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  1. Allen Ceedos
    July 1st, 2019 10:49 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    Ahaha, sure sure :D
  2. Sheep
    July 1st, 2019 10:57 AM
    holy crap
    I will catch up with this tomorrow!!!
  3. Allen Ceedos
    June 28th, 2019 10:31 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    Here you go my lady, I give you Counting Electric Sheep (Anime Mix)!

    MP3 Link:

    Tracklist (Let's find out how many of these titles you'll recognise, eh?):

    01 Opening: Back-On - Chain
    [Anime: Air Gear, Year: 2006]

    02 Opening: m.c.A.T. - Bomb A Head! (TV Size)
    [Anime: Tenjou Tenge, Year: 2004]

    03 Ending: Kayo Aiko - Aimukene Motto (Love Me More)
    [Anime: Tenjou Tenge, Year: 2004]

    04 Death Parade OST - "導入" (Introduction)
    [Anime: Death Parade, Year: 2015]

    05 Opening: BRADIO - Flyers
    [Anime: Death Parade, Year: 2015]

    06 Ending: NoisyCell - Last Theater
    [Anime: Death Parade, Year: 2015]

    07 Opening: MAN WITH A MISSION - My Hero
    [Anime: Inuyashiki, Year: 2017]

    08 Ending: Qaijff - Ai wo Oshiete Kureta Kimi e
    [Anime: Inuyashiki, Year: 2017]

    09 Opening: Yoko Takahashi - A Cruel Angel's Thesis
    [Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Year: 1995-1996]

    10 Ending: Claire Littley - Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)
    [Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Year: 1995-1996]

    11 The Promised Neverland OST - "Tag"
    [Anime: The Promised Neverland, Year: 2019]

    12 Opening: UVERworld - Touch off
    [Anime: The Promised Neverland, Year: 2019]

    13 Ending: Cö shu Nie - Zettai Zetsumei
    [Anime: The Promised Neverland, Year: 2019]

    14 One Piece OST - "After Eating, Grand Line!"
    [Anime: One Piece, Year: 1999-ongoing]

    15 One Piece OST - "Overtaken"
    [Anime: One Piece, Year: 1999-ongoing]

    16 Opening #1: Hiroshi Kitadani - We Are
    [Anime: One Piece, Year: 1999-ongoing]

    17 Yu-Gi-Oh! English Opening
    [Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Year: 2000-2004]

    I hope you'll like it :) I had fun putting it together. Will there be a sequel perhaps? A "Counting Ultra Electric Sheep"?? A "Counting Electric Black & White Sheep 2"??? Maybe haha. Take Care!
  4. Allen Ceedos
    June 28th, 2019 10:10 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Video game and anime music, eh? Hmm well I think I can do a set just for you which contains that :D granted, most of the anime music I got is just opening and ending themes, but if you won't mind then I'll get on it after typing this. Then I'll post the download link for the mp3 file here. Given what's out there nowadays, I don't blame you for being picky with music...heck, I listen mostly to old songs because I can't stand a lot of the new stuff. Has no soul, has no life. Now I'm curious to find out which video games (Pokemon? Check lol) and anime music you like :) surprise me!

    Haha thank you ICASA. Otherwise those post office people were probably going to continue doing jack.

    Is it a trend that Game Freak has been going on as the years have gone by, where they bring out a new looks amazing, it has all the bells and whistles, new characters, new Pokemon, improved mechanics or new ones introduced etc BUT the story and the characters are the weakest point of the game? Because you're not wrong about XY. Team Flare is a joke...Lysandre only cares about "making the world beautiful", so of course he's going to be the typical villain who's aim is to reshape the world into his desired image by destroying it first /==./ I paused when I was about to battle the Admins in the basement of the Flare HQ but even at that point I wonder if the story will have room to change my mind. Previous generations were simpler but their stories and their characters still hold up today. XY I'll probably remember it for how stunning Kalos looks and the themes lol. Sun/Moon same thing, although I would say it had a slightly better story and cast of characters (yes, even with yet another clown group of villains in Team Skull *sigh*). It's why I wonder about Sword/Shield, we're seeing the same formula - looks good and everything, new mechanics, new Pokemon, new characters etc....but will the story be good? That's the question.
  5. Sheep
    June 27th, 2019 1:58 AM
    I'm more into video game and anime music and am quite picky with music in general ahaha (and hardly listen to it compared to others it seems @[email protected]), but that is really cool! Work hard, seems like an awesome thing you have going on and I hope you enjoy it. o/

    But yep, the post office is indeed crap. I was researching it for hours and hours and decided I'd take the chance, but only via courier since that way I can insure my parcel for a full refund if needed. After not getting any tracking updates since the 18th and having all my e-mails ignored, I complained to ICASA and the post office was apologizing and responding to me in minutes. Now I know what to do next time. =p It was finally shipped to Cape mail yesterday....

    re: XY rivals, yeahhh. They were far and away the least memorable. XY in general had a forgettable story and weakest villain team imo. Sucks because the region is gorgeous and it was the first 3D main series games, so people had high expectations. Nowadays fans are realizing more and more that the games weren't too great, since back then we were seeing them with rose-tinted glasses because they were in 3D. Myself included aha.

