Conversation Between UnnecessaryLongName and Gandhi Savage
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  1. Gandhi Savage
    July 13th, 2015 9:05 AM
    Gandhi Savage
    That's cool, feel better soon.
  2. UnnecessaryLongName
    July 13th, 2015 8:44 AM
    I think I'm gonna have to leave the darkest time, I'm losing most of my motivation for anything lately. I'm sorry
  3. Gandhi Savage
    June 29th, 2015 3:28 PM
    Gandhi Savage
    That's probably for the best, it's not filling up as quick as I'd have thought so SU's may still be open.
  4. UnnecessaryLongName
    June 29th, 2015 9:52 AM
    Well I'm not home until Friday, so that's when I could work on it. I'll just wait and see if a spot is open for that long ^^
  5. Gandhi Savage
    June 29th, 2015 8:13 AM
    Gandhi Savage
    How long would it take you to prepare an SU?
  6. UnnecessaryLongName
    June 28th, 2015 9:34 PM
    Are there reserves for your Hoenn rp? Sorry to ask here, but I didn't see anything on the main post about it (might have missed it tho)