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Conversation Between Rokusasu and SV
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  1. SV
    July 29th, 2012 5:13 PM
    Hey, you haven't posted in Hyrus in a while. Are you still with us?
  2. Rokusasu
    May 6th, 2012 2:21 PM
    Thank you, will do~ c=
  3. SV
    May 6th, 2012 2:16 PM
    Well, good luck to you. If you need any help, feel free to ask.
  4. Rokusasu
    May 6th, 2012 2:08 PM
    Yupyup, I'm very much obsessed with the game right now. Trying to come up with something to do the series justice as well as making it enjoyable for people to participate in is difficult, but I'm getting there. c:
  5. SV
    May 6th, 2012 12:15 PM
    Haha! That's just great. You were the person thinking of making a Mass Effect RP, right? If you ever decide to do so, you can count me in. I'm a huge fan.
  6. Rokusasu
    May 6th, 2012 11:48 AM
    Got recognised. Very pleased. Humbled.

  7. SV
    May 6th, 2012 10:48 AM
    I saw your avatar was Mordin Solus so I just wanted to drop by and give a thumbs up for that so...

    *Thumbs up*

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