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Conversation Between Fantaseed and Lunos
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  1. Fantaseed
    September 29th, 2021 12:29 AM
    Thanks for informing me about this. My response to this is. I have no close connection or connection at all to the patreon/donation sites involving Moemon Development or any Moemon team that profits over Moemon romhack/sprites/artworks. I'll be sure to tell the other Moemon romhackers(that aren't really connected to any patreon/donation sites to clear up the issue) about this case.

    About Moemon Bonds it isn't associated or involved with any patreon or donations of Moemon Development or Moemon Project or anything that involves profits. It's just a romhack with sprite swaps and modifications and just like any romhack it's free to access and play. The Moemon sprites used in the hack are credited to the specific sprite artists as well.

    Also, the hack is solely a one-man development team. Meaning it is not connected or related to any Moemon project or Moemon team even it's not from the Japanese community.

    Rest assured I'll be sure to credit the artists who created the sprites used in-game and won't make any money out of it. More so, it won't become associated to any team that has patreon/donation site even in the future.
  2. Lunos
    September 28th, 2021 1:36 PM
    Sup Fantaseed.
    I have a contact from the Japanese Pokémon ROM Hacking Community that passed a message to me.
    I see you have created a hack called "Moemon Bonds", so I figured you should be aware of this.

    I understand there isn't any Patreon communities linked in your project's thread, but still, if you mantain contact with other Moemon creators, I would like you to let them know of this.
    I hope I'm not bothering you too much. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.