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  1. Frostweaver
    January 2nd, 2013 3:14 AM
    aw still sounds like a much better christmas holiday than me =( though having bit of fun gaming here and there haha
  2. Spinosaurus
    January 2nd, 2013 1:35 AM
    Well, when you put it that way then yeah. And yep, been here since December 22nd haha. (After the apocalypse!)
  3. Frostweaver
    December 28th, 2012 4:57 PM
    Except the benefit of being off school is still good. Are you on the Saudi visit yet? You mentioned it but you didn't exactly say when ;o
  4. Spinosaurus
    December 28th, 2012 12:21 PM
    Just the usual. I don't really celebrate Christmas, being muslim and all. But late merry Christmas, regardless!
  5. Frostweaver
    December 26th, 2012 6:33 PM
    A super late Merry Christmas! I stopped posting in PC for like a week as I realize that I post a lot less at home compare to at school lol... Gaming instead of posting in the holiday so lol. So how are things going for your Christmas holiday?
  6. Frostweaver
    December 11th, 2012 1:07 PM
    I know what you mean though for me it's kinda reversed. When I go back to Asia I don't have much to say to my cousins... different interest, different style of jokes (somewhat of a language barrier?) and just different ways to hang out. They like to go out super often in huge groups while I usually enjoyed times with friends calmly at someone's place or just coffee shops/lunch/dinner type of deal.
  7. Spinosaurus
    December 11th, 2012 11:11 AM
    They have a week off on our last week there so we'll get to see each other if I remember right. It's not that I'm anti-sociable, but I'm pretty distant from [most] Irish people and I've a strong connection with my family so I always look forward to holidays to see them again.
  8. Frostweaver
    December 11th, 2012 11:05 AM
    Now Saudi is an unexpected hometown but that's cool! I'm sure that your family can still squeeze some time out to meet you, like a lunch after an exam at the very least before they resume study. I really should find some things to do (on top of family time, of course) for the Christmas holiday though =(
  9. Spinosaurus
    December 11th, 2012 11:00 AM
    A month for me! And I'm actually so stoked...holy **** I've actually planned the whole thing when I'm back to Saudia Arabia. Only problem is that they start their exams when we're there so we won't get to see our relatives much, which is a big bummer.
  10. Frostweaver
    December 10th, 2012 8:42 PM
    Same! Once this friday is over then there's 3 weeks of Christmas holiday! Though so far this holiday is sadly looking rather boring D:
  11. Spinosaurus
    December 9th, 2012 3:51 AM
    I've one more week of school, yeaaaaah!
  12. Frostweaver
    December 8th, 2012 5:56 PM
    Exams suck and there's still like 1 more week of it bleh, but hello I'm still alive (somewhat)!
  13. Spinosaurus
    November 20th, 2012 3:24 PM
    Get used to the controllers! I actually can't stick with one genre or a game for too long otherwise it gets me hating it. I prefer to shuffle between different types of games. So with a violent game that is about stealth (Metal Gear Solid) comes a game about getting as much scores as I can with microgames in a cartoonish environment. (Warioware) It's what I love about video games. :P

    Halo is so easy to pick up and play though haha. My cousin was like you though, he was awful at it and he didn't enjoy it but now he's kicking my ass. (Mostly due to me moving on from the series. Dude is still obsessed.)

    Back to Persona. Slowly I'm actually starting to dislike Naoto. I just realized that the only reason I even liked her was because of the fact she's a detective (and me being a sucker for detective stuff had to like her for that), but it doesn't really hide her bland character design and personality. It's kind of the same for Kanji too, except I like his design, and I liked him way better when he was tough (before you rescued him) and not the "looks like a grizzly bear, but actually a teddy bear" character archetype. I actually prefer P3 cast now.
  14. Frostweaver
    November 18th, 2012 7:02 PM
    Lucky you that you got so many games to keep things going... Well I do want to play more P3P and all, along with look into getting into tales series for sure. I'm a total sucker for RPG and it's like the only genre that I play lol. I'm totally not dexterous or physically capable to handle anything intense.

    I still remember that the time I tried Halo in the past, I'm like "so how do I handle move + aim + camera control all at once I'm confused what's happening AHHHHH!!!" horrible, horrible experience that really shows my spatial retardedness lol
  15. Spinosaurus
    November 14th, 2012 3:23 PM
    Oh yeah I never died from those in P4. Only time I died in a dungeon was from one of those enemies in Kanji's dungeon that spammed ma- spells and got too many extra turns.

    So he's kind of like Izanami in a sense? Or Namatame might be better because Izanami uses almighty moves 95% of the time. Both were easy either way because you get Personae with lots of nulls later one lol. (Actually maybe that's why Izanami didn't use much elemental spells on me lol.)

    Pretty sure it was confirmed for development. I bet it's for the Wii U
    I got plenty games to keep me busy lol. Crash Bandicoot 2, Rhythm Heaven Fever and Uncharted, and there are also Little King's Story (this one is adorable <3) and Trauma Center: New Blood that I bought last week. I'm also getting Punc-Out!! for the Wii and Playstation All-Stars...and various other games next year. (Metal Gear Rising, Last of Us, Luigi's Mansion 2...) Think I'm good. lol

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