Conversation Between GOLDstandard and MrDollSteak
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  1. MrDollSteak
    July 26th, 2013 7:33 PM
    Yeah. Are you putting the ZZ YY XX in reverse hex. eg. If you offset where you post the code is 900000 you put 00 00 90 08 right?
  2. GOLDstandard
    July 26th, 2013 12:31 PM
    I believe so? I just set the animation pointers in PGE to the start of the newly added anim, right? And just to be one hundred thousand percent sure, at the "zzyyxx"s, you just sub in the code underneath?
  3. MrDollSteak
    July 25th, 2013 11:01 PM
    Uh i'm not sure actually, I've also used Pawells Draco Meteor and had no problem. Are you sure you're setting the pointers up properly?
  4. GOLDstandard
    July 25th, 2013 10:46 PM
    Oh okay, thanks
    The problem that I have been having is that once I go through and replaced all the stuff, it gets to the background (the purple curly one in dark pulse) and then it freezes. The same thing happens when I try to implement pawell6's draco meteor code. Any thoughts? thanks again
  5. MrDollSteak
    July 25th, 2013 8:26 PM
    Dark Pulse is broken in the Original Post, but if you go down to one of my posts where I added it, it's fixed. There was a pointer somewhere. As for Dragon Pulse, that's working 100% for me, I even implemented it into a new rom with no problem the other day.
  6. GOLDstandard
    July 25th, 2013 7:28 PM
    Hey bayerf,

    I was attempting to use your animations for dragon pulse and dark pulse, but they would freeze my game when implemented. I substituted in the "zzyyxx"s and it still won't work. If you could help me that would be amazing, thank you!