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  1. Setsuna
    April 2nd, 2021 11:45 AM
    I mentioned wanting to go through the final area of Cave Story and recording it, so I went and did that earlier today. Here's the video if you're interested in seeing it, just with the final boss fight at the end removed.
  2. Setsuna
    April 1st, 2021 3:31 PM
    Hey good to hear, congrats! Beat unfortunately won't be returning for the next few games, but you'll get him as a different power-up starting in either 8 or 9. At that point he's no longer a new weapon, he's an upgrade you can use to help you fly out of pits if you fall in.

    For sure, I can totally see where you're coming from on that. I'm glad I understood the question, haha.

    Power Stone is pretty much one of the weirdest weapons you'll ever have to use in this series. I find it so hard to hit anything with it without having to stop and line up your shot. Beat is pretty inconsistent as well, and it doesn't make the weapons in 5 seem that reliable. Charge Kick, Power Stone and Beat probably occupy some of my least favourite weapons in the series.
    Totally valid to think it's your least favourite so far, 5 is not one that people often pick as a favourite. Though... I'm confused as to how you'd get Wave and Gravity mixed up. I feel like they've got very distinct designs and are pretty different. I think Wave especially is designed very well.
    Since Beat's the weakness of every robot boss in Proto Man's Castle it can feel like you're kinda obligated to pick him up. Definitely helps to have him, especially since you can just focus on dodging attacks instead while he flies around.

    Yeah the fact that you need more XP to level up the later weapons is balanced out by the fact that there's more enemies or enemies that drop more XP, and you can occasionally find XP capsules (just like the life capsules) in the later areas to help level up your weapons. Now that we're talking about things like this, I'm considering trying to record myself going through the final area to show you part of what it's like.

    I didn't think about Subnautica having a creative mode, but I guess it is kinda one of those sandbox games. I always hear about the Leviathans being the most terrifying part of the game though. Makes it a little simpler if you consider everything useful enough to keep, I guess.
  3. ZeoStar
    March 31st, 2021 5:16 PM
    Finished Mega Man 5! (will give my thoughts on it below) Out of curiosity, will beat be returning as my default weapon? (He was a gift).

    I will somewhat agree and disagree. I don't expect difficulty, but at the same time I still want to feel engaged. I will praise Platinum because I think it nailed this perfectly. For JRPG standards, it's an easy game. But I think the newer games are so easy that I do feel a loss of engagement. Like the gym leaders are so unexciting because they don't put up more of a fight than a regular NPC. But it's all subjective. You understood the question so no worries.

    So I realized during the boss rush that I had never even touched most of the weapons. Then I realized...wait the power stone isn't even hitting charge man. (Not a good impression). The Proto Man cutscene made me smile, I liked hearing the whistle again. I developed a love hate relationship with beat. Sometimes he would be such a help, other times he wouldn't attack what I wanted and I would slip and die. I got stuck for a while in wily's castle on a convener belt section. (Until I realized I could use rush jet). I mean no offense with this (I know you expressed liking it) but I think this might have been my least favorite in the series so far. I still had fun, but I didn't enjoy the weapons and the bosses felt so forgettable I couldn't recall who they were at the end. I thought wave man was gravity man. The fake protoman was really, really hard. I lost about 12 times. He did so much damage, I can't imagine it without beat.

    Yep at the core. Not much progress so far. I only planned on playing 1 mega man stage, but got carried away and played for hours until I finished it. I'll replay cave story for sure, it could be fun getting the better ending. As a small mention, I like how my weapons can upgrade instantly now from the tough enemies.

    I feel like with Subnautica everything is useful. In my experience, I store everything because I might need it later. I was trying to get over some of my anxiety, so I turned on creative mode and found one of those leviathan monsters I was worried about. (I thought since it was creative mode he would ignore me, but nope he attacked my submarine). But I was like...okay this isn't so bad.
  4. Setsuna
    March 31st, 2021 1:40 PM
    I don't think the difficulty really matters either way, and it's not like I'd complain about the games being too easy. When playing a Pokemon game I wouldn't really expect something difficult so I'm not disappointed about it being easy. Hopefully I understood your question properly haha, feel free to clarify for me if I didn't.

