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  1. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 8:37 PM
    Glad to hear you got it!! I hope you feel more relieved now that you're taking it, glad it all went away when you started the medication again ^^ Medicine is so impressive tbh, it's great how it can make people live so much more comfortably.

    ooh yeah BotW was so popular. I think it takes a very long time to go through most of the content there, which is good since it means more playtime. I like the way it looks a lot but dunno if it's my thing either. Already tried Genshin Impact which was strongly inspired by it, and while I loved the characters/art, the gameplay got a little too tiring and repetitive for me. hope he likes it!!

    And yes I did try. :D It's fun but I'm taking it slow and only playing an hour or so max a day, so I don't go through the content too quickly. I like designing homes for characters since I enjoyed that in Happy Home Designer for 3DS, so I knew I'd like this one too. And the new furniture I've seen so far looks nice. Bell Boom sounds good, gl paying it off! I went with beautiful island so I can get more villagers to help me water flowers and pick weeds lol. Though I have so many flowers they will never keep up with all of it each day, uuurgh.

    tipper is cute <3
  2. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 11:58 PM
    It's quite alright. In other news I actually got refilled on the prescription. I was actually beginning withdrawal symptoms so I'm thankful to have it. It's 2:50 AM at my time of writing this, a side effect of being on the medication is randomly being wide awake when I should be asleep. But gosh, being on it is so much better than suffering through anxiety. It just all disintegrated when I took this.

    Someone was texting me about how he planned on buying Breath of The Wild. I wasn't a fan of that game, but I didn't dissuade him. Just because I didn't enjoy it doesn't mean he wouldn't like it. It's just that Nintendo games don't go on sale so he has to buy something he's unsure about for $60.

    I have Marina, Julian, Jerimiah, and Tipper which are some I like. My sister got me an amiibo card with Jerimiah, Tipper moved in from her village. So I assume at this point you must have tried the update, what did you think of it? You can now pick an ordinance. I picked the bell boom because I still haven't payed my house. I get so distracted in this game.
  3. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 5:15 AM
    Omg, I'm so sorry ;__; Ugh. Life just isn't fair sometimes. All the best to you and his friends and loved ones.. I'm so sorry again. :( Here for you.

    And awesome, thank you for letting me know! I would rather play the 3DS version since it's more modern and looks better, that makes the decision much easier. I think my husband might have a copy so I will ask him and see. Would be nice to finally experience that classic.

    And nice! Who are some of your fav villagers you have? :3 Glad you had fun! I am actually typing this right before going to try out the new update ~
  4. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 10:24 AM
    Thanks. It was a nice halloween.

    I finished the appointment. The appointment was fine, this morning wasn't. A loved one lost his battle with addiction. I feel sick. I haven't felt this way from a loss in a long time. We loved him.

    Ocarina of Time has a 3DS remake and it's way better. If you can, you should probably play that one. It's only $20 now. The art style is beautiful, the water temple has been fixed to remove the tedium, it has a built in hint system so you don't need internet guidance. There's a fun mode to rematch bosses too. I hated the N64 version as a kid. I was like "why would my older brother like this clunky game so much". I played the 3DS version, loved it. Went back to the N64 version, and appreciated it more.

    I played Animal Crossing with my sister today. Her island is way better than mine. The only thing I like right now about my island is my villagers.
  5. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 4:24 AM
    Happy late Halloween!!!

    And I'm the same. If something stresses me out I'll be thinking about it constantly until it's time for it, which just makes me more worried about it. Totally get you there >< Living life like this can be so stressful..

    OoT seems fun! Some people are really trying to get me to play it lol, I should one day. Never really played most of these classic N64 games either, but ones like OoT are very tempting cause of all the good feedback on it ~

    A lot of stuff is in the DLC, off the top of my head it's farming, cooking, a new area to travel to with a lot of shops (some that are from New Leaf will exist in NH with that too), villagers can visit you or invite you over, and more. It's pretty big and I'm excited for it. Just a few more days!! I'm really looking forward to AC but also BDSP and Legends to a somewhat smaller extent, though I'm still excited. Hoenn was my most played region too and I spent so much time on it as a kid, so I get that, but it's cool to know I can try out DP remakes in 2021. Didn't think it would happen when they came out in 2006 :D
  6. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 4:26 AM
    Happy Halloween
  7. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 1:14 PM
    I called the doctor office anyways. As expected, they told me I need to wait until the appointment. I feel just fine right now. Although, I'm becoming incessantly worried about the appointment. (like, i'm counting the days and hours in my head). Part of the issue with this anxiety disorder is that I get fixated on something, and worry myself until I become ill. I wish I had a way to calm down, but I usually succumb to this.

