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  1. ~Selene~
    January 7th, 2012 5:01 PM
    I can't RP to save my life lol. I'm still exploring here though.
  2. PokeGirlJade
    January 7th, 2012 4:54 PM
    I've only done one trade on here (I'm more of a group and roleplay person myself), but the trade thread looks pretty good ^^.
  3. ~Selene~
    January 7th, 2012 4:49 PM
    Looking around its pretty great. Hoping to be trading soon :)
  4. PokeGirlJade
    January 7th, 2012 4:43 PM
    Pretty good, listening to some pretty Zelda music~
    So, how's PC for you so far?
  5. ~Selene~
    January 7th, 2012 4:41 PM
    I'm good. Thanks. How about you?
  6. PokeGirlJade
    January 7th, 2012 3:47 PM
    Hello ^^ How are you?
  7. ~Selene~
    January 7th, 2012 3:45 PM
    Hey there :3

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