    I think I mentioned that I think 5's weapons are kinda underwhelming. Power Stone, Charge Kick, and Water Wave kinda feel hard to use, Gravity Hold and Napalm Bomb feel strong but sorta gimmicky (Gravity doesn't work on some stuff and you don't get enough uses of it, and Napalm travels really slow and only on the ground) and Star Crash is the only one where I'd really see myself using it often. The other two are alright though, I think.
    Yeah, I already knew the whole story and everything before I started playing SMRPG because I decided to buy it after watching a playthrough. I was curious about more technical stuff and had nothing to watch so I just looked for a speedrun of it.

    Oh, so you are already at the Core! So that means you've gone through the Labyrinth. If you're sad when it's over I definitely recommend replaying it right away, and doing a second playthrough where you upgrade the Polar Star and try to get the best ending. I think the difficulty of that adds a lot more to the game, and it won't feel uncomfortable since you'd have already beaten the game normally already. That way I can guide you on how to get it without spoiling anything as well.
    Don't worry about backtracking right now. Once you hit the Labyrinth you're not able to go back to the previous areas until you arrive back at Mimiga Village, which is after Waterway. I believe from that point you can backtrack to every area in the game besides the Egg Corridor and Waterway.

    To be fair, he's already fairly old by the time the first game happens. It is sad to think about but he's still pretty relevant through the X series since you see him in the upgrade capsules for every game.
    Oh, I don't mean the process of crafting is tough or anything. It feels pretty quick in Subnautica, it's just that whenever I play any game like this I constantly don't know what items are good to have or not, or what to use to make what, things like that. It feels like whenever I pick up a game like that I have to learn the whole system and know what I need and where to find it. It makes it tougher to learn or get into it.
  5. ZeoStar
    March 30th, 2021 5:25 PM
    I'm somewhat accustomed to something I learned when I had a stint playing competitively. Even a 'perfect' team has a weakness, you just have to work around it. Right now I'm trying to get to Snowpoint City, but I always get lost in Mt Coronet. When you mention not caring about difficulty, does it matter on the opposite scale for being too easy? I love Gen 6, but it feels like I sweep the gym leaders and elite four in one hit. I thought the battle with Ghetsis in Gen 5 was the perfect difficulty.

    I haven't even touched some of the weapons in 5. It just feels more convenient to keep the charge buster equipped. I can't do the infinite Super Jumps because of an HDMI TV delay. I'm surprised you watched a speedrun since you didn't finish it. But then again Mario RPG isn't a big deal for spoilers.

    I'm at the flooded core. I know it seems like I suddenly jumped in progress, but I realized the game is super fun so I started playing more. Also there's some delay between writing back and fourth, I'll probably be even more ahead when you see this. I might pick it up and play before bed. It'll be sad when it's over, but I am looking forward to trying Super Metroid. I've always heard good things about it. Since I have so many weapons, is there anything in earlier areas I should go back for? Like the egg corridor?

    That's a bit sad, knowing Dr.Light isn't around anymore. I guess Mega Man would be, because I don't think Robots age like humans. I hate crafting, but doing it in Subnautica is really easy. It crafts on it's own, you just swim around for the ingredients. More precious ingredients are farther out, meaning you have to swim farther and confront scarier monsters. I'm actually much braver playing this with another person around. On my own it gets under my skin. I've actually been looking up the locations of certain sea monsters, because I don't want to be jump scared in this game. It already puts me on edge.
  6. Setsuna
    March 30th, 2021 3:16 PM
    To be fair I think the Infernape problem has more value because you're going to end up having to fight Flint's Infernape at one point. Best to just try and account for it I suppose.
    I'll always just play Switch because of the convenience. When I replay Pokemon games I don't care if they're challenging, I wanna use different Pokemon than I usually do and see how fun they are. I've never cared about difficulty in Pokemon cause it all feels subjective and artificial.

    They might be missing checkpoints, I think I remember a couple of the later stages of Mega Man 5 being rougher. I think it's easy to not realize you can fire while using Beat, because he's a different weapon you select.
    The only thing I really know about the Culex fight is just that speedrunners use Super Jump to beat him, but I think at a certain point it gets super hard to land your jumps (I think it's down to a 3 frame window) so I can't really... recommend that.

    I feel like the Sand Zone is where things really start to pick up. You learn about the Doctor and things really start getting involved in terms of the plot. If you're at the boulder, I think you're way further ahead than I thought. What area are you in right now, just so I don't get too far ahead of myself? It definitely is, it feels like Cave Story is one of those games where I can get it done in an afternoon if I just wanna casually play through it again. It's a good time and it's cool to know about all the optional stuff in it.

