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Conversation Between Crimson5M and DrFuji
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  1. Crimson5M
    July 16th, 2019 9:45 PM
    damn i liked super mods they were like the avengers
  2. DrFuji
    June 13th, 2019 3:44 AM
    No more super mods or assistant admins, only regular mods and admins in the mod heirachy. But there are other things as well
  3. Crimson5M
    June 11th, 2019 9:39 PM
    oh so what colour is super mod now?
  4. DrFuji
    June 2nd, 2019 8:06 PM
    fan games mod, not super mod. we gets special colours :D
  5. Crimson5M
    May 30th, 2019 5:19 PM
    whoah super mod
  6. DrFuji
    June 17th, 2018 2:47 AM
    In these 8 years you could have bought the copyrights to the name and then extorted a fortune out of me when I found out they were taken.

    Ya snooze, ya looze.
  7. Crimson5M
    June 17th, 2018 2:38 AM
    You've had 8 years to start up this company and you haven't even started, shame on you
  8. DrFuji
    June 17th, 2018 2:33 AM
    wow that joke was from 2010
  9. Crimson5M
    June 17th, 2018 2:25 AM
    idea: start a candy company called DrFudgey
  10. DrFuji
    April 28th, 2018 3:03 AM
    lilac has evolved beyond a hack. i have transcended to a new level of existence. all are ants before me.

  11. Crimson5M
    April 28th, 2018 2:08 AM
    lilac will be the hack to transition the world into a new era of beauty and power.......marc my all changes now......
  12. Crimson5M
    March 24th, 2018 10:11 AM
    Don't suppose you have a link to Advance Map 1.92? Link on post leads to 1.95, gonna mess around with some tiles/maps.
  13. Crimson5M
    March 21st, 2018 4:06 AM
    Interesting, I was thinking of playing it safe and doing a remake of Black/White. There's just so much stuff now that there never used to be and I've never been good at the coding side of things haha
  14. DrFuji
    March 19th, 2018 5:12 AM
    I'd say it really depends on how you're feeling. I hadn't touched a ROM for ~2 years but started getting an intense desire to get back into it again. I know that if I forced myself back I wouldn't stick around for long.
  15. Crimson5M
    March 19th, 2018 1:23 AM
    Hey question: Would you say coming back to ROM hacking is worth it? Thinking of coming back during the summer, I tried to get back into it a while ago and struggled with inserting new Pokemon slots so gave up.