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Conversation Between ApocalypticAnarchist and Logical Cabbage
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  1. ApocalypticAnarchist
    August 27th, 2014 3:48 PM
    its up. tell me if you want me to edit anything
  2. Logical Cabbage
    August 27th, 2014 3:21 PM
    Logical Cabbage
    I usually use Berkshire Swash Font but whatever you like I guess... As for the reflection, you can post and then I post after you. I have a feeling two sentences won't do it for here.
  3. ApocalypticAnarchist
    August 27th, 2014 3:11 PM
    doesnt cabbage have a self realization about friendship or some cheesy crap like that. It only needs to be one or two sentences. it doesnt need to be put in if you dont want
  4. ApocalypticAnarchist
    August 27th, 2014 3:08 PM
  5. Logical Cabbage
    August 27th, 2014 3:07 PM
    Logical Cabbage
    You finish the post. Just say how you avoid the Weather Balls after my fire blast attack, after all, I don't want us to take so long like we have.

    The title can be... A Battle of Battles
    (Cabbage's POV)

    As soon as the wall of ice fell, I smiled. I already nodded at Castform and she already started heating up the place. As soon as his pokemon were in sight...

    "Castform! Use Fire Blast now!"

    Castform morphed into her Fire mode and released her attack, and avoiding to melt the wall at the same time. I smile deeply. I have to thank Emerald to stop me from sending water to him. The crowd seems to cheer with more power. I need to form a plan, but how? I don't have no strong pokemon with me.

    I look at the time. One minute to go...
  6. ApocalypticAnarchist
    August 26th, 2014 6:53 AM
    I have no clue. When it comes to titles and names I fail spectacularly.

    (Emerald's POV)

    Giga Drain hit dead on so Emerald didn't have to worry about Lileep being hurt. Taking an ice weatherball and an outrage can't be healthy but Lileep managed to pull through. The combination of Giga Drain and Ingrain had healed Lileep, leaving him refreshed and ready to go.

    Cabbage called back her Flygon, but it collapsed at her feet before she could do anything else.

    Just that Castform left. As long as I stop those Ice attacks I need not fear.

    However Ice attacks were what Cabbage had in mind as Castform attacked the sides of the wall sending Shards or Ice towards Emerald's Pokémon.

    Holy Arceus, Its like a Mamoswine. I need to get rid of that wall.

    "Lileep, Ancient Power! Crush that Ice!"

    Once again stones levitated in the air but now they were heading straight towards the Icicle Shards that had chipped off the frozen wall. The rock easily smashed through the measly Ice attack, colliding with the wall.

    The wall, now severely cracked, needed a little push to fall and Lotad provided without Emerald needing to command. Once again the water weed Pokémon summoned a crashing wall of water and jumped back as it slammed into the ice, finishing it for good.

    "Good Job Lotad!" Emerald smiled as he said this.

    This is exactly the teamwork I wanna see.
  7. Logical Cabbage
    August 26th, 2014 6:14 AM
    Logical Cabbage
    Just a side note, what will be the title of this post?

    (Cabbage's POV)

    Due to my ice wall, I couldn't see exactly what was happening on the other side, so I looked to the screen. The time is ticking, with more than three minutes has passed by. That Lileep took that hit like a true pokemon. Just luck. Castform changed back to her regular form as Lileep continues to fall. I see that Lileep took the Outrage hit. Before I can call Flygon back, Emerald reacts.

    "Storm Drain," Emerald spoke to Lileep.

    Before all the water could drown it, the fossil absorbed all the water.

    "Use Giga Drain on Flygon!"

    Lileep attacks Flygon with the drain move. As if that would work.

    I hear someone in the crowd saying it's effective. Obviously they don't know Hoenn.

    "You're going to have to better than that Emerald! Like a grass move can knock out a ground dragon! Come on over here Flygon!"

    Flygon returns back to me, but she looks quite beaten up. I'm pretty sure she can take more... Then she falls flat on the ground without getting up. An obviously lucky critical hit. Just great.

    "Return Flygon."

    On the screen, the picture with Flygon blacks out. Now what to do... Melting the ice would give Emerald an advantage. But... I nod to Castform and she changes forms to Ice mode.

    "Castform! Use Weather Ball on them!"

    Castform hurls two attacks at the sides of the wall, and it releases Icicle Shards flying at them.
  8. ApocalypticAnarchist
    August 26th, 2014 5:59 AM
    Couldnt find an audio file and im not going to rewatch the find it. O well
  9. ApocalypticAnarchist
    August 25th, 2014 4:47 PM
    Im gonna try to find a sound clip for brock actually saying it
    (Emerald's POV)

    Emerald briefly lost sight of Lileep as he fell towards the other Pokémon. The ice wall may stop Emerald from seeing but he could hear quite clearly Cabbage's commands.

    "Use Weather Ball on Lileep"

    Lileep is ingrained so he can definitely take it.

    The ball of ice flew towards Lileep and struck right at the base but Lileep kept falling.

    "Flygon use Outrage on Lotad"

    Seems she forgot about the water.

    Lileep, being anchored to a pile of rocks, started falling before the water did. Lileep fell in front of Lotad and took the Outrage protecting Lotad from harm.

    Just hang in there.

    The wave then fell right atop of Lileep.

    "Storm Drain!"