    X is a different character. Basically, the premise is that Mega Man X takes place 100 years later and X was Dr. Light's last creation as a new kind of robot with free will. That led to the design of a new kind of robots named Reploids, which are all the robots in the X series. They get corrupted through a virus that turns them insane, and the plot usually relates to that.
    Subnautica is one of those games I own but just haven't had the interest to play. I figured there was a lot to learn about things like the crafting system and everything, and just thought I'd never really get into it. It definitely seems like one of those games that you could easily get immersed in, which could definitely make it scarier. It's always seemed neat to me.
  7. ZeoStar
    March 30th, 2021 1:50 PM
    I am a bit let down about Vaporeon having a -defense nature, because I know it's taking slightly more damage than it should. My team also has an Infernape problem, but it's not like trainers are running around with Infernapes everywhere, besides the rival. I'm interesting in the new Pokemon Snap. I know Sword/Shield had lore, but I just didn't feel all that invested. Do you usually play on Switch or Set? I'm doing switch just because I find set tedious, not challenging. I'm going to be switching all the time anyways, and the A.I almost never does. It also makes the distribution of EXP easier.

    I'm almost done with the protoman stages. I'm wondering...are they missing checkpoints? I feel like I'm getting far and having to redo the entire stage. I didn't know I could still fire with beat. I was just letting him fight while I dodged. I actually did the same thing. (Left the game at Sunken Ship). But due to familiarity, it didn't take long to get back to it. I'm at Smithy's Factory, but I want to beat Culex and don't feel like grinding. He kills me in two turns.

    I found all the dogs, and yep I was missing the one in the shack. Um so I really enjoyed the sand zone. It was probably my favorite area so far. I was confused about the Giant Tank, but he eventually started taking damage and I won. I haven't been getting stuck at anything, I moved the Boulder without much issue. I feel like this could be a pretty quick game to replay when you know everything.

    Isn't Mega Man X a different character entirely? I'm not too familiar with Mega Man lore. If I had to guess, I would assume it's an alternate timeline. I know a long time ago I saw the ending for Mega Man 7, and Mega Man was threatening to kill Wily. Ouch. As for other games right now, I'm trying Subnautica. It's the first game to ever scare me. I like swimming, but I have a pretty bad phobia of the deep ocean. There's moments I play this and freeze up. But I'll be so proud if I can push past and finish it.
  8. Setsuna
    March 29th, 2021 8:00 PM
    Ice Beam is great for Vaporeon and I think I've always had it on mine, plus it's nice to have a more defensive answer to Pokemon like Garchomp if you need that, instead of Weavile. I just definitely would've waited for a TM.
    It's nice seeing how much lore was poured into Sinnoh, it's something I wish Pokemon would do again and it makes me excited for Legends Arceus.

    Yeah, a fun fact is that Beat was built by Dr. Cossack as an apology for the events of Mega Man 4. He'll home in on any enemy he sees and attack it once before flying back to you, and then back out. You can charge and fire the buster like normal, and Beat does additional damage to the bosses in Proto Man's castle, and the final boss.
    I found it funny how close I was to the end of the game after I found out a while after I deleted my save file. For now, it's just another game I own that I want to finish at some point, but never have.

    Things like the hover are things you kinda just discover on your own by playing around with the weapons. When I got the Machine Gun and saw the way it fired, I wondered if I could hover with it, and sure enough I could. There's a lot of neat things they do with weapons. There are some neat later weapons you can end up getting, one shoots through walls, one can be charged into a piercing beam, and one gets weaker as it levels up. I'll just say that the Machine Gun is the best gun for help with mobility in the game, but you'll get something that just helps with mobility anyways.
    Have you gone back to Curly's Shack? That's one I often miss since you need to go back after being asked to collect the dogs. Just... watch your step and ready your machine gun.
    Whether it's worth it or not to trade the Polar Star is up to you. The final upgrade for it is considered to be really good, but it's balanced out by the fact you have to carry the Polar Star as your main weapon through the whole game. By the time you get the upgrade, you're about to enter the final area (for the normal ending) and a lot of its use is either to make backtracking a breeze, make the final areas easier (if you prefer using it over the Machine Gun) or as a weapon people recommend for the final challenge to get the best ending. The Machine Gun is my gun of choice, and I've gotten the best ending with it, so it can come down to personal preference. If you ever replay Cave Story, I recommend keeping the Polar Star both to see what it's like, and because I never recommend getting the best ending on your first playthrough anyways.

