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  1. queeniewolf
    July 17th, 2015 2:23 PM
    Hahaha wow, you must've looked amazingly graceful flying through the air like that :P

    But looks like a pretty good deal you got there for your car. That's really cool! Surely having a convertible must be nice in summer, though? To enjoy the nice weather!

    And well ... there are a lot of people my age who do have a license. But idk .. it's convenient but not really necessary? I get pretty much anywhere with public transport. Same goes for London. It would be crazy to use your car inside of London, it's so much quicker to just use buses or the tube
    It's so expensive toooo :X in Germany it can easily cost you over 2000€

    Haha well if you don't like milk anyway I guess it's not too bad :P Luckily I don't have any kind of "serious" allergies. The only thing that comes close to one is the fact I have to sneeze when I eat chocolate.
  2. bill flibby
    July 14th, 2015 7:15 AM
    bill flibby
    Don't worry about it :D There are a few people I'm messaging who take a little time to respond, and I always tell them not to apologize for being late. Hope your exams went well!

    I do have fond memories of playing in the snow when I was younger and living with my family. My sisters and I would pile up snow and then ride through them in our bicycles. I saw a huuuge pile, more like a ramp, and decided I'd ride through/over that. As it turned out, the pile of snow was actually an enormous pile of sticks and wood and other stuff for a bonfire that the snow had only blanketed, so I ended up being launched from my bike. My sisters got a pretty good laugh out of that for a few days, haha.
    Yep! I looked for some pictures online, but mine actually looks better than the ones I found... Not because of my efforts at all. I was super lucky and found it at a dealership, it had just been sold to them two days earlier. The previous owner kept it in fantastic condition and put some awesome wheels on it. My only complaint is that it's a convertible. Not really something you hear a lot of complaints about, but when I drive at 70-80 mph it gets kind of loud.
    You don't have a license? Is that common for travelling Germans such as yourself?

    Nope. I've never liked milk, so I'm not too sad about that. It's weird - if I go easy on the dairy for a while it's like it goes away, but then if I eat a lot of cheese and egg-based meals for a few days, I'll start to get stomachaches.
  3. queeniewolf
    July 12th, 2015 2:08 PM
    Hey! Sorry this response took super long, I got caught up studying for exams. But I'm all done now for this semester so YAAY!

    Hehe I absolutely love snow! I wish we had more where I come from ... but I can see how it can be annoying if it isn't handled properly. When I arrived here in Italy everything was covered in snow (not quite what I was expecting travelling to a southern country..) and people really didn't know how to handle it because it's so rare haha walking on the pavements was almost dangerous.
    You have a sports car? That's pretty cool hehe so you can cruise around in summer at least :P I don't even have a drivers license

    And nope, no AC in here. You don't really have that in private houses here. I don't think I've ever had AC in any of the houses I've lived in? Well, I guess they've mostly been located in rather northern countries to there usually isn't really the need for that.

    Hahaha yes, carbs are always good lol potatoes, pasta, rice ... mmmmhhhh.
    But man, not being able to consume eggs and milk sucks :/ so no cheese and stuff for you either?
  4. bill flibby
    July 2nd, 2015 7:34 AM
    bill flibby
    Snow is nice and pretty, but I'd rather look at it from afar rather than have it in the area I'm currently in. The road people aren't very well-equipped to handle snowy roads, and because it doesn't snow very often here when it does snow a lot you're basically holed up in your house. There are a few brave souls who attempt to trek through with their big trucks or whatever, but I neither have a vehicle capable of traversing snow nor the experience to do such a thing. Sports cars are not ideal for snowy conditions >_>
    Oh, god. It sounds like you're dying. Hope you have a working AC unit.

    Oh, now that sounds like my kind of food. Lots of starch and carbs and meat. I live for that stuff. I can't really drink milk, though. Milk and eggs kill me. I'm not allergic and I'm not lactose intolerant, because I've tried the methods you can use to remedy both, but nothing has worked. My body is just incapable of consuming milk and egg. Which is particularly unfortunate, because I love putting eggs in my ramen.
  5. queeniewolf
    July 1st, 2015 11:05 AM
    Weeeell, 0°C is cold, yes, but not like SUPER cold. Like regular winter cold :P I expected temperatures way below 0. Winters in Germany can easily slip into minus temperatures so I expected Finland to be even colder. I would've liked more snow too :< I love snow
    I gotta agree with you on that 26°C line, though! I can't deal with heat so anything above that is just too much for me ... which sucks because I'm in Italy and we've been having 30+ temperatures almost constantly for weeks now. SAVE ME

    Haha well you you might like other parts of the cuisine? I found their food to be a good mix of Germanic and Slavic traditions. Potatoes, good bread, meat ... also a good amount of sea food, which isn't surprising looking at all the water they got haha
    oh and they absolutely LOVE their milk. It's really funny. They have a glass of milk with like every meal. Ironically though, a lot of them are lactose intolerant.

