Conversation Between TatlTael and Khawill
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  1. Khawill
    October 6th, 2012 6:34 PM
    Well I'm in like 5, but some RPs are more active than others.
    I would suggest like 2 if you have a lot to do, but my RP doesn't care if you post every day or week (unless you have a person you are RPing with) as long as you do two missions a month (you can only do 1 per week)
  2. TatlTael
    October 6th, 2012 6:27 PM
    Okay awesome! I will make sure that I check all of them out! Thanks!
    Btw, how many RP's should I limit myself to? I don't want to be in too many in case I get clutttered and lose track of what RPs I am in.
  3. Khawill
  4. Khawill
    October 6th, 2012 6:14 PM
    Welcome to PC, I saw your post in the Discussion thread and may I suggest these three-
    Pokemon Fallout (Newb friendly, very free roam, pretty lax, older)
    PeaceKeepers Academy (Made by me, very free roam, mission system, new, I do accept newbs lol)
    Pokemon Revolution (made by my friend, not yet started, again good for newbs)

    Please make sure to sign up for them in the Roleplay lounge, except for the last who has their sign up thread in the corner.