    It's not like X makes the formula better, it just stays consistent and doesn't change things as often or... strange as classic mega man does. That whole topic is strange because classic and X both change different things about their series in bad ways. You could make a good argument that both Mega Man 8 and X5 are weird gimmicky games they tried to cram too much into, in different ways. X just keeps the stage select formula consistent when classic doesn't.
  9. ZeoStar
    March 29th, 2021 3:18 PM
    I'm not too familiar with Platinum, so I forgot you can find Ice Beam as a TM. Ouch. Honestly I just wanted Vaporeon to have a nice moveset. It's never bad to have extra coverage, just in case Weavile falls. My favorite part of the game is the Canalave library. I like reading bits of lore. Slog of trainers reminds me of Kanto.

    I got the missing letters. I was missing G and V. My reward was a bird. So um, that's neat. I'm sure it'll be helpful. (wasn't expecting it). I replayed the entire stages, but you couldn't redo the boss fights. Oh, you weren't that far from the end of Super Mario RPG. It's Sunken Ship, Monster Town, Nimbus Land, Volcano, Smithy. It's funny you quit where you did. You just got peach and she's so game breaking. She has a full party heal called Group Hug for only 4FP. It's silly. Smithy's Castle has a really tough section involving picking a door. Don't feel bad if you need to save state that. You pick a door and it offers a challenge. There's battle doors which are the easiest, puzzle doors which can get absurd, and action doors which involve platforming. You need to complete 4 of 6 doors.

    Hover is really nice (but I didn't know I could do it until I opened your message). I can't find the last dog. I looked everywhere. I see a spot on top with a print, but it's empty. I'm so stuck. I'm guessing it's worth it not to trade? The final upgrade probably suppresses the machine gun.

    That does sound cool how completing one stage can effect another. It sounds like it would add replay value. What makes the stage selection formula better? Is there a hint system or something?

    Thanks. I don't hate my art. I was probably most proud of the panda. If you couldn't tell I'm just really fond of animals.
  10. Setsuna
    March 28th, 2021 8:44 PM
    I'm surprised you went out of your way to spend for the Ice Beam TM, you can pick one up for free in Route 216. That's true, but Weavile gets both Ice Shard and Ice Fang and works better with those. If memory serves its SpAtk isn't really great to work with Ice Beam.
    Oh yeah, I could see how you feel that way with Byron's gym. I just enjoy it cause it looks neat, but it does sorta feel like a slog of trainers without much interesting.

    If you're missing the G, it's behind a hidden breakable wall in one of the first few screens of Stone's stage, I believe. That's likely one you'll be missing. As for the others, I believe they're all in plain view and just require some technique. Just remember you can replay stages as much as you want and getting a game over still lets you keep everything you pick up if you want a way out as soon as possible. One of the later rooms in Napalm's stage usually requires quite a few charge shots from me, so I hope the game is just kindly showing you that your charge is powerful and great to rely on.
    In terms of Super Mario RPG, yeah I got up to the Sunken Ship, and I enjoyed it, but it was hard to go back to and try to pick back up.

    The Machine Gun is usually what I like to go for. There is a couple reasons to not trade the Polar Star in once you get the chance. You can trade it for three different weapons, the Machine Gun being one of them. Curly wasn't joking when she said the Polar Star was banged up, cause if you bring it to the end of the game without trading it, you can get it completed into the final version of it. That final version or the Machine Gun are usually what I go with, but the Machine Gun just feels really nice to use, and the ability to boost and hover with it when it's Level 3 is lots of fun, and super handy for making tough jumps (and if you're trying to get the best ending)
    The dog print blocks are hints that you can walk through them to get to where a dog is hiding. Have fun with Super Metroid, though I recommend knowing at least some of it before you start playing, there's some parts where it feels pretty easy to get lost and not know what to do next.

    There's 8 X games. The first 3 are SNES, 4-6 are PS1, and 7-8 are PS2. They definitely follow the same pick a stage formula, sometimes a little better than the classic series in my opinion. But that's a different topic.
    A cool thing about how X1 works is that once you clear one stage, it changes something in a completely different one. For example there's a stage at an airport, and once you complete it one of the planes crashes into a power plant and turns out the electricity. And the two bosses aren't even connected in terms of weakness. It's neat. The games also all have an intro stage, which is something the classic series only does a couple times. They definitely have their differences while still feeling both very "Mega Man". The thing about the X series is that people have really varied opinions about which games are actually good, and it seems like people only agree that X and X4 are good games. It's really interesting hearing some people say that X4 is the best game ever made, and X5, X6, or X7 could be the worst game ever made depending on who you ask. To be honest, I wouldn't agree with any of those, but I also haven't played X6 or X7 yet.

