Conversation Between The1mm0rt41One and Greiger
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  1. The1mm0rt41One
    March 12th, 2014 5:59 PM
    Okay cool. Thank you
  2. Greiger
    March 12th, 2014 5:48 PM
    Anyways, I talked to the others and they're alright if you do join us. I know we might get a jp up and going soon, so you can probably post about your guy making it to Oak Town and from there we can be adventure buddies!
  3. The1mm0rt41One
    March 12th, 2014 5:25 PM
    Okay. Thank you. I'll see how things go
  4. Greiger
    March 12th, 2014 5:20 PM
    Hehe, don't worry. Look, it's PTA. Now if it was some other rp where there were only six rpers such, but it's expected. We encourage it and Yellow wants such stuff to happen. :3 I can check with Synth also on this side, but you can also meet up with us, the invitiation is always opened.
  5. The1mm0rt41One
    March 12th, 2014 5:01 PM
    I'd hate to intrude just like that. I'd feel like I'd be forcibly diving into other RPers stories.
  6. Greiger
    March 12th, 2014 4:59 PM
    Well, I am part of a group with Mega and Yellow in PTA. If you want you can have your character stumble upon ours in Oak Town and from there you can do all sorts of things with us. :3 Oooorrr, you can meet up with Synth's character. She's going to join up with us later so see if you can contract her and do a jp together?
  7. The1mm0rt41One
    March 12th, 2014 4:41 PM
    I actually am apart of PTA as well. I just find it boring to RP without anybody else. But I can always find something else to do. Don't worry about me :) But I do want to thank you for bringing that to my attention. If you have any other concerns, please direct them to me.
  8. Greiger
    March 12th, 2014 4:27 PM
    It's quite alright, no need to apologize, but just be mindful that others also are rping here too. I just don't want anyone left behind and if that happens then usually rpers will leave. I would suggest if you are bored join some more rps! I myself am in pokemon trainer's academy. If you want, join that and you can post as many times as you want. :p
  9. The1mm0rt41One
    March 12th, 2014 4:13 PM
    Sorry :/ I just have nothing really to do now-a-days. It's really all I have. I'll try to be less active. My apologizes
  10. Greiger
    March 12th, 2014 4:08 PM
    Hey Immortal... I don't mean to bang on any parades or such but could you sort of not post as frequently in the IC? It's just that if we move at such a quick pace then some rpers will be left behind. Already the fight scene is over and I think only three of the rpers really participated in the fight itself. I know you're eager, but if you can just slow down a bit, let some time pass so that those who want to post actually have time to... well, post.