a community, want to make you a better roleplayer and a better writer than you think you can be.

    I'm not going to beg you to stay, but I don't want to hear you saying that "you don't fit in", because you do. You will get better, it's a matter of time and nothing else, so don't disrespect yourself like that; you have as much potential as any of us.