    For me it's not so much the washing up but the whole effort of cooking haha just been too lazy for that ... so I often just make really lazy dishes such as pasta.
    You have a dishwasher? Lucky! I've lived without for the majority of my life lol the one at home in Germany broke and my mum keeps saying she wants to have it repaired .... yeeeah, she's been saying that for like 10 years now lol I don't think it's ever gonna happen. No dishwasher in England, Finland or here either. It's okay, though ... as long as you don't let all the dishes pile up *cough*
    Ramen is great though! In Finland I banned myself from buying it because I was having too much XD
  6. bill flibby
    July 1st, 2015 10:06 AM
    bill flibby
    0°C. "Nothing too cold". You crazy XP I like cold weather, and I love rainy weather, but I consider anything below 10 C to be cold. So, if 0 C isn't considered too cold to you, what would you say is too hot? For me, I'd say anything above 26 C borders on unbearable.
    Berries, huh? That's interesting. I doubt I'd much like their cuisine, then. Berries are much too sweet for my taste. I do like hard cider on occasion, though. Ooh, reindeer meat! That's something I'd like to try. I haven't really eaten very many different kinds of meats, but I haven't come across a single kind I didn't enjoy.

    Yep! I don't cook as often as I used to, back when I lived with my family I used to cook the meals pretty frequently throughout the week. I kind of stopped because I hate having to clean up the mess of dishes afterward and the meals I like to make require lots of pots and pans usually. I make ramen most often, because you really just need a pot for that. Sometimes I'll heat up some chicken, due to pans being very easy to wash. If our dishwasher was much larger I think I would cook more often, but it's so small you can only ever fit, like, two pots max and then some cups and silverware.
  7. queeniewolf
    June 30th, 2015 2:54 AM
    I wouldn't say living on my own is awful. I do enjoy being on my own once in a while and not having to share the flat with anyone gives you lots of freedom :> but yes, I do prefer having flatmates.
    And yeah, I lived in Finland for about 5 months as part of my year abroad. It's a mandatory part of my degree, and since I'm doing 2 languages I had to do one semester in Finland and the other in Italy.
    I really liked Finland! I would've liked to go to Turku but sadly Helsinki University was the only one my university had an exchange agreement with ... but oh well. I liked the people and I lived close enough to the center to basically walk anywhere, which was nice! I left around the 20th of December so real winter hadn't even started yet. We got a bit of snow once in a while and temperatures a bit below 0°C (~32°F) so nothing too cold. The autumn weather was just .... nothing special? Not too cold, not too warm, some sunny days, some rainy haha It wasn't too different from what I'm used to from Germany and England.
    The food wasn't too different either. Finns do love their berries though, you find everything in different berry flavours haha lots of different kinds of cider mmmh (I only really like sweet alcoholic drinks lol). I tried reindeer meat once over there. It was good but not breathtakingly different to other meats

    Hahaha yes, I'm afraid I'm one of those people who like chocolate :P I like almost everything to be honest. I do also really enjoy savory stuff! I just like food a lot in general lol I've been really lazy with cooking lately, though ... should really start putting more effort into it again.
    What about you? You like cooking?
  8. bill flibby
    June 29th, 2015 9:37 PM
    bill flibby
    Yes! Braid is fantastic! I played it on XBox 360 and had every achievement except for the one where you beat the entire game in half an hour or something crazy like that. I might attempt that while I still have the rest of the summer... I can't stand to let platformers beat me XP
    Haha, no worries. Okami is, indeed, beautiful. I've been reminiscing since it was brought up in our conversation and I've remembered how beautiful it was.

    Ugh, living alone is awful. I rented a house by myself for a year and it was pretty sad. Having a roomie definitely makes things more interesting. So, wait, you've lived in Finland? What was it like there? What was the weather? What was the food like?

    Aw, sad story. I don't particularly like cake, or anything sweet, for that matter. Bitter or savory is just about the only taste I crave. Are you one of those people who like chocolate?
  9. queeniewolf
    June 29th, 2015 1:38 PM
    Oooh wow Braid sounds super interesting!! I just googled it and man, that's pretty! I'll definitely put that on my to-play-list :D

    Aww that's a shame! Yeah, I was just lucky again in that I could just leech off my friend's consoles hahaha If I ever get a PS3 I'll definitely play it again ... and I'll get Okami HD. Because OH MY GOD is that game gorgeous in HD (sorry I'm repeating myself now ... I'm just too obsessed with that game XD It's always gonna be my baby)

    Thanks! Somehow it always works out in the end haha
    It's great you're living with a person you like :> makes being home so much more pleasant and fun! I lived on my own for a few months in Helsinki and I did kinda miss having someone else there .... though having an apartment all for yourself does have its benefits lol

    Also I'm really craving some cake right now ... but there's no cake here. Life is so hard
  10. bill flibby
    June 29th, 2015 9:29 AM
    bill flibby
    Yep. Mad World got some OK reviews, but I wasn't at all impressed.
    Oh, man, you gotta try out Braid. It's a puzzle-platformer where you have to rewind or fast forward time to solve each of the levels. it's super gorgeous and considered the first "big" indie game, I think. You could probably skip VVVVVV unless you're in the mood for a really annoying, retro-looking platformer.
    I've heard and read great things about Journey, but I don't have a PS3, sadly :( I've wanted to play it since it came out. Maybe one day I'll get the chance >_>

