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  1. Substitute Doll
    August 4th, 2016 4:08 AM
    Substitute Doll
  2. azurile13
    August 3rd, 2016 2:07 PM
  3. Substitute Doll
    August 3rd, 2016 12:30 PM
    Substitute Doll
    is there a link to a thread to the berry bag addition for your Nameless FR project?
  4. azurile13
    August 3rd, 2016 11:02 AM
    Hi Deltakirby, how are you doing?
  5. Substitute Doll
    August 3rd, 2016 8:02 AM
    Substitute Doll
    Hi azurile
  6. Substitute Doll
    June 14th, 2016 11:50 AM
    Substitute Doll
  7. azurile13
    June 14th, 2016 10:24 AM
    You mean the functions it calls and RAM addresses? Yep, you do :/ I was going to post a FireRed port, actually, but I used C when I ported it, so I couldn't really think of a good way to "share" it, especially since the routines and C involved a bunch of stuff to Stance Change.
  8. Substitute Doll
    June 14th, 2016 7:15 AM
    Substitute Doll
    Also, for the ASM on that post, do I just have to change the offsets of the things there?
    Or do I have to change the registers also?
    thxs again
  9. azurile13
    June 13th, 2016 12:41 PM
    Yup. Emerald and FireRed have have the same tables for that.
  10. Substitute Doll
    June 13th, 2016 6:26 AM
    Substitute Doll
    for this post on stance change for EM, are the hex strings the same in FR? thxs
  11. Substitute Doll
    March 29th, 2016 11:49 AM
    Substitute Doll
  12. azurile13
    March 28th, 2016 6:49 PM
    Yeah its just a way I used to write a lot of files that contain tables/ pointers so that I could easily move them around a ROM in the future without updating anything. I believe .asm is the windows equiv of .s, thumb.bat or devkitARM will do the trick.
  13. Substitute Doll
    March 28th, 2016 4:34 PM
    Substitute Doll

    how do you compile .s files? is it just like asm?

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