    Hackers are already starting to work on hacks that will allow all Pokémon to exist in Sword & Shield, so we'll see where that goes. Game Freak JP and EU also sent out e-mails asking for feedback on what fans have seen on the game so far, plus there are complaints literally everywhere on all of their Twitter accounts, so hopefully our voices will be heard/addressed. I'd be fine with not all mons being included if animation was at least improved over what we had years ago, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Granted some things do look great, like the cities/towns we've seen.
  6. Allen Ceedos
    June 26th, 2019 12:23 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    No stress :) reply when you can. That vacation comes first haha especially now that you'll be there until November! Congrats for getting the extension, maybe this time Home Affairs were in a good mood haha because you are right about the corruption, it is across most major government departments (hmm, what do they say about fish rotting from the head...?) so you never really know what you'll get on a given day. So you'll get to experience winter, then spring and then a taste of summer :) that's not too shabby for a vacation.

    I'm doing okay, despite everything going on here. Weather, work, cuts, rising prices, repeat haha it's enough to drive a person mad! But you just get used to it and do what you can to move on. Non-violent civil disobedience is in order, with a nice dose of sweet non-compliance :D Anything new? Hmm, if getting started on my music project counts as something new then yes. It is something I've had in mind for some time now and on Friday I took the first step. Basically I'll be recording DJ sets and putting them online. People can download and share them, I'll be taking requests as well and we see how it goes. I'll be playing classic house music from my personal collection, which goes all the way back to my high school days. Of course, if I come across any good songs of today, I'll include them...but there's a lot of junk out there in the music world and unfortunately that's what people are going for, especially the youthful generation. I'm part of that generation but I don't follow this new age music :) so I hope people will enjoy the sets I put out, because it will be fun. I don't know what music you're into haha so I'm not sure if I should link you up with this project of mine. Coincidentally, the house music I got is mostly South African. There are a lot of talented DJs and producers over there...well, back in my day haha not sure about these the soundtrack of my teenage years is made up of songs from those guys, many of which still hold up today.

    Story wise, I'm approaching the halfway point. Building up towards the arc covering the 4th Gym :) if work today isn't too much, maybe I'll get there by the end of the day.

    The SA post office is notorious, I'm sorry about the delay. It is something I've experienced as well when I was still under Unisa (University of South Africa)...I'd request for my study material to be sent via courier every semester and in the end the material would arrive weeks later when the semester had already begun and assignments needed to be done. Why? Because there would be some strike going on by SA post office workers /==./ I later learned that it's best to get the soft copies of the study material from the Unisa website. The physical copies could come whenever but it wouldn't matter haha it was hilarious. I'm just so glad I'm out of that nonsense now. Out of the fire and into a frying pan, eh?

    Excellent, move away from the relaxants :D that's good to hear, because you no longer have to put up with all that unnecessary stress and pressure. I think sometimes people forget to treat others well when it comes to customer service. You were there to help as best as you could, not to take on their frustrations *sigh* whoever took over your job I wonder how they're handling it now.

    Haha don't remind me of Barry and Hau! Those two :) maybe it's because they were a complete 180 from the cool, arrogant rivals like Blue and Silver that I found them a little annoying as I progressed through the games. It was bad enough that they would do the expected rival tactic of popping up from nowhere when you enter a new town/city or are right by the door of a Gym (shout out to dear old May lol). Hau at least became a better character later, showing how the events that were going had affected him and made him improve. Can't remember how Barry's character arc went haha it's been a few years since I played Gen 4. It's why I get annoyed when roms don't go that extra mile to have decent characters, especially the rivals. Why have multiple rivals if they are all basically taking notes from the Blue or Silver playbooks? *face palm*. Friendly rivals are fine to have, but looking back through the generations I think the one friendly rival who could've been interesting to see have a proper story arc was Wally. He came off as someone who would've been helpful during our journey, maybe we would've teamed up with him to battle Team Magma/Aqua, or he would help us out with key items or information...and then we meet him again along Victory Road for that final battle (I really liked how it was handled in OR/AS, from the field of flowers to the battle theme). Other friendly rivals I can't say the same haha X/Y kinda ruined the experience for me, because you got 4 friendly rivals but they just follow the script of their gimmicks. Only Shauna has shown more of her personality, so I hope there's a good ending for her.

