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Conversation Between Logiedan and C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f

Conversation Between Logiedan and C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f
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  1. C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f
    January 20th, 2013 2:38 AM
    Pixeljoint? I've never heard the name.
  2. Logiedan
    January 19th, 2013 11:53 PM
    I just hope no one takes it. It's from a member from pixeljoint.
  3. Logiedan
    January 19th, 2013 11:53 PM
    oh no where. (:
  4. C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f
    January 19th, 2013 10:04 PM
    Where did you get that avatar? It's so epic.
  5. Logiedan
    January 16th, 2013 3:55 PM
    I don't mind at all.
  6. C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f
    January 16th, 2013 3:47 AM
    I remember one of your pics about some underwater Kyogre, or something. So I checked out your dA and saw it there. Mind if I use it as style reference?
  7. C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f
    August 19th, 2012 4:50 AM
    Great job Log, nice work restarting the WPC!
  8. C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f
    August 19th, 2012 2:01 AM
    xDD that's what I'm hopin', that I'm right.
  9. Logiedan
    August 17th, 2012 9:44 AM
    It may be obvious with the trick, but it's VERY vague. So it's probably not what you think. ;D
  10. C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f
    August 17th, 2012 2:43 AM
    Hey Log I think you made it too easy to guess how to get that pixel Emblem because I found out in a jiffy.
  11. Logiedan
    August 16th, 2012 2:03 PM
    There you go.
  12. C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f
    August 15th, 2012 3:15 AM
    It is "Weekly" isn't it? You'd better put up a time limit or start another parallel one.
  13. Logiedan
    August 12th, 2012 11:46 AM
    I'm really tempted to just scrap the week.
  14. C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f
    August 12th, 2012 3:05 AM
    Oh come on why can't we just cancel or remake the WPC #20 because absolutely nobody is trying xD. Maybe you should go over and post up your art and declare yourself winner! Just being sarcastic xD.
  15. C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f
    August 2nd, 2012 12:37 AM
    You're right... I always use a Google pic for reference xD. But I think yeah I'd add more anti-aliasing and shoot out some grass and flowers. But I don't know how to work out the water could you show a water scene?

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