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  1. Sheep
    October 3rd, 2020 8:11 PM
    Ooh yes it’s a long and good finale! Excited for you to watch it :3c what do you think of s3 so far? Forgot if I asked that lol

    And yeah!! It is such a gorgeous looking game still. I’m excited to eventually try it so I can appreciate the prettiness ❤️ Never played Skyrim though but it seems like it’s very time consuming with all the content lmao, aren’t they making a sequel or am I crazy??

    No Halloween plans sadly, especially with covid. Besides playing the ac update yeah! I’ll just stay home as usual, and no worrying about kids knocking on our doors for candy this year either it seems. You??
  2. ZeoStar
    October 2nd, 2020 4:06 PM
    It's okay, because I still have korra to watch. I understand the empty the feeling though Sometimes I feel that way if i've devoted lots of time into a game. I'm around episode 7 of season 3. I see the finale is an hour and 30 minutes, so i'm excited about it. I also have a 47 minute episode tonight.

    Yeah galaxy is the one with rosalina. I remember being 7 when it released, and it was the prettiest game I had ever seen. I didn't think a game could look more real. I lost my copy when we moved, so it'll be my first time since then getting to play it. However right now i'm more into skyrim.

    It's strange, but for some reason school is a place of comfort for me. I mean being home is okay too, but when i'm on my own is when i start dealing with anxious thoughts.

    Are you excited for Halloween? The animal crossing update is nice
  3. Sheep
    October 1st, 2020 11:39 AM
    ahaha no worries!!

    and sounds like avatar in a nutshell :D it's so addicting. once I start rewatching I'm sure I won't be able to stop, it's way too good. but then when you run out of episodes, it's like a part of you is empty. it's such a bittersweet feeling.

    never played 64 though! but it's so famous, so eventually I will lol. hadn't played much of Galaxy either but if it's the one with Rosalina, definitely worth a try!! love her design. the gameplay looks good too

    oof @ school @[email protected] schoolwork from home would be nice for an introvert like me though, but idk how you feel about the closure. hopefully nothing stressful for you!

    and LOL that video how have I never seen it before????
  4. ZeoStar
    September 29th, 2020 2:49 PM
    Oh wow i'm such a klutz. I posted this entire message to my own profile. As for korra probably shortly after. I can't even describe how much fun i'm having with this show. Uh let's just say so much for pacing myself. I'm already at season 3. I keep saying "just one more episode". Then find myself watching until 12:00 AM. I couldn't believe Aang was knocked out in the avatar state. I was expecting that in the final battle or something, not against azula. Zuko betraying Iroh hurt. I was so disappointed in my favorite character.

    I love Mario Sunshine. It can be a hard game though. I think it's more tame if you aren't going for every shine sprite. It's much different, because it doesn't go for typical mario levels (Like...the desert, snow place, etc). The whole game sticks to it's tropical theme. Have you played Mario 64? The one from the collection I haven't played much at all is Galaxy. I plan to do them in order. With Mario 64 i'm currently at about 60 stars.

    Yeah I don't get it. Florida has seen the worst of it, but has already opened schools and everything. The school I attend has announced closure until May 2021.

    Oh here's a short clip from the person who voices Azula. Youtube recommended this, I thought it was amusing.
  5. Sheep
    September 28th, 2020 3:41 PM
    are you gonna watch korra right after? :O (forgot ahah)

    and congrats! I want to play that too... it seems so well-regarded, hearing positive stuff about it all the time. luckily I'll be able to play the mario 3d collection games on my own switch once I buy it for my partner, so I'll be able to experience it for myself.

    and oof yeah florida is pretty crazy atm too. apparently they've started doing full re-openings for restaurants even though they have a decently high case count still? seems like they value money/tourism way more than the life of people, and that makes it seem really worrying to ever consider going there...
  6. ZeoStar
    September 27th, 2020 3:30 PM
    I watched 5 episodes last night. I've gotten really into it. Poor zuko, he's still my favorite but seems like nothing goes his way. Toph is a breath of fresh air. I'm at the episode where they escaped the library and lost appa in the desert.

    I got all 120 shine sprites on Mario Sunshine last year. I wouldn't mind doing it again, but I might just settle for a normal play-through instead of 100% this time. I never played FF14, but I did play 13 and that was my favorite final fantasy game. Others I've played are 6, 7, and 10 which I finished last month. I only got into the series last year. I've never watched any anime besides pokemon, but i'm always open to trying things (I don't think avatar counts as an anime)

    Oh and I finally made a post flair. Btw yeah my family was planning on going back to florida this year so we could visit universal studios, but covid happened. In 2018 we went to disney world. I hope you get to go abroad, that sounds so fun
  7. Sheep
    September 26th, 2020 5:53 PM
    ahh I wish I were that way too! being red makes nervousness so noticeable, and people will almost always assume you're struggling. would have been nice if it were less visible in that way. but yeah, shaking and getting disoriented also sounds so terrible and I totally get that sometimes too. I hope it will only get better for you from here ;o;

    did you end up binging? toph is so cool!! and oooo I tried to buy the Mario 3D game set for my bf since today was our anniversary but he's australian and his Switch wouldn't take my american credit card lol. so now I'm here waiting for my usual online gift card store to replenish their australian eshop cards... hope you have fun when you play that :D

    and OMG, I knoww. I'm so tired of it too. I should've been abroad by now (planned to go in May) but that obviously didn't happen and now I'm here in the US being gloomy about it. it's so hard for people right now. mostly I keep busy by posting and playing FFXIV (an MMO) with friends, but it has definitely affected my (and lots of others') mood. gaming is a lot of fun. and anime!
  8. ZeoStar
    September 25th, 2020 4:11 PM
    Nope I don't get red, unless it's a panic attack. I shake and get disoriented. I had a similar experience. We had these employers come in our school to help us practice job interviews, and I shook so badly she wrote that on my feedback. That was embarrassing. It's gotten much better over the years, but not perfect. I'm optimistic that maybe one day I can completely overcome it.