    It's cool that you have a whole album of them, and I love the panda and raccoon! I think it's still good to save that work you might not be the proudest of, so you can feel better about those you are proud of. So it's cool to see some improvement.
  11. ZeoStar
    March 28th, 2021 12:54 PM
    I came to a decision without flipping a coin. My team is facing a speed issue, and I think Weavile will help against late or post game dragon types. Although I spent all my money on buying the 10,000 Ice Beam TM for Vaporeon. My Driftblim has ominous wind, and I debated "do I want baton pass"? But it's too situational. Keeping Thunder seems better. I just finished Byron's gym this morning. It's my least favorite part. A few too many gym trainers, and the leader isn't very exciting.

    So I did finish up all the normal levels. I'll go back for the special weapon because I'm only missing two letters. Oh, and I wasn't expecting Proto Man. That's a nice surprise. I didn't know you were about to finish Super Mario RPG, let alone played it. Did you have fun with it? For how it went with Mega Man, I had some trouble with Napolm Mans stage. Many enemies kept sponging damage, and I couldn't dodge the missiles. Luckily the platforming at the end was really easy.

    I took the Machine Gun, I have no regrets about it. This is amazing and I'm clearing enemies way quicker. I'm currently looking around because I need to find 4 dogs. (not having any luck). I'm also confused about what the dog print blocks are for. And I need a key, I'm guessing it's my reward for finding the dogs? Super Metroid is what I'm looking into after this.

    I can't blame you for looking up boss weaknesses. When I get to the end of the stage, I often do it because I don't want to replay the entire level. How many X games are there anyways? And it doesn't surprise me you would be at X4 already. I imagine the experience with the classic series would help you out. Also these are SNES games, right? I'm going to try them after the classic series. I don't even know if it follows the same "pick a stage" formula.

    For sure. I really enjoy sketching, buuuut there's not much quality. So I wouldn't expect too much when clicking this link. Nonetheless, here's some stuff from my sketch book. You have to scroll down to see my sketches. They include a panda, raccoon, camel, dragon, cat, bird, a t rex, and a really bad floaztel. (which i colored). It's sloppy and I messed up the head shape. Still, I added it to the uploads.
  12. Setsuna
    March 27th, 2021 12:57 PM
    How'd the coin flip end up? Luxray and Drifblim are fun to use, I think I just used Drifblim on a whim once and when I learned it gets Ominous Wind by level-up I had a lot fun, haha.

    Let me know how Mega Man 5 ends up going! I don't think there's any really tough sections I can think of to warn you about, but I'll just say if you aren't used to using the charge all the time you'll probably be used to it by the time you finish 5. Super Mario RPG was one game I think I wanted to end up finishing around November or something? I think I mentioned something like that months ago on this forum. Culex is neat though, I love when games throw in superbosses as easter eggs and stuff.

    The Sand Zone is probably where the game stops pulling punches and the difficulty ramps up. I remember dying several times to Monster X my first time playing. Did you take the Machine Gun, or did you keep the Polar Star?
    Glad to hear you're enjoying the genre too! Cave Story is like that perfect mix between Run n' Gun and MetroidVania I can think of. The closest I can think of is a bonus mode in one of the Castlevania games where you replay the game as a different character who's got a bunch of special abilities with guns. But at that point, you already have to play the whole game normally to unlock him.

    That's really relieving to hear actually, it's tough to pick up old RPGs for me because of that. I don't own one anymore, but I'll definitely keep my eyes out for any opportunities to play it.

    It kinda does feel like playing Classic for the first time in its own way. It's neat seeing all the changes they made from one game to the next and learning what all the new special weapons do. A fun thing about the X games is that you can charge every weapon to give it different effects. There's a weapon where you can shoot a shield ball out, but if you charge it, you become shielded and can damage things on contact. They definitely aren't the same, but they kinda give me that same feeling again, which is nice. It's been around a decade since I've been able to experience a whole Mega Man series for the first time.
    I'm experiencing pretty much everything for the first time, but I'm looking up boss weaknesses, and looking up the locations of hidden upgrades once I've completed the 8 main stages. There are a couple things I do know going into the games just because they've been out for so long, like how there's a technique to deal more damage faster in X4 which I used for a few bosses. Things like the areas themselves, the boss fights, and what the weapons do are all new to me though.