    He is having lots of fun with it. It makes it totally worth the $50 for me. I started playing Ocarina of Time. I may have already expressed my feelings towards older games. Being born after the N64 era, I have no nostalgic attachment for many of these games. Because of this, it sometimes makes these games feel like nothing but an outdated mess. I love Ocarina of Time though.

    What else is being included in the Animal Crossing DLC? I was speaking with my sister about it and she mentioned some new villagers and farming. I mostly look forward to the DDP remake. I believe during the original releases I had recently turned 6. For some reason I asked to buy Pokemon Sapphire instead. (no idea why). So I grew up with Hoenn, not Sinnoh. Which one do you look forward to more?
  8. Sheep
    October 28th, 2021 5:10 AM
    Ahh I'd be so nervous if I typically took meds but didn't have enough.. but if you think you'll be okay, it's good to hear <3 Panic attacks suck. I had them at random moments too and god it just sucks when they happen without a trigger. But when they were triggered by a ton of customers at work is the worst because then my face will turn red and it'll become so obvious I'm anxious. Just thinking of those moments makes me cringe...

    omg! That's so nice of you. T_T I hope he has fun with it when he plays! I probably would've done that too if I had someone over often enough that wanted to use it. Luckily my husband's friend pays for a family plan and keeps us all on it lol. When you break it down to a family plan ($80 a year, up to 8 people) it comes down to around $6.6 per year for each person which is a lot more affordable. We'll just buy him a lunch or something when we see him next. I'm a bit torn on this expansion pass in general cause it's soo expensive but at least we're not paying for it tbh..

    Looking forward to the AC DLC honestly, so many people are! The new Pokémon games too. I hope you can get it soon ^^ Are you looking forward to Legends or BDSP, or both?
  9. ZeoStar
    October 26th, 2021 2:47 PM
    Oh, thank you! I wanted something winter-ish. It's my first time ever using a gif avatar.

    I'm glad you've gotten to attend one of these. The live stunt man was incredible. I had third row seats. He did things such as juggling knives, while another stunt involved him placing tiny objects on his body (such as his arms and head) while the other person launched knives and precisely knocked the objects off. I'm not much of a shopper, so I hung out at the shows all day.

    Mine often do not have triggers, and will just occur for seemingly not much reason. Coincidentally, I had one this morning at about 4:00 AM. I'm still in pretty good spirits. I did tell my mother this time, so she asked if I had medication. Truthfully, I'm out of medicine and have no refills. I can't get into the doctors until November. I'll be fine, that I'm sure of.

    I did buy the Nintendo Expansion Pass for $50. I was not going to do this, but I have a younger cousin who is disabled. He likes coming over and playing games, and I knew how happy he would be playing the expansion pass. Happiness is pretty contagious, and there's a certain joy I get from knowing he's over here comfortably playing a game.

    Then again, I was going to save this gift card for the new pokemon game. But I guess I might get lucky and get it at Christmas. The expansion pass also got me the animal crossing DLC. What do you think of the expansion pass?
  10. Sheep
    October 25th, 2021 10:01 PM
    I love your avatar so sooo much

    And that looks awesome! I love Medieval-like festivals, they're always a lot of fun. We went to a Medieval show once with my little brother who was like, maybe 6 at the time, and it was one of the best times ever. So much respect to those actors. Wish I could've been there with you too! Glad you enjoyed it!! :D

    I'm glad you're not getting panic attacks as much. I used to get them years ago, was triggered by waking up not able to breathe (probably was just sleeping and breathing weirdly), and that lasted for like half a year without any treatment because I thought I could just get over it. Wish I took medication, would have made it so much less hellish.

    It wasn't just some sort of meme about the milkshake machine never working. It was always down for some odd reason.
    lol I know the feel. I feel like it was down 80% of the time when I went there. I remember getting it one time and the milkshake was icky and sour so they must have used spoiled milk <_<
  11. ZeoStar
    October 25th, 2021 2:37 PM
    Here's a photo gallery of some of the stuff I saw. It was super fun, but my photos are just random.

    There was jousting (which explains the horses). It's actually the official sport for our area. I took photos of the stages and performers, some of it was just the crowd photos of the crowd I took, because seeing so many people is interesting to me.
  12. ZeoStar
    October 22nd, 2021 9:02 AM
    I will be leaving for the weekend soon so I'll reply right now.

