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Conversation Between shiny_Riolu and Stronkadonk
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  1. Stronkadonk
    August 7th, 2008 9:02 AM
    hmmmmmmmmm let's trade in a little bit i'm ev training one of my poke's and I'm almost done.
  2. shiny_Riolu
    August 7th, 2008 8:59 AM

    and could u ev my shiny crougunk now plz
  3. shiny_Riolu
  4. Stronkadonk
    August 6th, 2008 11:44 AM
    yes i can she posted now and i'm just waiting for her to VM me back, then I will lift the please do not post
  5. shiny_Riolu
    August 6th, 2008 11:43 AM
    k try and get him to post and can u do my pokemon plz
  6. Stronkadonk
    August 6th, 2008 11:41 AM
    thanks for wanting to use the thread! it's open now! unless you mean when you can post, that will be when slowbro posts as well.
  7. shiny_Riolu
    August 6th, 2008 11:40 AM
    when is it opening i need 3 of my pokemon ev training i will offering good shinies
  8. shiny_Riolu
    August 6th, 2008 11:16 AM
    i am working on my team....
  9. Stronkadonk
    August 6th, 2008 11:16 AM
    maybe! I'm trying to put together a new team though, but it's goin pretty good.
  10. shiny_Riolu
    August 6th, 2008 11:15 AM
    yeh maybe tomorrow if ur up for it?
  11. Stronkadonk
    August 6th, 2008 11:13 AM
    oh... wwell it may have been me! we should battle sometime on battle revolution!
  12. shiny_Riolu
    August 6th, 2008 11:02 AM
    ?forgot ages ago my sis was playing it ..
  13. Stronkadonk
    August 6th, 2008 10:59 AM
    yeah... what was their name/trainer?
  14. shiny_Riolu
    August 6th, 2008 10:57 AM
    yup why..............................
    do u have it..........?
  15. Stronkadonk
    August 6th, 2008 10:55 AM
    my brother just got final fantasy four, and that seems pretty cool, so I guess final fantasy is just a great series. Have you ever versed someone with a rayquaza shiny palkia or shiny victreebell on PBR before?

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