    Oh wow...all in the name of improving that battle animation quality?? I understand that there are plenty of Pokemon out there now (over 1000 once Gen 8 comes around?) but at this point, surely Game Freak should have the technology and means to include all of them on current platforms? I'm not one to gripe about battle animation quality, I had no issues with Gen 6 and 7, even what I've seen with Gen 8 because it is not a concern. It sucks about Home, I don't know if there's time for GF to sort that out. If not, then fans will just have to work with what's possible.
  7. Sheep
    June 25th, 2019 4:33 AM
    On another note, my holiday visa extension was approved (damn I really thought Home Affairs would make a mistake from the complaints I've read, haha) and I'm officially vacationing here in Cape Town until Nov 8!!!

    How are you btw? Anything new?
  8. Sheep
    June 25th, 2019 4:29 AM
    oops late reply again

    Yeah you hit the nail on the head from what I've heard. It seems really tedious for a local here sometimes, or maybe only for me because I'm used to how good I had it on the other side of the world. Things here seem quite corrupt, and I've heard horror stories of the post office in SA especially re: their slow delivery speed and lack of proper communication among other things. Uuuunfortunately I am still waiting for the arrival of my international package which was shipped two weeks ago and promised to be delivered in 3-5 business days. @[email protected] Alas, at least it was via courier and fully insured, so I can submit a claim and have them look into it on my behalf.

    You're shy? Really? Who would've thunk it? :) I hope that's not one of the reasons you had trouble at your previous job..?
    lol sadly yes. Sometimes dealing with long lines, especially alone, could be tedious because of the anxiety. I'd take relaxants to help me and that worked well, but right now I've not been taking them anymore since I want to rely less on them (didn't take a single one for three weeks)! That and when customers/students (worked at a university for years up until April) are angry and start taking their frustration out on you, it can trigger panic. That's at least a normal reaction for being put under that sort of pressure though, but I wish it were easier for me to keep it cool and not turn beet red whenever I'm confronted like that.

    Nope, the playable characters haven't had any names revealed! Though I actually like the hyperactive rivals like Barry and Hau, lol. They're often young, so I'm more understanding of them acting their way. Game Freak probably won't go back to having any rude rivals, since it probably doesn't look good to parents if they see their child interacting with someone telling them to get out of their way. haha

    What is the drama surrounding Home? Is it genuine or people are just whining about something stupid online, as usual?
    Basically not all available Pokémon will be coded into Sword and Shield, so only specific ones will exist and be transferrable from Home into the games. People are really upset at having some mons outright cut from the games, and it's the first time this has happened. GF claims it's because there are too many Pokémon now and their efforts have more been going into animation quality, which aggravates people even more since the battle animations are still as poor as they used to be since XY. See here for example:
  9. Allen Ceedos
    June 19th, 2019 11:44 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    It doesn't make sense for them to be cutting power when this is the season where having power at home is vital. But at times it just feels like some of these people don't care, because the power cuts (and water cuts) still happen, without following a schedule (even if they put one out in the newspapers *face palm*). So stupid. For us here there's a water cut schedule (there wasn't enough rain during last year's rainy season, but as usual city council wasn't prepared). Water is cut on Mondays then comes back Tuesday evening. But it comes back either dirty brown or murky white and's like that for a couple of days and then by Friday or Saturday it'll be clear again, but you just boil it still before you drink. Boiling it daily. That consumes electricity. It's a crazy cycle :/ on top of that, it looks like they've brought back the power cut schedule so double jeopardy lol. Sometimes one forgets that this is 2019.

    You're shy? Really? Who would've thunk it? :) I hope that's not one of the reasons you had trouble at your previous job..?

