Conversation Between psyxe and Skuntank
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  1. psyxe
    July 24th, 2011 11:06 PM
    well if you could find someone that would trade me a jirachi for... well pretty much anything... let me know :D xD
  2. Skuntank
    July 24th, 2011 11:04 PM
    ha same story here, i actually have the game disc that came from pre-ordering colosseum back when i was younger but i lost my sapphire years ago... i picked pokemon up again after a friend played it and i bought black... and now im a pokenerd
  3. psyxe
    July 24th, 2011 10:58 PM
    would have to go pull out my old ruby version. i beleive my personal one was around 30-40 with pretty decent stats, but if needed i could just get fresh ones till i got a nature/decent stats that you want. *shrugs* ive not had a single pokemon game since ruby, so im not sure what everything is worth tbh.
  4. Skuntank
    July 24th, 2011 10:53 PM
    what are the details on the jirachi?
  5. psyxe
    July 24th, 2011 10:44 PM
    kk that'd be great :) if you ever get one you would like to perm trade, let me know. i know i dont have much, but im sure a jirachi is worth somethin right?

    especially victini, i have a friend that would kill me for that one :D
  6. Skuntank
    July 24th, 2011 10:43 PM
    no problem i may be getting a genesect tommorow or the next few days ill contact you ifi do
  7. psyxe
    July 24th, 2011 10:41 PM
    thanks, i really appreciate it :D
  8. Skuntank
    July 24th, 2011 10:36 PM
    im going in now
  9. psyxe
    July 24th, 2011 10:33 PM
  10. Skuntank
    July 24th, 2011 10:31 PM
    fc: 2279-8414-0321

  11. Skuntank
    July 24th, 2011 10:25 PM
    hey there i can get you a victini, and then keldeo for tradeback if youd like