Conversation Between pokeman10000 and YellowGardevoir
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  1. YellowGardevoir
    August 18th, 2013 3:34 PM
    As you have not responded, I have no choice but to remove from Fire Emblem: Re-Awakening.
  2. YellowGardevoir
    August 12th, 2013 10:22 AM
    You have not posted for quite some time in the Fire Emblem thread. I understand if you're busy, but if you can't post for some reason then we need to open up your slot so that someone else can participate in the Rp. Please contact me or post as soon as you are able.
  3. YellowGardevoir
    July 28th, 2013 8:07 AM
    You have not posted for some time on FIre Emblem: Re-Awakening. You are obviously active, so please post!
  4. pokeman10000
    June 9th, 2013 3:41 AM
    I've finished mu SU for Fire Emblem: Re-awakening, hope it's good enough!