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  1. blackevil165
    August 30th, 2012 6:01 PM
  2. Conan Edogawa
    August 30th, 2012 5:35 PM
    Conan Edogawa
    I'm gonna try using and see if it works, what's your skype?
  3. blackevil165
    August 30th, 2012 5:17 PM
    Basically lol
  4. Conan Edogawa
    August 30th, 2012 2:58 PM
    Conan Edogawa
    Hm, what do you use for messaging? Just Skype?
  5. blackevil165
    August 30th, 2012 7:47 AM
    I don't have MSN :S
  6. Conan Edogawa
    August 29th, 2012 7:00 PM
    Conan Edogawa
    I don't have skype, but I do use msn. Mine is, just let me know what yours is because I do have some other requests and I don't want to accept them accidentally.
  7. blackevil165
    August 29th, 2012 2:33 PM
    Most definitely! Do you want my skype or something so contact is easier?
  8. Conan Edogawa
    August 28th, 2012 6:39 PM
    Conan Edogawa
    Oh, well if you're interested in helping with that I'd be more than happy to accept it.
  9. blackevil165
    August 28th, 2012 6:31 PM
    By freelance I mean I'm not a professional, but I have been making money off of design work. I do logos and all sorts of crap.
  10. Conan Edogawa
    August 28th, 2012 3:42 PM
    Conan Edogawa
    What do you mean by freelance design? I'm curious, because I have pretty big plans for overhauling the game, so the more quality help I can get the merrier.

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