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  1. GOLDstandard
    July 20th, 2014 11:55 AM
    Did you see my dedenne sprite and reject it? If so, what should I do better for the next time?
  2. GOLDstandard
    July 8th, 2014 9:01 PM
    was just combing through some of the newer anims in your rom base
    They are overall really great. I really liked moonblast, scald, brine, flash cannon, poison jab, stone edge, steamroller, venoshock, frost breath, x scissor, bulldoze, gunk shot, ice shard, and brave bird to name a healthy few :3
  3. GOLDstandard
    March 2nd, 2014 4:50 PM
    THANK YOU. now I get it haha
    So I find the original check. Place my routine which just branches to free space, then in that free space I have it check for every ability related to that behavior byte then after checking them all it branches back.
    Thank you so much
    Unsuprisingly, I have another question :p
    How do you find the original checks? I believe you said to use a debugger, but I would not know where to set breakpoints?
  4. MrDollSteak
    March 1st, 2014 7:55 PM
    You don't put the branch in free space.
    You find the original check, then replace that with a branch to your routine, which loads new checks. Then if Sap Sipper is not successful you branch back to where it was before.
  5. GOLDstandard
    March 1st, 2014 12:52 PM
    I hope this doesnt sound too noobish, but at that region, I can't find any free space to put my branching command :3 (By branching command I mean the code that loads the pokemon's ability, checks if its sap sipper, and then branches to my code)
  6. MrDollSteak
    February 27th, 2014 9:49 PM
    I assume you're using Fire Red? In that case why not use my rombase? That's got Sap Sipper done. But anyway I put Sap Sipper where Water Absorb and stuff are. 1A000 region somewhere. Don't have the offset on me, but you should find it there.
  7. GOLDstandard
    February 26th, 2014 7:42 PM
    Yeah, I kind of felt like that would be the case :/
    I appreciate your response and help though. The problem that still baffles me, is how to determine where and how to insert my written ASM. Through one of Kurapika's code samples, I learned how to write code that makes the game check for the new abilities, but I'm not sure where I would add the check in game. Let's say, for instance, I wanted to code for the ability sap sipper. Where in the game do I add the code so that it checks for the ability at the appropriate time?
    Thanks again, your responses are very helpful!
  8. MrDollSteak
    February 25th, 2014 10:50 PM
    The problem with making a tutorial is that there isn't a set way.
    Each ability and item check follows 'roughly' the same formula, though in each case it's different.
    There are also a butt ton of different offsets and locations.

    As for inserting new abilities that's the same as anything else, it's just a matter of writing the code, which usually requires some experience with ASM or by looking at how Vanilla handles those types of routines and hijacking that.

    That being said, feel free to PM me if you start looking for checks and thing in your debugger, or want help with some specific checks. I don't have them all obviously but in my search through the rom I've identified a few.
  9. GOLDstandard
    February 23rd, 2014 2:53 PM

    Would you by chance consider collaborating with doesn't, jambo, and karatekid on making a tutorial explaining item checks and inserting asm for new abilities? It would be helpful for asm newbs like me who can sort of understand how the abilities and items function, but aren't savvy enough to implement them

    Thanks and good luck on your patch/64x64 resource (hope to see some new sprites on that page soon, it makes my day each time you post lol)
  10. GOLDstandard
    December 25th, 2013 10:54 PM
    Great work on the VI gen sprites. The shading looks like the handiwork of gamefreak itself! Keep it up man!
  11. MrDollSteak
    October 27th, 2013 6:18 PM
    Hey! I probably couldn't put it into the 4th/5th move animation resource because its really quite complicated. Also it's not actually my code as such, Kurapika just showed me how he created it, using his routines, so I'd ask him for my permission to use them.
  12. GOLDstandard
    October 27th, 2013 10:03 AM
    Hey bayerf, would you mind posting your animations from you rom base in the 4th/5th move anim/effect resource pretty please? :) I am curious to see your sucker punch battle script
  13. GOLDstandard
    October 6th, 2013 7:15 PM
    Gotcha, thanks a bunch.
    As I told doesn't, I guess it's high time for me to start learning ASM since every question I ask someone is only possible through ASM ^__^ lol
  14. MrDollSteak
    October 6th, 2013 6:35 PM
    It requires ASM. To be honest I only know how to implement them thanks to Doesnt. Skill Link is probably the only easy one, as that's just a battle script, but the rest were all done by ASM. I could only really do them because Doesnt told me which checks his abilities replaced, so I located them and then branched to free space.
  15. GOLDstandard
    October 6th, 2013 10:30 AM
    Hey bayerf,

    Would you consider maybe making a tutorial on adding new abilities into roms? You seem to have had sucess in this field, and I can't find a tut anywhere on it.