    I just reached the episode where they met toph. I might binge a few episodes tonight. At the same time, I have the mario 3d collection and sort of want to play it.

    Unrelated, but the covid situation is really tiring. Who knew it would dominate this whole year. I ended up loving these online class zoom meetings, because they keep me occupied. (And when I feel like it I just flip my camera off). If it's alright to ask, how do you keep occupied? My mind has been getting clouded in anxious thoughts, so I probably need something new. I might pick up a novel, even though i'm not much of a book reader.
  9. Sheep
    September 24th, 2020 7:04 PM
    -late, i forgot to reply oopsss-

    yeah, definitely not shyness... outright anxiety that will just keep happening. it's horrible, and i feel so bad for anyone who goes through this. one time i got so anxious my co-worker/friend turned around and was like 'OMG why are you so red???' it really shows in my face, which is so embarrassing ;_; hopefully it slowly gets better over time for you, but totally okay if it doesn't! everyone is different. do you get blushy/red-faced when anxious too, or just me? lol

    zuko's sister is insane and it can get amusing sometimes omg
  10. ZeoStar
    September 22nd, 2020 4:42 PM
    That sounds like a cool idea for a flair. To be honest I looked at creating a flair and got completely lost. Maybe I overly complicated it. I would like to make myself a flair which fits the whismicott avatar.

    Yeah that's a good point with how it's hard to change where your brain is wired. I get anxious over small things, such as ordering food, or the fear of messing up something small like swiping my card. I ride public transport, and I still get anxious about flagging a bus down. But it makes me so happy when a driver knows me and I don't even have to do that. Unfortunately, it's not shyness. I could do this a million times but the nerves are still going to pop up. It has gotten better to an extent, but I still fret and worry about messing things up. That's the reality of anxiety. It doesn't help when I actually do mess something up, then the fear turns into reality and it becomes worse for me.

    I started season 2 btw. It looks like zuko's sister is the new villain. She seems genuinely mean, while zuko comes off that way sometimes, I think he's actually more soft hearted.
  11. Sheep
    September 21st, 2020 4:01 PM
    you are making me want to have an avatar themed flair next hehe, going to have to consider it for later!

    Did you ever do any group presentations?
    I did but even then it was scary. I was the one not presenting lol, I did other things (like a video to go with our presentation, ended up doing all of that to make up for no presenting) ; ; and ugh exactly. there are public speaking classes like that out there and they do help some people, but for many with anxiety it can be really hard to retain that confidence. i had a job for 2 years where I had to sit at the front desk and deal with lots of customers (students in this case, worked at a uni) and answer phones. sometimes I was less nervous, but it never went away even after all that time. it's just hard to change how your brain is wired if you really struggle with this type of stuff to begin with x_x so yeah, definitely agree with you
  12. ZeoStar
    September 20th, 2020 6:32 PM
    Oh wow I loved every second of that. I feel so bad for admiral zhao. With how he and Zuko almost had a last truce of reaching hands and he ended up drowning. I know he was the villain but that's a horrid fate. Now I wonder what happens to the fire nation without his leadership. Also every time he goes into the avatar state it gets so eerie and intense.

    Did you ever do any group presentations? I think those are easier because you can take turns speaking. I had a teacher who made us do presentations all the time, sometimes twice per be honest it wasn't great. I got better at speaking in front of that class, but when I had to do it in front of new people the nerves started all over again.

    Have a good rest of your night! Those were great episodes and i'm glad it's picking up. I liked everything up to this point, but this felt like the first major event.
  13. Sheep
    September 20th, 2020 5:24 PM
    iroh is so good.. everyone wishes they had family like him i'm sure, ahah
    s2 and iirc s3 were my favs <3 you'll def like them! excited to see your thoughts!

    omg... performing for a crowd would make me so anxious too. people who can do that and enjoy it have all of my respect. even singing in front of a class for choir would make me so nervous, i used to make excuses to skip out on presentations hahaha ;_;
  14. ZeoStar
    September 20th, 2020 1:32 PM
    I'm about to finish up season 1 tonight. I'm about to get to the siege of the north episodes. Zuko and his uncle Iroh are both my favorites. I've heard good things about season 2 so I can't wait to start that one. This has become something I look forward to watching every night. Still pacing it at 2 episodes, but doing 3 tonight so I can start season 2 tomorrow.

    Voice acting fascinates me, but i'm not sure where one would start. I have a sibling who does theatre, and I couldn't imagine preforming like that for a crowd. But she does it so naturally. The closest I've gotten is when I was in the school choir, to get our voice range we had to sing individually in front of the teacher. (With the class watching).
  15. Sheep
    September 15th, 2020 7:55 AM
    gah I dunno. water seems awesome, so does air.... and earth is my natural element as a taurus, so that one clicks. probably earth in that case. water is a good choice :'D

    Then I feel so much better about myself after I finish, because it's never as bad as I worry myself over.
    OMG, I know. i get this so often. not too worried over phone calls anymore (unless they're work calls, I know my co-workers can hear me make calls so I get tons more nervous and shaky having to do them). it's such a great feeling when you're done! i can totally understand

    and aaahh thank you ;_; yeah i've been drawing for years, i appreciate that so much!!! meanwhile i'm envious of those who can make music, voice act etc ahaha there's always something someone else can do better than another person