    Lileep absorbed the entire wall of water, waving his tentacles erratically, filled to the brim with energy.

    "Use Giga Drain on Flygon!"

    Emerald heard someone in the front of the audience start to talk. He looked over and saw it was Brock, explaining something.

    "Flygon's ground typing can make it vulnerable to grass attcks!"

    Uhh Duh...
  10. Logical Cabbage
    August 25th, 2014 4:00 PM
    Logical Cabbage
    I don't know to be honest. Oh well.

    (Cabbage's POV)

    I smirk as I see Emerald fall for my trap. That's the combination I expected from him. Now then to...

    "Castform! Use Weather Ball on Lileep!"

    Castform begins to transform into her ice form and unleashed her attack at the fossil.

    "Flygon! Use Outrage on Lotad now!"

    This is just too good to be true. Thank goodness I know when he's in a mood for breaking a wall. I need to be sure that this battle won't be like the previous ones. His friendship luck won't help him here. I suppress a grin.
  11. ApocalypticAnarchist
    August 25th, 2014 3:52 PM
    Why do my quotation marks turn into "
  12. ApocalypticAnarchist
    August 25th, 2014 11:28 AM
    (Emerald's POV)

    Cabbage wasted no time in countering Emerald, not that he was surprised.

    "That was just pure luck..."

    And was it just luck every other time I beat you?

    One of Flygon's earthquakes pulls Emerald from his thoughts. The remnants of the volcano fall between somewhat restoring the field to its evenness but it didn't stay that way for long as Castform built a wall of ice between them.

    What is she trying to do?

    "Time to go surfing Lileep!" "Lotad use Surf, Lileep Ancient Power and Ingrain on the ground below you!"

    As the rocks and Lileep started to float in the air as the surf slamed below and raised the fossil Pokemon in the air. Lileep flew over the wall of ice.
  13. Logical Cabbage
    August 25th, 2014 10:09 AM
    Logical Cabbage
    Yep. The longest in the history of role playing.

    (Cabbage's POV)

    As my attack was blasting towards the other side, Emerald surprisingly counted.

    "Lileep, use Ancient Power to plug the volcano, Lotad use Leech Seed!"

    I nearly yell in fury as Ancient Power stops the Lava in place, but at least some of it hits Lotad. Except the attack lands on top of my volcano.

    "Don't you remember Cabbage? Volcano's produce fertile land."

    I grunt because I know exactly what he means. The fresh soil has good nutrition to absorb, and I see some light going to Lotad.

    "That was just pure luck Emerald. Now it's time to get serious."

    Might as well get some action done.

    "Flygon, Earthquake at the soil!"

    A weaker crack opens up but it was enough as the soil and the remains of the volcano fall down. The depth is enough. Everything is enough. Now to show some power. I look at the clock and about 1:30 seconds passed by. Just great.

    "Castform! Use Hail on the crack!"

    Castform cheered and made the hail fall down. It rapidly stands up and covers what's beneath it. The stack of hail grows so tall that I can no longer see the other side. In a strange way, this is beautiful.
  14. ApocalypticAnarchist
    August 25th, 2014 9:45 AM
    This is gonna be one long post

    (Emerald's POV)

    Emerald could feel the crowd tense as both trainers stood on stage with their Pokemon. Cabbage only added to that by attempting the diminish the cuteness of Emerald's Pokemon.

    Who is going to attack first? Should I go first, maybe try and take control of the battle? Should I see what moves she has in store for me?

    Cabbage made the decision for Emerald as Flygon and Castform unleashed their attack and the clock started to count down. The ground cracked open and rose upwards and Castform's Fire blast filled the void.

    Is.. Is that a volcano? No matter

    "Lileep use Ancient Power to plug the volcano, Lotad use Leech Seed!"

    As the rocks started to rise from the ground, the leech seeds landed squarely on top. The mass of stone then flew towards the mini volcano and struck the side, collapsing it and turning it into a pile of rubble as stones flew everywhere. The fire was not stopped on time however and Lotad was hit.

    "Don't you remember Cabbage? Volcano's produce fertile land."

    The leech seed Lotad place on the Ancient Power sprouted atop the what was left of the volcano and grew erratically, healing Lotad in the process.
  15. Logical Cabbage
    August 25th, 2014 9:13 AM
    Logical Cabbage
    It's okay, but let's get this show on the road!

    (Cabbage's POV)

    He can tell I'm taunting him. It doesn't matter anyway, because I got this one. Then Emerald summons out his Lotad and his Lileep. Does he ever learn? This is supposed to be a contest, not a fashion show. I roll my eyes.

    "Aww... They're so cute... Not! Let's get this show on the road!"

    I look at the crowd. They looked more hyped up than ever. I feel like one of them people that is going to get eaten by a lion in the arena. Then somewhere in the crowd, I spot Ruby give me a thumbs up. I ignore him and face back to my pokemon. This battle is only five minutes long, but five minutes is all I need. The clock on the screen will begin the second I command my attack.

    "Now Flygon! Use Fissure!"

    I smile as the clock begins. Flygon uses Fissure and the center of the arena begins to crack and mold upwards.

    "Now Castform! Use Fire Blast!"

    I grin as Castform released her attack on the crack. It goes in and the crowd is silenced. Then fire comes out, aimed towards Emerald's pokemon. I would like to see how he gets out of thisone.