    Ahh, well damn :/ I thought they were going with the Let's Go Pika/Eevee mechanic of having Pokemon in the overworld everywhere. I don't mind random encounters, but I just thought it was a fresh way to go when you can see the Pokemon and when you're in a rush (maybe while backtracking) you can weave your way past the Pokemon and not stumble from one random encounter to the next. Hop just sounds like a Japanese kind of non-Japanese name haha like Guts from Berserk. With all the Rivals from previous games with decent-to-cool names, we step into the 8th Gen with Hop. Yet the Champion has a cool name, Leon...the Professor has a cool name, Magnolia...her assistant also has a cool name, Sonya. Not sure about the male & female playable characters' names, have they been revealed? Let Hop not be an annoying Rival please :)

    What is the drama surrounding Home? Is it genuine or people are just whining about something stupid online, as usual?
  10. Sheep
    June 19th, 2019 5:14 AM
    Yeah, up until very recently they've been doing load shedding and limiting water use (iirc). Fortunately right as I got here the load shedding seemed to have stopped, so I'm hopeful it won't hit me while I'm here.

    if I sense that the people here are going to be an issue, I will walk away
    Good on you! Standing up for yourself is so important, and I wish I were a bit less shy and could better stand up for myself.

    & Hop is a cute bit silly name! lol
    But seeing Pokémon in the overworld seems to just be limited to the Wild Area part of the game, which is an open-world spot where mons roam. Other areas will be the standard way of encountering things, so you'll walk in the grass and bam encounter. Does look pretty nice though, yeah! Despite all the drama surrounding Home and the fandom exploding over it atm. @[email protected]
  11. Allen Ceedos
    June 17th, 2019 12:31 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    I think it's a part of work culture that needs to change, otherwise people will continue to be taken advantage of. Given responsibilities that have nothing to do with them...made to work extra hours and not get extra pay, etc. Perhaps people just need to stand up and say enough is enough :) if I sense that the people here are going to be an issue, I will walk away because it's not like I really need this job. I'm just here to help where I can until my own projects and ideas get off the ground lol then maybe I'll be chilling out (no pun intended given the season haha) like you.

    It could be because of where you are, Cape Town. If you were elsewhere, I think you would be warmer haha so you'll have to bear it for now. Hopefully you don't have anemia. No issue with power cuts or water? It wasn't too long ago that there were major power cuts going on over there because of some screw up with the power utility company (something I would know about from here haha)...have they fixed that problem now?

    As for the official games, I just keep up for surface level information since I know I ain't going to be playing them haha so I don't know much about Pokemon Home aside from the fact that there is something called Pokemon Home :) saw the latest Direct and the gameplay from E3...I have to say, it all looks friggin amazing. Seeing the Pokemon out on the field and being able to decide which ones to go for, that's pretty neat. If players will be able to access their PC Box from anywhere, double thumbs up so that they won't need to rush to the nearest PC whenever they want to do some changes. They just had to give the Rival a wacky name haha Hop? Really?? I hope the story will be great, that's my main concern.
  12. Sheep
    June 13th, 2019 12:50 AM
    No sign of snow at all, just temperatures that range from 12-20 during the day and can go to 9 or 10 at night sometimes. We'll see see what winter will bring later on!! I'm actually a lot colder than I thought I'd be, even though I went through NYC winters lol. Then again I'm pretty sure I have anemia or something, since I always have issues with being cold...

    and yay! The best jobs are ones where you're not running around 24/7. I disliked my previous job that I recently quit quite a bit, but it did have upsides like those.

    And nope. I'm not really into fangames much or follow any news with them aha. I'm mostly about the official games and that has a looot of drama going on atm from the Pokémon Home announcement. orz
  13. Allen Ceedos
    June 12th, 2019 1:30 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    Ahaha, is there snow that side this year? Cape Town is usually one place that I hear about that can get crazy weather like that. It makes me glad that we don't live in the northern hemisphere, because I don't think I would survive such winters haha these cold, dry winters that we get are enough. Maybe I should an electric blanket as well.

    I just made it clear that I'll be here to help out with advertising...if they want the whole marketing package, they are better off getting someone who is actually qualified and experienced. So it has made being here a bit bearable lol. Like today, right now it's another quiet day with not much going on at the office. Gives me a chance to reply to you and do some typing on the side.

    Enjoy that much-needed break :D I expect to get a full report about life in Cape Town from you on my desk by the end of the week! Any news on the rom side of things, anything you've gotten into or heard about which is coming soon?
  14. Sheep
    June 9th, 2019 11:25 PM
    Pretty good! It hasn't been too cold all things considered but I feel like I still get cold soo easily... @[email protected] So we ended up buying an electric blanket lol, which I'm sure will help a lot, especially next month :3

    Glad work is ok and not too stressful! That's very important. I'm not up to much myself, just relaxing now that I finally have a break from working myself to exhaustion after years lmao.
  15. Allen Ceedos
    June 4th, 2019 1:26 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    No problem, how is Cape Town? We're in the winter season now, is the weather treating you well? I'm doing okay :) work is still a drag, but I just get through it haha other days there's not much going on so I pretty much breeze through them. Those are the best for typing up the story. What about you, what are you up to?