    I think I saw your sketch of an elephant recently, that was pretty neat! It'd be cool to see more.
  13. ZeoStar
    March 25th, 2021 6:19 PM
    I might flip a coin. I agree with you about Weavile, but Magmortar would be such a cool special attacker, and I already have some TM's I could give it. But It'll mean grinding for Cynthia. It's a tough decision. This is one of my favorite teams I've ever used. Luxray has been incredible. I've never been defeated yet. Driftblim wasn't a planned member, but I turned the game on Friday night and found him.

    Honestly it's time for me to finish Mega Man 5. I'm just going to binge until the end. Well I've also been playing Super Mario RPG, I'm stuck at the Final Fantasy boss. (It's an easter egg). It plays the music from FF4 against him. But it's really hard. I'll link it at the end so you can see what it looks like. (you don't have to watch much).

    I'm at the Sandzone and I'm struggling. I beat the boss, but they aren't littering saves anymore so I've been sent all the way back twice. I'll push forward. I've been having fun with the game. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll try more with the genre.

    Oh no Earthbound is super simple. No worries there. One of things anybody can pick up. No crafting system, just an easy bash and spell list system. You won't feel like your playing a 1994 game. It was ahead of it's time. Heads up warning, it has an infamously clunky inventory system, but that's not worth letting it stop you. It's $10 on New 3DS if you have one.

    By the way, does playing Mega Man X make you feel like your playing the classic series again for the first time? I'm watching a prequel to a show I enjoyed, and it makes me feel that way. Also, how blind is the playthrough? Like, have you watched videos or is it completely new? In other news, after months I finally got a working phone. I mentioned hobbies and I've been sketching every day. I'll share some next time since it's easier to take pictures and get them on imgur. 99% of them are animals, but it's fun.

  14. Setsuna
    March 24th, 2021 4:54 PM
    I'd probably say Weavile, Magmortar would probably share more weaknesses with members of your team (especially with Luxray already being weak to Ground) and Weavile could be a great option to deal with Garchomp. It also deals with Roserade well by being faster than it.
    Platinum's that game where it's so easy for me to just sink so much time into it, I get you there. I love it to bits. Backing up to your previous message though...

    Yeah, the health pick-up on the second pipe at the beginning of Wave's stage is confusing. It's easy to think you landed on top of the pipe and just get sucked in through the top. You have to know to land as close to the end as you can. It takes some practice to get used to because you can't really see it. The miniboss is such a pain because it's harder to lead or dodge its shots when it gets closer, and its weak point is so small that it's hard to shoot. Just try and get used to the rhythm as it goes up and down and when it shoots so you can know when to try and dodge.
    The X series is a lot of fun but it definitely has its differences. All the enemies have lots more health and you're pretty much required to always be charging your buster. They do more damage too, and you have to search the stages for things like health upgrades and different armour upgrades. There are things like Leg Upgrades that let you dash, a Buster Upgrade that lets you charge your special weapons, a Body Upgrade that lets you take less damage, and a Helmet Upgrade that lets you smash blocks (which really just lets you get the buster upgrade, it doesn't do much else) and having things like the dash and wall-jump makes the levels more interesting, but more difficult.

    I think the most of a hint you get from the jellyfish juice is just that you see a fireplace earlier in the area, and you get the item later that can put out fires. The game might just ask you to put the two together in your head at some point, but at that point you're still going forwards. The Waterway is a different area of the game found later, you'll know it when you see it.

    Using Corsola over Rampardos is really interesting haha, that's super interesting.
    Oh yeah, I did get it! It wasn't on stream but I just happened to find the streamer in a room when he was just playing on his own time. I ended up winning one of the 3 awards for the lobby, and then he ended up winning the MVP, which is given to the highest scorer of all 3 awards.

    Good call on just letting the kid go, yeah. Glad to see it all ended up getting resolved, somewhat decently I guess?

    I've heard a lot of good things about Earthbound. I haven't touched it cause I've had no good way of accessing it, but also because I'm worried it would be tough to learn another RPG, especially such an old RPG, which usually don't go about explaining their mechanics and everything that well. Is that something that's tough when playing it the first time?
  15. ZeoStar
    March 24th, 2021 3:27 PM
    Um okay, so do you think Weavile or Magmortar would fit my team better?

    I have a Torterra, Herracross, Driftblim, Vaperon, and Luxray. So many physical attackers, but I'm worried about the garchomp in the end. (vaporeon is also -defense nature) Magmortar might let her sweep me.

    It's crazy how much I got sucked into platinum. In my last message I was like "hey I have a shinx and turtwig".