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Conversation Between AmazingCharizard and mysteryman1
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  1. AmazingCharizard
    November 28th, 2015 10:42 AM
    Well, I got a Youtube channel if you're interested although I haven't uploaded a video in years:
    Yeah, I noticed that you use slang. Just curious, where are you from?
    Well, mostly all hacks I've played are available on this site (besides the Dark Rising series, google it and you'll find a link to DR1, DR2 and I think there's some kind of 3rd game too by now).
  2. mysteryman1
    November 28th, 2015 3:50 AM
    P.s. what's your YouTube n such if got one. Also what else have u made. I kinda was holding you'd send the game(.zip) n such its self in a message on here or to my email for easy download lol. Also any other pokemon hacks or fan made ones u recommend with download links preferably lol. Aslp LPs n or walkthrough videos too. Ok thx later. :). Also I abbreviate stuff n use slang n so on often when type so bare with me lol n sorry in advance if I type something thats hard to understand lol. I wish I could blame my handicap but oh well lol. Ok bye now. Thx again. Later. XD
  3. mysteryman1
    November 28th, 2015 3:44 AM
    Thx. Thx for reply. Thx for link to your game. I got two new hacks cyan and fuligin, cyan not complete yet ugh I've beaten version I have so far idk when new um version/update will be n how to get it. Almost beat fuligin story wise. And I'm the one who likes to complete the Pokedex fully lol. I have some games that aren't completed version it sux. Like thunder emblem n few others, idk how to get completed versions of them if any. Sorry about my typing lol, I type a few different ways lol hard to switched back n forth, do one way long enough you start to do it becomes second nature to you n do it other placed as well. I'm not worried about email thing but thanks. Yes I do plan to make some solo n with help from ppl who have, n do both kinds u mentioned, but how make hack? Is same as the so called fan made ones or? I've watch YouTube video on how to make pokemon game, idk if its up to date tho n it had two to three links to things to use. Any help would be appreciated too in likeing some, when I do that is. Can send in desperate message n with links if posable. Hard to find good n complete walkthroughs n LPs of hacks n fan made games, idk person stop posting them or what lol. I play most my hacks I've got on either my cell (zte whirl android) idk the numbers or on my tablets which is ig an Emerson powered by android ig, idk if spelled names right altho normally a good speller lol.
  4. AmazingCharizard
    November 8th, 2015 10:55 AM
    Here is my game(requires Windows to download it though).
    Dude, I'd advise you to use paragraphs because they really help a lot with readibility :D

    Considering making games: what games do you intend to build? A rom hack like mine? Or a really new game for PC (you can do that with tools like RPG Maker)? Or even more, a Pokemon game which you build from the ground of, for example: a Skyrim-like Pokemon?
    I'd say rom hacking is a bit easier at least, especially in the beginning. There are some tutorial in this forum(Tutorial section in the hacking subforum) and YouTube where you can learn mapping and scripting(which is probably the most difficult task).

    Besides, if I were you, I'd remove your email you posted. It's the Internet after all lol and the Internet never forgets.
  5. mysteryman1
    November 7th, 2015 11:28 PM
    Thx for reply wasn't expecting it lol. Send me your hack n I will thats if able to get to down load. I'm still to hacks. One site I got a ton from doesnt have them. A few I stupidly deleted from my cell. I got some like thunder emblem that aren't done unless mine is old version :'( in general I got a few that aren't done or I just have the older version idk. I have hard time finding how to down load some hacks. I dont have a computer. Just crapy cell n tablet. Lol. I have liquid crystal I think idk if its newest one. Shiny gold I think have n maybe shiny gold x idk. N those others u mentioned I recently thought about getting but idk where? I'll msg with list of what I got. Like: ruby destiny series got those three. N advanced adventure, ash gray, ash quiet, glazed, dark raising 1 & 2, crono but stuck at begging bed wont tlk and won't go to slp I watch video but didn't work still stuck, brown ehhh, some eevee one which weird can switch to any form, light platinum I think, n one similar maybe, dark violet again idk if its newest idk which version cause I think more then one lol, n a few more can't think of at moment. I watch um ppl um what its calle walkthroughs or LP's of games such of which are or were unfinished so can't see new epIsode till either person uploads or maker continues likeing the game, only a few lp or walkthroughs I've seen were completed :'( I need more of those too lol. What can I say I'm a new I to all this but I'm learning n some day I'll make my own game like these n they'll be awesome n I'll even make special um copys for certain ppl like having cheats which I use in my games cuz nvr could with real games in store so I use them now since I can since I found all this was going on which amazing lol. Sry if typed a lot lol. Anyway send me all those games u said. I was also recently thinking about getting ig your rocky game n trying to find it n others Ugh not easy. :'( it be nice to hook me up if you could. Ok ttyl. I'll make list of what I got n ones I'm looking into getting or getting umm newest version/update of n maybe u can tell me what u think n help me find them seeing as you might be more skilled or better at fing them n if u got any can send me copy of yours (not your save file tho)lol. Ok please n thank you in advance! :) X) ttyl now bye n have a good day! :)
  6. AmazingCharizard
    October 29th, 2015 9:58 AM
    Hi there. So why don't you try out my hack first (Pokemon Rocket Strike) ;)
    If looking for more: Liquid Crystal, Shiny Gold, Red Adventures, Fuligin.
  7. mysteryman1
    October 28th, 2015 8:55 PM
    I'm lookn for new games/hacks to play. Got any or recommend any? Preferably completed ones. Please and thank you?
  8. mysteryman1
    October 28th, 2015 8:52 PM
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