Conversation Between Aisu and Sheep
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  1. Aisu
    December 24th, 2017 7:14 PM
    I work at Banana Republic
  2. Sheep
    December 24th, 2017 4:52 PM
    ahah eh it's not that big a deal really, before this i just did receptionist/temp/intern/retail of work and retail sucks for sure... i hate dealing with customers, even though people tell me i'm super duper friendly when i talk lol. but hell if anyone wants to be paid near minimum wage to deal with angry customers constantly, its such a thankless job
    what store/shop do you work in =o
  3. Aisu
    December 24th, 2017 3:55 PM
    Oh snap I see you have an important job. I work in retail and now I feel pretty pathetic about it xD
  4. Sheep
    December 24th, 2017 7:18 AM
    I work at a college registrar office verifying education/degrees earned for employers and drafting official proof of attendance documents, among other things
    it's a union job so it's secure and chances of being fired are near impossible, but geesh do i wish they paid better
    but i'm going to try to move up positions after a while anyway, and i can also take free college classes in these schools if i wanted to, so maybe i'll get a masters eventually
  5. Aisu
    December 23rd, 2017 12:51 PM
    What kind of work do you do anyway
  6. Sheep
    December 21st, 2017 7:23 PM
    yeah we only have the monday off since xmas eve is on sunday the 24th, and it is hella depressing, let's see if they let us leave early tomorrow... [ heavy sigh ]
  7. Aisu
    December 21st, 2017 1:26 PM
    Christmas is on a Monday though
  8. Sheep
    December 19th, 2017 6:59 PM
    hell yeah
    i wish i still had those but alas ;___; really feeling the pain since both xmas and new year are on a Sunday this time, so we only have the Monday off..
  9. Aisu
    December 18th, 2017 7:32 PM
    Thanks! The semester is over now so I'm back to browsing the internet with no purpose in life
  10. Sheep
    December 14th, 2017 5:53 PM
    late af my bad
    Hey omg long time <3 Love that avatar!!!!
  11. Aisu
    December 12th, 2017 2:55 PM
    Long time no see Sheep-san
  12. Aisu
  13. Aisu
    July 23rd, 2017 7:36 AM
    So we did actually get our Nalu
  14. Sheep
    July 23rd, 2017 6:21 AM
    very cute and i approve
  15. Aisu