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Conversation Between giradialkia and marcc5m
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  1. marcc5m
    March 19th, 2018 11:56 PM
    I did not hit her I did noooooot!

    Mine is @MarcC5M, it's private so you won't see my follow
  2. giradialkia
    March 19th, 2018 7:17 AM

    It's @FiascoFinn mi amigo. I shall promptly follow you back :D
  3. marcc5m
    March 19th, 2018 1:24 AM
    Yo, what's your twitter again? I made a new one forever ago and never refollowed you haha
  4. marcc5m
    May 17th, 2017 1:18 AM
    Yeah, I'm pretty excited even if it's a little nerve-wracking. I came out of high school with basically nothing and I swapped college courses after the first year too, so I've been at the place five years now.

    Nice! What job? And good to hear you're still making music.

    Haha, I'm still not quite there in terms of free time, but I definitely feel it steadily depleting. I don't play as many games as I used to and haven't been producing many Youtube videos this last year. I'm sure uni will definitely help though :P
  5. giradialkia
    May 15th, 2017 3:42 PM
    Wow I suck, two weeks later... :P

    That's cool, always a great feeling to finish up with college, and it's great that it'll catapult you into Uni :)
    Life's been good! Last year I finally moved out from home, got a job and apartment in the city. I'm still quite some ways from a dream career, but still working pretty hard on my music and making gradual progress.
    One big thing I've learned is the value of free time, of which I have... virtually none. Life's become an eternal time-management exercise haha.
  6. marcc5m
    May 5th, 2017 10:53 AM
    Yeah, I hear you; I have phases where I'll log on here every day or two, then I'll disappear again for a while.

    Yeah, pretty good :) Finally finishing college pretty soon, which will get me straight into third year of uni. How's life been?
  7. giradialkia
    May 3rd, 2017 2:21 PM
    Hey yo! :D
    Yeah, technically I'm inactive. I have been for a good while I guess, just how things work out. Still have all my Rom Hacking/PokéCommunity bookmarks in my browser though. I'm just a shady lurker instead of a friendly neighbourhood moderator now :P

    Hope everything's good with you these days man? :)
  8. marcc5m
    April 18th, 2017 9:15 AM
    Damn you're inactive now too : (
  9. marcc5m
    October 29th, 2014 11:38 AM
    Lol, thanks. Can you tell that I barely log on here? :P

    Yeah, that was always my biggest problem with ROM hacking; so many ideas, just no motivation to actually transfer them on to a ROM.

    All of my friends are talking about Season 5, it's so hard to avoid spoilers right now haha.
  10. giradialkia
    October 15th, 2014 10:54 AM
  11. giradialkia
    October 14th, 2014 7:37 AM
    Well yeah, it's been a long, long time since I've been involved in the Emulation section of the forums here, meaning I haven't even really had a chance to look at it in a while. I just still enjoy the Pokémon games and still have this story in my head that needs to be written in a ROM, haha. I know what you mean though, I just think the more seriously it's taken, the less you can actually take from it. Granted I've accomplished nothing in ROM Hacking but it's still an enjoyable hobby, hahaha.

    Someone spoiled a major thing in Season 4 for me, that was my demotivator. :( But it was like the first half of the season so I should reeeeeeeeally get back to it.
  12. marcc5m
    October 13th, 2014 1:43 PM
    Lol, okay well that clears that up :P

    Ah, nice, I'm trying to get a job soon but gonan be difficult to juggle it with college and youtube. And yeah I have so many ideas and want to get back into ROM hacking, but it's just lack of motivation for it, I look at ROM hacking now and then look at how it was back in 2011 and it just doesn't seem to have done very much in terms of progression, most of the hacks I see either don't look very interesting or are the same ones that were already around back then.

    Yeah, I'm just about finished season 2 now, avoiding spoilers is gonna be tough now that everyone is talking about it :P
  13. giradialkia
    October 13th, 2014 6:34 AM
    I literally just wrote "Haha, it's Eoin, man", and then I realised that would still leave your question unanswered. It's pronounced "Owen", yeah. :P

    Not so much to be honest, laying a little low for the time being. I got my Music and Irish degree in Uni just there in September, so I'm at home for now, working in the bar and just otherwise taking a break from study for now. Trying to work more on my music and if I scrimp enough for a new laptop I might get into Let's Plays again, or some animation. Hacking is still a very on/off thing for me, have a solid enough idea in the works but I haven't worked on it in a long while, as I gather you haven't either? :P

    Walking Dead = Coolio. I still have to properly watch Season 4, and the fifth is starting tonight, so.. Whelp.
  14. marcc5m
    October 12th, 2014 7:13 PM
    Your real name, it's one of those names I've seen a few times but never known how to actually pronounce it :P Is it pronounced like Ewan or Owen?

    Not much, been watching The Walking Dead a lot lately, was hoping to be caught up before the new season started but I'm still only two seasons in. You?
  15. giradialkia
    October 12th, 2014 8:35 AM

    I was going to ask "My real name or my username?" but I'm relatively certain you've heard both. If I'm wrong on that then... Let me know. :P