    Ah, then I hope the hunt for flatmates works out for you this fall! Rooming with others does make things a lot cheaper. Yep, I've got myself a roommate. I met him a few years ago when we both had the same Chemistry lab together, and we've been friends ever since. Of all the roommates I've had, he's probably my favorite. By far XD
  11. queeniewolf
    June 29th, 2015 9:10 AM
    Yeeeah I guess if the game play is too awful then even great grapics won't save it haha
    I gotta admit I haven't played any of the games you mentioned, but I'll look into them maybe hehe Have you heard of Journey? I think it's a PS3 exclusive but could be wrong ... I played it at a friend's - or more like watched her play it lol it's really stunning! Beautiful soundtrack, too. It's quite short and there's no dialogue at all.. but really some experience :>

    At the moment I live with flatmates in Italy. I haven't found a place to live yet for when I return to London in September. I hope I'll be able to get to share a flat with people again because a) I like living with others and b) it's usually a lot cheaper :P but well, I can't be too picky so I'll just see what I can find
    What about you? You said you have a room mate?
  12. bill flibby
    June 29th, 2015 8:46 AM
    bill flibby
    Looking through screenshots of the game recently made me remember just how beautiful it was! Man, Okami is a good-looking game. I bet it looked even better on PS2. I tried to play through Mad World on the Wii (the game that was super gory and only in black, white and red and the protagonist had a chainsaw on his arm), because I thought it looked interesting aesthetically, but it was a total wash. Not at all a fun game. It might have had to do with the awful motion controls they tried to implement. Bleh. I'm trying to think of another beautiful game I've played... Braid was very pretty. The backgrounds looked like they were handpainted (they may have been, I dunno). VVVVVV isn't really a pretty game, but I loved the graphics. Terry did amazing work with very little assets.

    Aw! That's unfortunate. So, are you living on your own, then?
  13. queeniewolf
    June 29th, 2015 8:27 AM
    Haha I guess Germans like their beer so they didn't want their youngsters to miss out :P I think they have similar laws in Belgium?

    Hahaha well possibly! The Moon Cave can definitely get super confusing, at some point you have to return to places you've already been to because stuff changed or you gained new abilities ... I used to get lost n there but by now I've just played the game way too much so I know it quite well XD It's just so pretty ... I'm a sucker for good graphics so I often play games just because they look nice haha
    But yeah, I've never really played the Wii version but I heard there's a few bugs in there, so maybe you did encounter a major one in your game!

    Yes, I'm really glad I have several friends who are into games now :> especially Pokemon hehe
    Sadly though I'm not living with those flatmates anymore :< I had to move out for my year abroad and then the landlord decided to sell the flat (I guess he wanted to take advantage of the high housing prices in London?)
  14. bill flibby
    June 28th, 2015 3:39 PM
    bill flibby
    Oh, my god. You lucky Germans. I don't know why the drinking age is so high in the US.

    I did a quick Google search for Okami Orochi Moon Cave, and I think you might be right. It's not that I got lost (I don't think, I mean, I'm not the best gamer, but I don't want to think I'm so bad that I'd get lost in a dungeon to the point where I thought it was unbeatable...), but that I couldn't get one of the gates to open. I went everywhere in the dungeon that I could up to that point, and got frustrated to the point of looking up some video walkthroughs and I couldn't replicate their pattern. I might just be Okami-dumb, but I still want to believe that my game was bugged. Let me have this XP

    Yeah, my roomie has started playing Fallout New Vegas again, and all the consoles are in the living room downstairs so I get to watch him play. He's always like, "hey, man, I hope I'm not disturbing you," as though he's bothering me. I don't think he understands that I genuinely like watching him play. Oh well.
    Aw, that's a sad story. Thankfully, now you're here on PC and can meet a bunch of other people who love Pokemon! Not to mention all of your flatmates you talked about, sharing video games with you and stuff.
  15. queeniewolf
    June 28th, 2015 1:09 AM
    Aaaah okay haha I'm glad you had fun!! x3 I heard that the 21st birthday is a pretty big thing over there. In Germany it's usually the 16th (legal drinking age for low percentage drinks like beer and wine) and 18th (legal age for ... everything lol becoming an adult yay)

    It definitely is underrated!
    And from what you tell me I'd say you were in the Moon Cave, which is Orochi's cave ... and that's only about 1/3 into the game hahaha Okami is a pretty long game (also you can't leave the Moon Cave unless you defeat the boss)

    Aaah yes, mee too!! I absolutely love watching others play hahah it used to weird my friends out like "aren't you getting bored? you aren't even playing yourself" but I just find it really entertaining heh
    I've always loved games, I got a GameBoy Colour with Pokemon Blue and Tetris for christmas when I was 5 or 6 and I've always made good use out of my Nintendo handhelds since then :> it's even more fun now that I have friends who are into games, too! In primary school I didn't have too many ... one of my friends had a Nintendo 64 but she didn't really play it all too much. I had one neighbour who was really into Pokemon as well ... but then his family moved to the US :<<