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  1. mienfoo
    January 21st, 2018 11:25 AM
    Of course! :) Me too! I'm happy to see other people still giving love to Gen IV and I think it's awesome that you're going full completionist with it. I'll shoot you some comments/pms as my own Pearl playthrough continues. Right now, I'm shiny hunting in Eterna Forest while I have Cheryl with me, probably done like 1,000 encounters or so (hoping for Budew!) . At some point, I'll just continue the playthrough, but I love the atmosphere of Eterna Forest so much that shiny hunting there is pretty relaxing so I'll keep going with it for now. My team right now is a Buizel named Owly (level 24), a level 19 Grotle I accidentally didn't nickname, a level 16 Luxio named Locket, and a level 6 Starly I may decide to use named Conwaytwty, hahaha.
  2. Living Arrow
    January 21st, 2018 9:36 AM
    Living Arrow
    Thanks for your comment on my Pearl thread. Glad you like it :) I always find it interesting to see how other people are doing with their games, especially if they are playing along so feel free to add more comments or send me a pm :)