Conversation Between Crizzle and JEVJEV36
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  1. JEVJEV36
    March 6th, 2019 6:55 PM
    OK thanks my email is [email protected]
    Also sorry for taking so long to reply
  2. Crizzle
    February 14th, 2019 3:57 PM
    The easiest way for me to do it is to PM me an email(you can just make a throwaway on if you don't feel safe). Again, I can't promise you I'll send it right away. But at some point I will send it. (Yes I copy pasted this message to others who have asked the same)
  3. JEVJEV36
    February 12th, 2019 6:19 PM
    Hey man just out of curiosity is it possible for me to get a demo of savage silver