    We lived near an awful area for the duration of 2016. It had a plethora of fast food chains and services, but the Burger King was getting robbed on a regular basis. I made friends with some of the neighborhood kids (who carried switchblades), we shared a bus stop and they sort of just...took me in for some reason. I never had to walk alone because of that. The local KFC was so bad, soggy and overall bad quality. Hopefully the one you live near turns out way better than what I had experienced. There was also a checkers which was our 'go to' spot. I loved the Bacon Burgers, but not the healthiest stuff in the world. There was a McDonalds which is the 'popular choice' but never worth the price. It wasn't just some sort of meme about the milkshake machine never working. It was always down for some odd reason.

    I have experienced fainting but nothing to do with nutrition. Panic Attacks can cause similar feelings, but I haven't had one of those in over 4 months. The prescription I'm using ends them as they begin, so I no longer fear them as much.

    Strangely enough, I can't relate much to anger. It's just not an emotion that comes up for me.
  13. Sheep
    October 22nd, 2021 3:19 AM
    I actually heard it's not as good in Japan, or according to someone I know from the UK who lives there ahaha. We have them here too, though I've never been yet! gotta try sometime so I can compare it to what I know in the US lol. White Castle is......god I heard like 10+ years ago the food was awful, I never see anyone talk about it either. wonder if they're doing okay financially honestly. We had one not too far from where I lived in the US and there was almost no one going in/out each time I passed by @[email protected]

    my metabolism is strong too! we're similar there. it's important to eat enough though, fainting from malnutrition would be the last thing anyone would want for you tbh <3

    And wow... that's a bit scary he reacted that way. I wonder if he had any mental health struggles and if he had gotten some assistance with that in the time you've not talked. Even if not, hopefully as he got older he at least realized that behavior was wrong. I'd be startled being around someone so angry. My friend's dad used to have such serious anger issues he'd throw chairs and it was just terrifying. Eventually he took anger management classes and got much better.
  14. ZeoStar
    October 18th, 2021 3:08 PM
    The username is wonderful and in great halloween spirit, so is the avatar. I caught on immediately. I'm just too lazy so I never switch anything aside from my avatar.

    I knew about KFC being big in Japan, but I wasn't aware of it being a christmas tradition. KFC is one of the few fast food places I just straight up never enjoyed. I bet it's in better quality in other countries. Do they have such places in Australia? If not KFC, maybe an equivalent? I would like to try a White Castle, but we've never stopped there. Despite that I have been to New Jersey and Tennessee, I've never seen a white castle.

    Yeah I probably could speak with a doctor. My metabolism is still so strong, even when I was eating lots of protein I wasn't gaining much. The only time I've ever gained was during the year I binged fast food all the time.

    I've always been confused about the relationship. He kept saying I was like his sibling, so I never thought of him as a bully. Although it's interesting that it was your instant response to this. No, he probably wouldn't apologize. He came off as quite unstable sometimes. We were sitting together in class once, and someone tossed a pencil at his head. He began screaming his lungs out about murder and walked out the door. I wasn't a saint of a kid either, but I guess his behavior caused me to freeze up sometimes. I could write an entire book on him, honestly.

    This response is coming pretty fast, i need something to do with my PS4 controller charges and you already replied, so here it is.
  15. Sheep
    October 18th, 2021 7:57 AM
    (I changed my username and avatar to fit Halloween, sorry if it confuses you at first! lool)

    And yeah xmas is pretty huge in Australia. Quite commercialized too. It would seem weird to me if it wasn't!! even in places like Japan it's a growing trend, they love having KFC there for it actually. They sell so much around xmas time that people need to reserve fried chicken in advance aha.

    and omg. T_T I hope you can eat more and not lose too much more weight. Honestly it's better to eat something than nothing at all, and just oatmeal is going to make you sick in the future since you're not getting enough nutrients. Do you think you can talk to a doctor about how to work out a plan to eat properly, and what to eat? Doing this for too long is going to cause health issues and I don't want you to damage your body too much. :(

    oof @ your friend, I'd be so hurt by that tbh. I mean, I also wouldn't want my friends to lie about what's being said about me, but hearing that kind of truth hurts. I was bullied in various grades too and it was never fun. My friends would even bully each other sometimes in grades 6-8 lol, but when we got older we all got over that behavior. People do change and get better generally. But if he made all that stuff about you up I hope he apologizes at some point. Maybe he's too embarrassed by his behavior and hopes you forgot, but still!